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Filtering Parent-Child Hierarchy in SSAS Dimension

Hello, I have a parent child hierarchy in ssas dimension. Parents level can be vary. As an example, I have 4 levels and parent may exist in level 1, level 2 or level 3. What I need to do is filter those parents using one of the attributes in that dim

Do the custom rollup member formulas work recursively for parent child dimension?

Hi We have custom rollup set up for Account dimension which is parent child. It seems to work fine when the custom member formula refers to a base account member i.e. if the formula for MemberKey4 is (MemberKey1 + MemberKey2) then it shows the sum of

Hide parents in a parent-child hierarchy with dynamic rights

Hi all, I'm facing the following issue with dynamic rights on a parent-child hierarchy: scenario: - a cube with a company parent-child hierarcy - dynamic security on through a role on dimension data based on a list with user (login names) and their d

Parent-child dimensions limitations

Hi eb It is very convinient to develop complex heirarchized dimensions as parent-child especialy when they retain historical changes in members. I know one reason to not using such dimensions when they contain some 200,000 members or more due to perf

Security on Parent-Child Hierarchy

Problem Statement: In Parent Child Hierarchy say with Manager - Employee relationship, if we apply security using Siblings function in the Dimension Data Security (Allowed Member Set) then it displays children of peers at same level as current employ

MDX: Selecting specific dimension member and its descendants from parent child dimension where dimension member names can be same in dimension hierarchy

I'm creating a SSRS report using SSAS cube as a source. When creating a dataset for the report, I'm having trouble with MDX to select a specific dimension member and its descendants from parent child dimension where dimension member names can be same

Dynamic Security in a denormalized Parent-Child dimension Table

Hi guys, I need your priceless help again: I have a parent child relationship in a table with a fixed depth, let´s say Region-->Area-->Country I denormalized the table to have something like this Then, to implement dynamic security, I think in a bri

Query Help with Parent, Child, Child's Child

Hi all, Need some help with a query.  I'm trying to create a stored procedure that is sort of like a Customer, Order, Order, Details.  In my situation the tables are different but nevertheless, I want to grab all the fields from the  Parent, Child, a

Problem with saving Parent - Child  View Objects in ADF 11g.

Hi Every one, I have a requirment, something like I will be displaying some data on my jsff screen based on one Transient View Object. Whenever user clicks on Save button, I have to do following steps in my AMImpl. -> Preapre dynamically Parent View

Does table STPOX contain parent-child relationship between components

Hello I need to get a list of components of SO BOM. FM CS_BOM_EXPL_KND_V1 exports an output table STPOX. Does this table contain parent-child relationship between components? If yes , can somebody tell me which fields contain parent child id. thanksH

How to allow Sharepoint users to login from multiple parent-child accounts?

Our client has mutliple AD domains and wants to allow people which have multiple AD accounts in multiple domains to login as THE SAME user: - only primary account will be visible in search - there will be only one user profile with all informations g

Getting parent-child data from a single column in a table

Hi, I have a parent-child data in a column. Eg: 0 00 01 010 011 1 10 11 These values are present in the single column itself. My need is to get the parent values for the given child value. For eg: If I am giving the input as 011, the query should ret

No data for Parent-child hierarchy column in Pivot table view

Hi all, I used OBIEE Version. I drag one Parent-child hierarchy column and one measure and show result with a pivot table view. But when I click "+" icon to show detail level data, It messaged that: "*the layout of this view comb

Parent Child Hierarchy Issue in OBIEE 11g

Hi All, I am in OBIEE 11G v6. I have a sales fact table where the grain is one sale. So I have one row for every sale done. Now I have a ragged employee hierarchy like this with David at the root node. David >>Richard>>Sean David >>James

OBIEE 11g - Navigation in Parent Child Hiearchy not working

Hi All, I have a employee parent child hierarchy and I want to show revenue for each employee in the report. I have modeled my revenue as a measure like case 4 shown in the following link http://www.rittmanmead.com/2010/11/oracle-bi-ee-11g-parent-chi

How to update a parent child hierarchy in OBIEE

Hello All Quick question about updating parent child hierarchy in OBIEE. As we know, OBIEE 11G allows us to create value based hierarchy by generating table creation script and insert script. In the typical example of employee dimension, the parent c

Insert Record with Parent/Child Tables doesn't work with Oracle - unlike AC

Hi, I just Migrated a MS Access 2010 Database to an Oracle 11g Backend with the SQL Developer Tool. The Migration went fine, all the Tables and Views are migrated. I'm working with MS Access as Frontend. The application has some Datasheets with Subda

How to Differentiate between Parent & child item of material determination

Hi Experts I have a list of material & the Business requirement is to found that whether a material is a Parent material , Child material or Both ( a parent to other children  and a child to another parent). I tried using table KONDD & KONDDP but

Help needed in retrieving parent child relationship values

Hi, I have a requirement to get parent child relationship values as below. Ex: Address table cont cont_code state state_code C1 10 S1 1 C1 10 S2 2 C1 10 S3 3 C2 20 S4 4 C2 20 S5 5 C3 30 S6 6 C3 30 S7 7 C3 30 S8 8 I want a result of country/state and

Regarding Sales order creation using Material with Parent-child

hey guys i cannot create sales order for parent child material using Below bapi(BAPI_....ORDERDAT2). Could you please tell me if any special parameter should be set with this bapi to create the order for PARENT MATERIAL AND child materials. i am able