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Putting fileinfo data on bottom of image for use in building a photobook for printing/binding

I wonder if someone on here could help me with a problem I have? I am not a script expert by any means. The term "amateur" is probably pretty accurate! I have a few hundred pictures I want to include into a (to be printed) photobook. I want to p

Date stamp photos in Elements 5. using.EXIF data.

Help please: Is there an extention available for elements 5. that will enable me to copey the date in the EXIF data simply with a few clicks onto the bottom right of my photos, like my old 35 mm camera used to. I still prefer to have my pictures prin

What does "Exif Time Stamp Error" mean?

Hi there, could anyone be so kind and explain to me the meaning / impact of the "Exif Time Stamp Error" that was introduced in the 1.4 update for lightroom? I imported about 200 pics yesterday and converted let them be converted to the DNG forma

How can I display a JPG Date Taken stamp on images?

I have several digital JPG images taken that I would like to pull EXIF data from to display a timestamp on the photo.  I know many old cameras used to do this natively, but my iPhone does not imprint the date and time on the images.  I want to pull t

How can I see the entire image date in Metadata EXIF DD/MM/YY?

I cannot see the full image date under metadata EXIF, just the day and month. Could you help me to see the year the picture was taken? Thanks a lot.Where are you not seeing the full date information?  If it is on one of the Browser Metadata Overlays,

What are the forensic limitations of Metadata & Exif Data+ Adobe Photoshop 3 question; e.g. Metadata

I have some questions regarding metadata, and exif data on digital   cameras and its forensic limitations in Adobe photoshop 3; For  instance; After a picture is taken and has a metadata/exif digital   stamp of the "picture being taken day" unde

How do you date and time stamp pictures and videos using a EOS Rebel T3?

I am needing to utilize date and time stamping on videos and photos in my work.  The pictures and videos must display time, a date, and reference number.  I have gone through the cd, owner's manuel and software manuel and I am unclear if I can perfor

Date & Time stamp on QT movie playback

Is there a way to turn on a date & time stamp on playback of QT movies provided that info is embedded in the QT info?Sach1n wrote:I want to put Date & Time Stamp on photos clicked via Nokia 5800XM. Is it possible? Hi Sach1n Unfortunately that is n

Date & Time Stamp on photos clicked via Nokia 5800...

Hi, Can anyone help me out on this. I want to put Date & Time Stamp on photos clicked via Nokia 5800XM. Is it possible? Thanks in advanceSach1n wrote:I want to put Date & Time Stamp on photos clicked via Nokia 5800XM. Is it possible? Hi Sach1n Unf

PTP camera - how to retain date/time stamp on photos [Gnome]

I have a USB PTP Camera that comes up in Nautilus under "gphoto2://[usb:001,007]/DCIM"  I can copy/paste the photos off the thing to ~ but the date/time stamp gets changed to the present.  How can I copy them over retaining the original date/tim

Date Stamp

Is there a way to add a date stamp to a Lumia 820 photo? If not can Nokia include such functionality in the next update?The date stamp that is embedded in the EXIF data of the photo. Or you could use a watermark app from the store and ad it there. If

Add 90s date stamp from "date created" to photos

Hi I'm about to order a photobook (christmas gift for some relatives). The book have nearly 300 pictures in it, The pictures need to have dates. I could add a date manually for each picture but I havent really got time for it. All photos have proper

How do I find the date and time stamp on pictures?

How do I find the date and time stamp for my pictures?The Photos app will not do this but other apps will. iPhoto has an icon that when tapped with the photo open will show the EXIF information you are looking for. iPhoto is not free but you can purc

Video and photo date&time stamp (nokia 5800)

Hi, i have the nokia 5800 and i'm having a strange problem. i had to format my memory card so i copied everything to my pc, and after i formated it i copied everything back to the memory card. now if i open an image and check to see the date it's sho

How can I edit my EXIF Date info without changing Time info?

I recently went on a shoot with three cameras, one of which was set at the wrong date (sometime in 2012). I now want to correct all the date stamps on the photos taken by the camera with the bad date settings but am finding this next to impossible to

Change of time stamp on RAW thumbnails

I have PSE 9.0. I shoot in RAW on a Canon 550D and a Canon G10. When I open a RAW file in editor, whether or not I edit that file, it changes the time stamp on the thumbnail by 1 hour. If I open it twice it changes the time by two hours, eg from 1.10

Re: removal of time/date stamp

How do I remove the time/date stamp from photos in iphoto?Where is the time/date stamp? If it is in the EXIF data then you can not remove it but cna modify it - select the photo and use the adjust time/date command under the photos menu If it is on t

Odd, Partial Time Stamp Corruption

This seems to be affecting only one project, which is the most recent one I created and the one where I have been recently working in Aperture, organizing, rating, adjustments, etc.  56 out of 327 images now have a date/time stamp of about 32 or so h

Date stamps from video clips

I would like to extract the date/time of recording from video clips recorded with digital photo cameras (in MJPEG format, wrapped in either AVI or MOV files). The idea is to automatically index them into a database. From what I understand, digital ph


Hello All, Great news for the Apple iPhone. Just downloaded 2.1 software update, and the Geotagging correctly geotags the southern hemisphere, now adds a GPS Time-Stamp as well as the GPS longitude & latitude info to the EXIF. AND, when you e-mail it