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Error while running PL/SQL XML Parser Samples

every time try to run the PL/SQL XML Parser Sample program i get this error no file or directory, though the file and dir exists, i have the permissions setup as in readme.txt do i need to do any chnages to init.ora, pls advice Thanks, SQL> exec test

How do I create an undeclared namespace node with sql/xml?

I have to interact with a .NET web service that is expecting to have an xml node with an undeclared namespace, i.e. <address xmlns=""> I figured that I could create this by using XMLATTRIBUTES ( '' AS "xmlns") but a null attribut

?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'ASCII'? pl/sql xml parser

When ever I parse a document which has the <?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'ASCII'?> tag as the first line hangs the pl/sql xml parser . If I remove the "encoding = 'ASCII'" from the file everything works fine ! What is the problem ? vers

PL/SQL XML Parser demo

i've downloaded the Pl/SQL XML parser demo - xslsample / domsample - followed the guide , etc but I'm getting .... BEGIN xslsample ('/export/home/oracle/plmx/sample','family.xml','iden.xsl','family.out','errors.txt'); END; ERROR at line 1: ORA-29516:

How to tune the performance of Oracle SQL/XML query?

Hi all, I am running Oracle 9i and like to run the following Oracle SQL/XML query. It takes about 3+ hour and still not finish. If I get rid all the XML stuffs it only take minutes to run. Does anybody know how to what's the reason of this slow and h

How to perf tune Oracle SQL/XML query?

Hi all, I am using Oracle 9i and like to run the following Oracle SQL/XML query. It takes about 3+ hour and still not finish. If I get rid all the XML stuffs it only take minutes to run. Does anybody know how to what's the reason of this slow and how

Re-Write the Node-DOM code with SQL-XML funtions

Hi Friends, Could you please help in re-writing the below code using SQl-XML functions DECLARE l_domdoc dbms_xmldom.DOMDocument; l_xmltype XMLTYPE; l_root_node dbms_xmldom.DOMNode; l_departments_node dbms_xmldom.DOMNode; l_dept_element dbms_xmldom.DO

Can I use SQL/XML feature on EVERY Oracle DB?

I appreciate the SQL/XML as described here: http://www.oracle.com/technology/oramag/oracle/03-may/o33xml.html But I wonder if I can use these commands on EVERY Oracle DB. Do I have to prepare/setup an existing DB in any way for receiving such SQL/XML

Strange Behavior with SQL/XML

Our University have had for quite some time now a rather difficult situation with a very significant course handbook web site that creates HTML based on database XSL transformation of XML content generated with SQL/XML. The database is Th

Sql/xml - powerful tool for complex reports

I just want to share euphoria... HTMLDB itself provides powerful ways how to control the design of the page - various types of regions, page types, templates... Nevertheless sometimes you need even more precise control over the content and format of

Creating optional elements using SQL / XML functions

Hi, I am struggling with some SQL / XML functionality in order to create some optional elements in a XMLType. I have one table with data to be generated into an XML document. The table looks like this (only the attributes related to the problem are s

PL/SQL + XML with Excel report format?

Dear all, I am a new beginner in XML Publisher. For the EBS11i, I can use PL/SQL with http scripts to generate excel report format. The following code will include in store procedure: > begin owa_util.mime_header(ccontent_type => 'application/vnd.ms

SQL/XML performance and xdbcore-parameter

Hello, I try to figure out, what the best method to retrieve large XML-Documents is. I compare performance and resources needed for: SQL/XML, DBMS_XMLGEN, SYS_XMLGEN and XSU. With a fixed set of 1000 rows I created XML of about 32 MB. I am on 10.2.0.

Using SQL/XML Functions or XSU to generate structured XML file.

Hi, I have a view on a relational database I need to generate an XMLfile based on that view. I need to have below structure <Employees> <Employee A> <Employee info> </Employee info> < Contact info> <Address> </Addres

Very basic SQL/XML question

I'm using the following environment: Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release - Product PL/SQL Release - Production CORE Production TNS for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production NLSRTL Version

Sql/xml -  no namespace

Hi I get a "LPX-00234: namespace prefix "def" is not declared" when i run the SQL/XML code below. It works fine when i run it without the Extract() function. I am using any help is much appreciated. i am running this directl

Sql/xml operators are too slow for what I want to do

I would like to use xmlelement, xmlattribute and xmlagg but have them only produce a string and not an xmltype. I don't want it to dom. I just want them to put the tags around my elements and create one big string. Why can't I do this? Why do I have

Help in sql xml

sorry i am new in the oracle xmldb features. i need help with a select statement on a xmltype column. my table: CREATE TABLE ESHOP_CUSTOMER_BASKET BSK_ID INTEGER, BSK_CUSTOMER_GID VARCHAR2(10 BYTE), BSK_STATUS INTEGER DEFAULT 0, BSK_ORDER_DETAIL XMLT

Create document with PL/SQL xml parser

Hello, I'm trying to create a document with PL/SQL package xmldom on 8.1.7 and write to a file. The problem is that my file is empty when it's created. Can anyone send me an example of this simple problem or fullfill my example so it's works. As you

PL/SQL XML Parser (problem getting text of a node)

I am trying to get the contents of an ELEMENT (node with a CDATA section) using xmldom.getNodeValue(). However, it seems that there is a MAXIMUM number of characters that I can get back. I think I've found a work-around using xmldom.writeToBuffer() w