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Trying to understand the basic concept of object oriented programming.

I am trying to understand the basic concept of object oriented programming. Object - a region of storage that define is defined by both state/behavior. ( An object is the actual thing that behavior affects.) State - Represented by a set of variables

Quesion about the Basic concept of RMAN incremental backup

I have a problem in understanding the basic concept of two types RMAN Incremental backup ie. Differential and Cumulative. I just don't understand how cumulative incremental backup consumes more space than Differential backup. Have a look at the scena

I'm missing a basic concept on iCal.

I'm missing a basic concept on iCal Server i think. I just want to publish a single calendar to the public from the server, not from the local client; with NO passwords. Calendars exist on the iCal Server on 10.8.5 using login credentials from Open D

SAP BI basic concept

Hi all I am new in SAP BW and have a basic practical experience (4 months) but not very confident on basic concept of BI .Can any  tell us from where i can learn  thoseMail me at [email protected]Read other 2 answers

Please clarify some basic concepts

Hi, I am not clear with some basic concepts 1.What is SAPNET R/3 Frontend ? 2.What's the difference among CSS, CNS, OSS ? ThanksBefore SAP had launched its web site http://service.sap.com, the only way to download OSS notes etc. was by logging on to

Some basic concepts,thanks

some baisc concepts when i monitor database server using toad utilities' event waits chart,i cannt understand some concepts below: 1 control file io (what does it mean) 2 direct patch read 3 sql *net ( over 1000 waited per second) will u please expla

Basic concepts of abap

Hi all, I am a beginner for the ABAP Programming. Can any one suggest me good books for beginners. Thanks & Regards, M.Yellappa.hi, welcome to <b>SDN</b> it is a good place to start. http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw2004s/helpdata/en/43/41341

I have  a question in OBIEE basic concepts

Hi, I am prasanna Undapalli.I have question,can u please anyone solve this. Can i use an OLTP backend database for creating a dashboard? thanks inadvance, prasannaHi, Technically you can use OBIEE with OLTP as well. However real world scenarios perta

Doubt on basic  concept

Say we have a class called Animal which has a method called shout(). we have another class called Dog which has a method callled bark(). Dog class extends Animal class. so Dog class has 2 methods now 1)shout() 2)bark() If we declare like this Animal

BW - basic concept on query

Dear gurus... Need advice and maybe some reference for me to refer since i'm really new in BW especially on query. I need to create BW query on statistic of support message from solution manager. The query contain few rows for period and 5 columns; A

Please clarify my basic concepts.Can any one tell me these things

Hi all, Please reply for all of my queries. what is the difference between leave screen and set screen how sy-lsind work? when its sets to 0 what is the effect of that.   LEAVE TO LIST-PROCESSING AND RETURN TO SCREEN xxxxx. what the above statement w

Basic concepts - help?

can i ask which commands create objects? 1) ViewGrid view = null; 2) view = new ViewGrid(m+2, n+2, DEFAULT_PAUSE); or 3) view.display(heatGrid.time(), 0.0, heatGrid.copGrid()); i just can't quite wrap my head around all the lingo involved with progra

Basic Oracle Concepts

Hi everyone, I am confused about the following basic concepts in Oracle : Database, Schema, User, Tablespace. What I think so far : -> A Database is an Oracle server service a SQLPlus session can connect onto. Hence, the Database (service) name must

About IDoc Basics

Hi, I am learning IDocs. But I am getting confused with basic concept only. Can any one clear me following points in simple manner: 1. What is Inbound proceesing? In which senario we use it? 2. What is Outbound proceesing? In which senario we use it?

FI Concepts

Hi all, I am a layman to FI, can anyone provide me some basic concepts as well as some important topics where in i can understand the basic structure of FI FLow. Thanks Zaf.Hi, <b>Document flow confusion in SAP FI</b> I have a problem understa

More Guru Winners for February 2015 in the Small Basic category and many others!

It's been a busy week that also saw the TECHNET WIKI SUMMIT 2015 Then we had the results for February's TechNet Guru competition ALSO posted! http://blogs.technet.com/b/wikininjas/archive/2015/03/19/technet-guru-february-2015.aspx Below is a summary

What are the fundamentals concepts to know about BEX Queries on Multi Cube?

Hi ALL, i have executed a Bex Query on a Multi Cube (2 Cubes: SalesAnalysis, SalesAnalysisHistoric) but i havn't received the same data that we have in R/3, after i have executed the same query on just one cube (SalesAnalysis) and the result it was c

Is there a good basic mastering program out there? Is it PEAK?

I'm just doing demos...but I want them to sound decent... just the basic volume levels... setting up the tracks and the spaces between the tracks... What are my choices?Essentially the basic mastering chain is this: EQ - Compression - Peak Limiting M

Jasper basic help

hello all, I need some basic help and info on jasper. if some one has used it and used it specially with swing, please let me know. I need some basic concepts of jasper. 1: can I send the reports to the printer directly? i mean, is there a class in j

Can anyone guide me to ideas on basics of parallel processing in SQL

Hi all, Can anyone guide me to ideas on basics of parallel processing in SQL and its usage in the the performance tuning of the query. If so what's the syntax to be followed and how to arrive at the optimized query after tuningMy 2'c on the subject.