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Problem with Firefox and very heavy memory usage

For several releases now, Firefox has been particularly heavy on memory usage. With its most recent version, with a single browser instance and only one tab, Firefox consumes more memory that any other application running on my Windows PC. The memory

Problem with scanning and memory usage

I'm running PS CS3 on Vista Home Premium, 1.86Ghz Intel core 2 processor, and 4GB RAM. I realise Vista only sees 3.3GB of this RAM, and I know Vista uses about 1GB all the time. Question: While running PS, and only PS, with no files open, I have 2GB

Problem with JTree and memory usage

I have problem with the JTree when memory usage is over the phisical memory( I have 512MB). I use JTree to display very large data about structure organization of big company. It is working fine until memory usage is over the phisical memory - then s

What causes cellular data usage to decrease if last reset has not changed? I reset every pay period cuz I do not have unlimited and was showing 125 mb sent/1.2g received. Now showing 98mb sent/980mb received. Last reset still shows same

    I reset my cellular data usage every month at the beginning of my billing period so that I can keep track of how much data I am using thru out the month. I do not have the unlimited data plan and have gone over a few times. It's usually the last

I am having a data excess usage issue with my Jetpack although I did not use the VZW network at all.

Background: My home does not have access to landline internet and I am relying on a Verizon Jetpack device rather than satellite cable for internet access.  Within my JetPack wireless network I have several devices connected, iPADs, PC’s, printer, et

High memory usage when many tabs are open (and closed)

When I open Firefox the memory usage is about 70-100 MB RAM. When I'm working with Firefox I often open 15-20 tabs at once, then I close them and open others. Memory usage increaes up to 450 - 500 MB RAM. After closing the tabs the usage usually decr

Popularity trend/usage report is not working in sp2013. Data was not being processed to EVENT STORE folder which was present under the Analytics_GUID folder.

Hi  I am working in a sharepoint migration project. We have migrated one SharePoint project from moss2007 to sp2013. Issue is when we are clicking on Popularity trend > usage report,  it is throwing an error. Issue: The data was not being processed t

Memory usage of excel stays high after Macro is executed and excel crashes after trying to close it

Hi, I'm trying to resolve an issue with an excel based tool. The macros retrieve data from an Oracle database and do calculations with the data. They also open and write into files in the same directory. The macros all run and finish the calculations

Why do I have mysterious cellular data usage (Verizon) every 6 hours on all 3 of my iphone 5's?

I have recently uncovered mysterious cellular usage on three different iPhones. I am a Verizon customer and discovered this by examining the cellular data use logs. What I found are a long series of mysterious data usage logs. I have visited the Geni

T410s with extremely poor performanc​e and CPU always near 100% usage

Hi, I've had my T410s for almost a year now and lately its been starting to get extremely slow, which is odd since it used to be so fast. Just by opening one program, Outlook, or IE or Chrome, just one window, it will start to get extremely slow and

High CPU usage while running a java program

Hi All, Need some input regarding one issue I am facing. I have written a simple JAVA program that lists down all the files and directories under one root directory and then copies/replicates them to another location. I am using java.nio package for

Error while doing the Usage Decision in transaction QA32

Hello Friends, While doing the goods receipt for customer returns from customer, system generated a inspection lot with inspection type 06. So in QA32 transaction, system is showing that inspection lot, but in same screen, against the column InspPlan

Usage in Free Goods Item category Determination

Hi, I have configured the Free Goods and it is working fine and I had to utlize the SAP standard Usage "FREE" in the Free Goods Item category determination as per the below: Sales Doc Type    It.Cat.Grp.     Usage   HLevItCat.  DItemCat    MitCa

I have a iPhone 5.  In usage, it says i have 2.1 gigs used because of photos and camera.  I have deleted all my photos via iPhoto and now reset the phone back to factory settings in order to try to solve this problem, to no avail. Help!

I have a iPhone 5.  In usage, it says i have 2.1 gigs used because of photos and camera.  I have deleted all my photos via iPhoto and now reset the phone back to factory settings in order to try to solve this problem, to no avail.   Both iTunes  and

USAGE of Logical structure and authorization mode in CATEGORY MODELER

Hi, I am trying to figure out the relevance and usage of the logical structure in the category modeler i.e. hierarchial or attributive. As per the description the hierarchial categorization should not allow duplictae categories but we are able  to cr

Logical Database PGQ structure usage

Hello Everyone, I have a question regarding Logical Database(LDB) usage...How to use the structure defined in LDB. We are using PGQ Logical database in one of custom programs. The structure of the LDB as hierarchy or tree is:   QALS       QAVE      

BI java usage type installation error

hello everyone, Please help me resolve the following: Question1 the system was earlier installed with following usage types: -as abap, as java, epc, ep (all on same machine) Now i want to addin BI-Java. During the installation I encounter error at ph

What is the usage of for all entries ?

What is the Usage of read table  after using for all entries ? In the following example what exactly it is doing ?   Usage of 'for all entries' in Select Statement FORM data_retrieval.   DATA: ld_color(1) TYPE c.   DATA: BEGIN OF T_VBAP OCCURS 0,    

Outrageous bill and excessing usage

Are we signed up to play the role of "the rich and ignorant?"  Evidentlywe are, bc I have been getting outrageous bills and claims that I am using 20 g each month all of a sudden and there is no way.  Before the 4g (4th generation) service, my f

TOP - Pageouts and memory usage.

Looks like I have plenty of memory for what I am doing. But What do the cumulative numbers around pagein's mean? Processes: 80 total, 7 running, 3 stuck, 70 sleeping... 523 threads 15:20:14 Load Avg: 1.99, 1.53, 1.37 CPU usage: 10.33% user, 9.00% sys