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IR Saved Report  - Download to CSV downloads Primary Report

Hi there I'm using Apex 4.1, I login to my Apex application NOT using the developer interface (the developer buttons are not visable at the base of the page) as an end user would see. If I run an IR report and then create a filter on the Primary repo

IRR report number format after report download

APEX 4.1 I have an IRR report which has a column with data like 1010390000000090. On report download using IRR CSV download option the data appears as 1.01039E+15 i.e. with scientific notation. User wants this column to show proper number and not in

Capturing reports into Designer 6.0

Well, I am trying to capture reports into Designer 6.0, and keep getting warning CGEN-02518 WARNING : Parse error, SQL statement cannot be parsed and will be ignored. The same SQL statement has been compiled n number of times and report is running fi

Can you remove column headers from report downloads?

I'd like to remove the column header from the report downloads. For example, the report download file currently looks like: EMPNO,ENAME 7839, KING 7698, BLAKE Where as I'd like it to just be: 7839, KING 7698, BLAKE Does anyone know if this is possibl

OBIEE 11G report download with excel 2000 is not working properly

Hi all, The Analytics report download is not working properly in excel 2000. This version is no longer supported? Is any way to workaround this problem? Cheers Carlos PereiraHi, which version r u using? until obiee11.1.1.5 its bug but solve it by wor

Using iPhoto or Image Capture to download photos

I'm looking at a new Canon camera and under the Mac compatibility section, the manual says that you can download images from the camera using 1) Image Capture, 2) PTP, or 3) Canon's proprietary software. Does that appear to be saying that you can't j

Activity Report download is saved without extension and unreadable

Hello, The Portal Activity Report iView has a button which enables the user to download the report to his PC. The problem is that when the user clicks on that button and saves the file it is being saved by this default name: com.sap.portal.activityre

Add Two Column in report ,Download and Delete

Hi Friends, i have one item File Browser to use browse :P1_file_browser and i have create a Report My Table Is CREATE TABLE  "ARM_DOC_CER"    (     "ID" NUMBER,      "NAME" VARCHAR2(500),      "MIME_TYPE" CLOB,     

Export option in ALV report downloades first two columns blank

Hi , Before posting this query I searched the solution in SDN but I did't find the solution. My problem is  After displaying report in ALV format ,if I press Export --> Local file --->spreadsheet ;  file will downloaded to excel sheet but first two

Remove HTML from Interactive report download

I have interactive reports where the column link on a specific column has to be dynamic, that means, it cannot be hard coded in the column link attributes. The following is an example of one such report query: case when d.object_type_description ='Bu

Strip Tags From Interactive Report Download.

Hi, Is it possible to strip html tags from a column during a CSV download on a interactive report? Basically i have a report where one of the columns is as follows 453<font color="red"> | </font>0 but in the download i want to strip

Report download displays wrong format in excel

I have a text field that is a number, dash, then four numbers 1-2345.. in an interactive report, when I download to CSV or XLS this field is converted to a date field 1/1/2345.. If I then change format to text it divides the numbers and gives me the

10G Reports download in 11g

Hello All I downloaded the sample reports for OIM in BI Publisher 10G but I want to use 11g based on better security capabilities. I was wondering if there is a way to import the 10g reports from the download into 11g? I found a couple documents on t

Interactive Report Download to CSV limit is 65535 in APEX 3.2

Hello , I have an IR report in APEX 3.2 that returns around 75,000 rows . I have set the maximum row count in the report attributes under Pagination to 200,000 rows. Despite this when I download the report to CSV, only 65535 rows are downloaded . Is


hello experts, I have to design a report to capture the open po's based on the assumption that if any one changes the netprice manually compared to contract pricing if anyone gimme some sample code or some directions to design... that would be really

Interactive Report Download CSV file Issue (output includes separator BR)

Hi, I have a Interactive Report and displaying the column values (multiple values in same ROW) as mentioned below. SQL Query   select deptno,        function1(empno) empno   from emp IR Output Dept       Employee No 10         AAA,BBB,CCC, ...    //

Doubt on ALV report download to EXCEL

Hi All, i have written a report with ALV_GRID FM, by default we get the option to download the output to excel. But when we click on the download to excel, it displays the output in the frist page, but it also opens so many pages like format, header,

Automated CVS reports download

Hi... Some one must have hacked this issue ... I like to do a automated download of a cvs export file.... I have tried using wget and curl from a linux command line but on luck until now....... Basicly what I like to get is the incomming mail summary

FBL5N u2013 Report download to local file.

Hi, When I tried to download the output of report FBL5N u2013 Path u2013 main menu - LIST  export  spread sheet. One dialog box will appear with few options and a check box(always use selected format). I flagged the check box and generated the spre

Reg: ALV report download to excel currency columns

Hi All, While downloading the alv report to excel, currency fields with negative sign(less than 0) is downloading without negative sign. And field catalog wad declared as 'CURR' field for that particular column, if I declared as 'CHAR', i am getting