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Hi DBA's SQL Log file size occupies more disk space on the server, the overall database size is 8GB How to decrease the SQL LDF file size on the server, please explain the suitable steps to perform Thanks DBAuse master go dump transaction <YourDBName

Shrink file (log) from within a procedure

I'd like to incorporate the DBCC shrinkfile command to my maintenance procedure. This procedure gets called after I've finished my weekly importing process. I only need to shrink the log files as almost all the modifications are either a record updat

CPO SQL Log Files

Hey guys We have started to see an exponential growth in our SQL log files that is in direct correlation with running more processes more consistently. Has anyone had any issues with running a log truncating script to both the TEO_processlog and TEO_

Create sql trace files on client machine

Hi oracle creates sql trace files on server side, what are possible and best ways of sharing those files with end users? is it possible to create them on client side instead?Dbb wrote: Hi Hi oracle creates sql trace files on server side, Yes what are

How can I run a SQL script file...

How can I run a SQL script file from a location on my computer without providing the whole path? Is there some way I can set a "Working folder" in SQL Plus?? Thanks! TomYou can create an environment variable called "SQLPATH" which is a

Java.sql.SQLException: File input/output error: File input/output error: re

Hi, We are using JCAPS 512. We use oracle eway to connect to Oracle 10g database. But sometimes we are getting the following exception and suddenly all jcds stop processing. If we restart the server again job continue processing, otherwise server han

Unable to generate SQL trace file on a database

Hello, I am unable to generate SQL trace files on a database (OS is Win2003 server 64 bits). First I tried the way I used to do it on older databases (8i and 9i) : execute dbms_system.set_sql_trace_in_session(sid, serial#, true); I got no

Basic question on SQL database file structure

I'm learning to use JDBC / databases . I'm using JBuilder3 professional and HSQL (aka Hypersonic). I've been following the Java Tutorial on learning databases. So far I've sucessfully set up the drivers / URL etc connected to the URL created a databa

How I can make SQL Insert file on schedule

Dear Community Members; Hope all you will be perfect. I required your urgent response on my query. I want to make an SQL Insert file, means I want to insert data from query in one table and after that, the data export in an SQL file as a SQL Insert f

Can I change the default 'File Type' for PL/SQL Source File to '*.prc' ?

Want to change the 'default' extension for PL/SQL source to '*.prc' When navigating 'File' / 'Save As', and selecting the 'File Type' list box, The default 'File Type' for PL/SQL Source File is '*.pls'. Can I change the default 'File Type' for PL/SQL

Explain plan not displayed in sql trace file

Hello, I don't understand why in sql trace file, after tkprof transformation, for several queries the explain plan is displayed and for several queries, no explain plan is displayed. How can I have the explain plan for all queries? Thanks for your he

Help! Need to generate SQL script file in every build of every changes in database project on TFS

Hi everyone,             I want to accomplish a task in TFS that I need to auto generate the database changes as SQL script file in drop folder for every build. For ex.: If I add a table in a database and then check in the changes, I need to get that

PL/SQL Wrap files

Hi All, Just like to know What are PL/SQL wrap files and what is the use of these files ? ThanksWe cannot read the source of wrapped PL/SQL files. This protects your code from prying eyes, something you might wish to do for either security or commerc

Sql in file

hi how can i use a external file i.e a text file or a SQL file in when button pressed trigger. like i have a text file like abc.txt i want to execute the SQL in this file when i m pressing a button.. thxYou could start these <your sql_script>.sql (b

ODI - IKM SQL to File Append - Header not Generated

I'm using ODI IKM SQL to File Append to create a text file, but the header is not being generated. And the GENERATE_HEADER is set to Yes. The file is Tab delimited and the Heading (number of lines) is set to 1. Seems to only be an issue with HFM file

Import /sql/tracker.sql as File Type = Application Export

Im trying to download the tracker application and dont understand this instruction Import /sql/tracker.sql as File Type = Application Export Does any one know what I should do. many thanksIm trying to download the tracker application and dont underst

Where are the GeoRaster PL/SQL DEMO Files

Hello, I installed a Oracle 10g Database an looking now for the GeoRaster PL/SQL DEMO Files. The Documentation: Oracle® Spatial, GeoRaster, 10g Release 1 (10.1), Part No. B10827-01 list in Table 1-12 some example Files which should be locatet in $OR

Raid levels for sql server files

Hi, I have a doubt on raid levels. What RAID level should be used for SQL Data files and why? What RAID level should be used for SQL LOG files and why? What RAID level should be used for Tempdb files and why? Thank you.SQL Log File - The I/O is seque

SQL Rule file on OeBS database

Hello, is it possible to create SQL Rule File to import data from OeBS database table, if so, how to do it? When creating SQL Rule File I can select only Essbase servers. Kind regards Marcin StawnyHi, You will need to create an ODBC connection to the

How to attach/restore the sql database/file extension (*.File)

I took backup the database long back ago. Now I am unable to attach/restore the sql database/file extension (*.File). I have the file type called (*.File) which i need to attach/restore. Can anyone tell me what's are the steps taken to do this?  Than