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Help with Setting Previous Month Date Parameter for SSAS via SSRS

Hi All, Firstly, any assitance is greatly appreciated. Now, I am working on developing a report for a business area that will be sent on the first of every month. The report will contain data for all records created in the previous month, current yea

SSRS Expression Help, Default to Current Month UNLESS it is the First Day thru the 5th Day, then go to previous month?

Hello, I need to write an expression for the default month parameter for a report. Report data is imported on the 5th of each month for the previous months data. currently my expression is this =IIf(Month(DateAdd("m",-1,today ())) I need an iff

Struggling with MDX Filter Expression for Previous Month in SSRS

I am trying to query only data from the previous month.  I looked at my Month member and the it looks like so... [Date].[Calendar].[Month].&[2015-04-01T00:00:00] Here is my filter expression: StrToMember ("[Date].[Calendar].[Month].&[" +

Set default value for date/time to previous month

Hi All I have two date/time parameters in my report and I want to set the default value for both the parameters For start date parameter I want the first date of previous month and for end date parameter I want the last date of previous month. Can so

Getting data in a query on last date of all previous months

Dear Experts, I need your help with a query. I am trying to create a query which when run should pick the number of Open Sales Order on the last date of all the previous months from the start of company. I could create the query for fetching the requ

Defining last day of previous month in ABAP

All, I am a BW guy and hardly know ABAP. I have a requirement where I have to calculate last day of previous month and use it in the routines of the transformations. I have decided to define the Last day of previous month in Start routine and then us

How to Include previous Month/Year in Transformation

Hi, From Source System (DB Table;DB Connect) Location_ID,EMP_ID,AMOUNT There is no date field avaliable in the source system. The Data load to BW will me Monthly frequency...I,e:Data will be loaded once in a Months on 1st of every month. My requirmen

Parameter for Current Month and Previous Month

I'm trying to create a parameter for current month and previous month based on the ex_date, but not sure what i'm doing wrong.  where ex_date = @SelectDate I created a second dataset below for the values in the parameters. SELECT Month(CURRENT_TIMEST

How to create report which includes records of current month and last 7 days of previous month.

Hi Experts, I need to create a report which includes records of current month and last 7 days of previous month. I will get records of current month by this formula :- month({PROBSUMMARYM1.OPEN_TIME})=month(currentdate) Please tell me how to add the

How to get the last day of the previous month

Hello Team, If  my input date is today , then i need to find out the last day of the previous month for the same. Can someone help me  to find out .. how can this be done. Regards, RaviHi, Try the below code.      // get a calendar object     Gregori

Is it possible to post the Excise invoice previous month date.

Dear All, We want to post a excise invoice with previous month date. Is that possible? We have created a billing document (VF01) last month (October) and not created Excise Invoice (J1IIN). Now our finance people requirement is to create the excise i

Month name displayed in month calendar view for previous month

In iPad IOS 7.04 iCal month view the month name displayed at the top of the window is incorrect. The previous month name show when viewing a calendar month. Test by selecting year view and the any month from the year. The month view will be for the s

How to Get Previous Month Salary for a particular employee?

Hi I am developing a report to get the Net Pay Difference from Previous month. I am using logical database pnp. My question is how can we get the last month (Previous from current selected month) salary of perticular employee. I read the thread which

How to get previous month data from current month values

Hi Experts, I have made one universe from BW Query in which Fiscal year period is entered in interval. I have made a universe from that and want to develop webI reports on top of that. In my webI reports, i have used one cross tab. In Rows section i

How to show a report for 'Previous Month' Data

Hi Gurus, I have a requirement, where i have to default my report to show previous month data. Scenario: My prompts by Default are set to CURRENT (current year,quarter,month). once the user logs in, the report should display data for month 'Nov' inst

First day of previous month

Hi, I created a data parameter and I want my date parameter default value to be the first day of previous month, the expression {$FIRST_DAY_OF_MONTH()$} is pointing to the fitst day of current month and when I tried {$FIRST_DAY_OF_MONTH()-1$} it is j

How to show Increase/Decrease of Sales Amount compare to Previous Month.

Hi, My users need to view the percentage decrease/increase of Sales $ compared to previous month, for each Month. How can I create a Restricted Key Figures that show Sales $ Amount as of Previous Month (take note it is not just Previous Month from Cu

How to find current month, previous month Net Sales by means of formula?

Hello Gurus, I need my crystal report to display data as below:-                                         Net Sales PG1         Current month      Previous Month     Prior year-month    %Variance Panels      $                          $               

Last day of previous month for data load

Hi, I have to load data from the previous month into the psa and then into an infocube. I was wondering as to how to get the last of the previous month to write a code in ABAP. I will be writing the code at the infopackage level in the data selection

Variable last date of previous month/last date of current month

Hello Experts, I am facing an issue while designing a query. Requirement is like this. Report will be run on monthly basis.so on execution of report, it should prompt for month/year. now on report there are two columns for which I have to get data on