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ssh open file command


Unable to delete files from encrypted external SD Card using File Commander

I've run into some trouble trying to delete the directory com.spotify.music from my external SD Card (encrypted) after a hard reboot using the reset button next to the sim card. I need to do this for the Spotify app to work (FC on starting it) and I'

File Commander install reinstall update error

I had file commander on pb, and had a My World red * telling me an update to 1.2 was available. Tapped update and got a failure to load popup message immediately. Was able to update dBase app with no problem, as well as pb info app. Tried to update f

Why does the Save As File command create an empty .eml file?

When I use the >Save As >File command with a selected email, a .eml file is created with the right name, but it is empty. I am using Thunderbird 31.2.0 on OS X 10.8.5.(1) Our office computer has the full website - and the same folders that  are on t

File command in Java

Is there an equivalent package in Java for the 'file' command on Unix? I want to determine the file type from the Data, not the extension or MIME type. Thx. --jon                                                                                        

Can't write to ssh known_hosts file

Awhile back I did a complete restore from backup of an MBP. Since then this machine's ssh client can no longer will write to the ~/.ssh/known_hosts file: The authenticity of host 'dhcp167 (' can't be established. DSA key fingerprint is 6

MaxL - Export Security File Command

Hi, Ours is a planning application - Classic - version. I have a requirement where I need to get all the information regarding security defined on dimensions, data forums etc. The reason we are looking for this is so that we can compare the

Sony File Commander really doesn't save files on sd card - they vanished after restart

Like in the subject. I've Sony Xperia Z3 dual sim version - 16GB + 64GB Kingston SD card. I was recording very important meeting with my phone. But after a few hours the internal space was full and I moved all of the recordings to my sd card using So

Cannot use the Send to Soundtrack Pro Audio File Command

I cannot use the Send to Soundtrack Pro Audio File Command, only the Multitrack and it's starting to really get on my nerves. It is unhiglighted. If I unlink the clip and select only half of the audio, the option re-appears. I have no idea what is wr

I need to burn a cd from itunes. There is no burn option...at all. I've tried right-clicking and file command. Please help

I need to burn a cd from itunes. There is no burn option...at all. I've tried right-clicking and file command. Please helpI have Windows 7 on a Dell.  Open and play iTunes in the compatability mode and use Windows XP (service pack 2).  Disregard any

Open file command not working... suggestions?

Running InDesign CS6 on Mac OSX 10.8.5. When I go to open a file from InDesign, I can use Command-Arrow Up and Command-Arrow Down to navigate up and down through folders, but then when I select the file I wish to open, another Command-Down Arrow does

Missing 'Export Track as Audio File' command Logic Pro X 10.0.6

Hi - I have just installed Logic Pro X (v10.0.6) for the first time, having come across from PT. For some reason, Logic appears to be missing some key 'Export Track as Audio File' commands from the menu. The shortcut Command + E just makes the screen

Another app instead of File commander for z2?

If anyone knows better app that I can install and use Free other than file commander please helpHello Amro161. In my opinion ES file Explorer is the best file managing. It's got all you need, you can restore files which are deleted cause it has a rec

Lost my toolbars so cannot utilize any bookmarks, file commands, history,etc.

Lost my toolbars so cannot utilize any bookmarks, file commands, history,etc. Recently update to Firefox 4.0, but only having this problem on one account so suspect it was an inadvertant click that sent the toolbar into the abyss:) Tried everything f

[SOLVED] ssh authorized_keys and command="" generating multiple proces

Hey everyone, I've been using use command="(tmux attach-session -t tmux_session || tmux new-session -s tmux_session)" at the start of my authorized_keys file to make sure I remember to use tmux when I connect to my server. I have noticed however

[SOLVED] ssh/sshfs file permissions messed up on remote virtual server

Hello, i am quite ok with linux these days, but all things network are still hard to grasp... here's the problem: recently i got some space on a friends virtual server (ubuntu 10.04). i started playing around there, mostly connecting with sshfs. then

Using JSP to run batch file - command launches excel but doesn't open file

I have written a jsp on a server which runs a batch file. Every command line in the batch works fine except the following: CALL "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Excel.exe" C:\Temp\spreadsheet.xls I can see that a command prompt has been

ALV issue: when save list using Local File command will get run time error!

help!!!! report list using ALV method when to save this list using Local File. i will get GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED run time error information. how resolve it? source code : REPORT   ZIFT0103. TABLES :  MARA,MARC,CDHDR,CDPOS,MAKT. ******DEVK909212**********

Batch File Commands

Hi, I have my oracle database with following details: OS- Windows 2003 R2 64-bit DB- Oracle 10g R2 Enterprise Editiion I want to run a scheduler on OS Level such that it moves the archives log created one hour before the runtime to differe

Batch file command

Hi Guys I have this batch file called via ant build script.The batch file has 10 different function .Now i have this requirement to break it into smaller parts. Example the functionality should now be broken into three parts 1)employee data processin

Fortran open file command  error on solstudio

Hi! I try to open a csv file with fortran but I get an error using sOLstudio on Fedora 13. ****** FORTRAN RUN-TIME SYSTEM ****** Error 1084: unexpected character in real value Location: the READ statement at line 5 of "programm.f" Unit: 1 File: