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Steve Jobs and the iPad


How to download Steve Jobs Biography for iPad in Singapore?

Can somebody help me how to download the Steve Jobs Biography for an iPad in Singapore? Is there a way to download it? I was shown in iTunes as this is not available for Singapore apple customers. Thankskesanidps wrote: Will wait for the official rel

How did Steve Jobs project his iPad onto the big screen?

Steve did it. Why can't we? I understand that Apple's Component AV cable will only play video files on my TV from my iPad, but I would like to demonstrate all the iPad's features to an audience like Jobs did. Any clues, anybody? Thanks.Mr. Holton is

Will the first gen ipad support display mirroring via airplay when IOS5 is released?

From what I have read, IOS5 will support display mirroring on the ipad 2.. Is this likely to be added to the first gen ipad ? If so then great, but if not, why not? Im sure if you can wirelessly stream music and movies to an Apple TV device (connecte

Is the iPad locked or unlocked?

Sigh... For the last three weeks after countless of calls to Apple USA/Canada, AT&T and Rogers...I have been getting different answers everytime! Out of 40% of Apple representatives claimed that the iPad is LOCKED. While duh, it says so on Apple.com

Mirror iPad screen on it Host PC.

I have a business presentation to make to several remote audience members and will be hosting that meeting from an iMac desktop computer.  I will be sharing my host iMac's screen and hope to simultaneously show a connected iPad's screen as a window o

Windows 8 Audio has locked up after itunes install?!

Anyone got a clue how to restore sound operations on a windows 8 system after an itunes install. I uninstalled all apple products, but the audio is still broken. Automated problem resolution didn't work. My last option is to do a restore, but that's

How safari detects and pops up 'scan credit card' link in keyboard ios 8.1?

How safari detects the credit card number,CVV and security fields and adds 'scan credit card' link in keyboard. This s a new feature added in ios 8.1 I want to check whether is there a way to disable it?An update.  Just after my first post I cleared

Would love Steve Jobs to contact me for in setting screen tinting orange for seizures as OK WE HAVE DONE IT AN ORANGE PROTECTIVE SCREEN OVERLAY FOR IPOD AND IPAD STOPPING JOHN'S photosensitivity SEIZURES AND STOPPING EYE PROBLEMS WITH USAGE


Have a new iPad with ios6.  Will not send emails. Addresses are valid  but get notice each time that recipient was rejected by the server.  No help on web site, and Apple's only manual is for previous os version.  We miss Steve Jobs.

Have a new IPad with IOS6.  Will not send emails.  Addresses are valid but get notice each time that "recipient was rejected by the server."  Apple has apparently neglected to put out a manual with IOS6 and the previous manual has no indication

Steve jobs have you seen Logitech Revue google tv for only 99 bucks ya'll are supposed to be the cutting edge from the iphone 1 to now the 4 i have owned them all i currently own the ipad 1 and two and i love your products but i must say  catch up

Here it is in question form How can logitec and google sell something so affordable That is not so futuristic ? From the first to the fourth the Iphone has been my companion In many so ways . Currently I own the Ipad 1 and 2   Let me tell you now the

Education App Highlighted in Steve Jobs' press release for the ipad 2

Does anyone know what the education app is that was highlighted during Steve Jobs press release for the ipad 2? It showed a child in a classroom tracing a number or letter outline; and it looked like chalk when he traced it.I'm pretty sure it isn't.

What is the app called from the ipad 2 press release with Steve Jobs on youtube (at 11min35sec - 11min36sec) that showed a little girl tracing an "E" with a princess in the left corner?

In case you want to search for it on youtube instead of clicking on the link, the video is called: Apple - Special Event - March 2, 2011 It's a great, in-detail video, but it's hard to find because it doesn't have "ipad 2" nor "Steve Jobs&q

Por que o IPAD-APPLE não tem portas USB e um programa gerenciador de arquivos (igual ao Windows Explorer)? Um puxão de orelhas no mais puro estilo Steve Jobs!

Prezados Diretores da Apple: Perdoe-me por ser direto: por que os senhores não disponibilizam portas USB e um programa gerenciador de arquivos no IPAD? Como consumidor acho isto muito arrogante.  Alguns chamam essa arrogância de estratégia de mercado

Bith of my ipad n iphone only notify the update. When i try to update' theres nothing appear. I do try by changing language. Why should i keep changing languange everytime to update??? What was happened to ios nowdays?? Steve pls help me.. Cook cant save.

Help me to update my apps!! The update appstore doesnt appeared anything but only the notification. What was happened to ios nowadays? Its happened to my ipad mini too! Even the battery drain to fast.Help me to update my apps!! The update appstore do

I can call out but all incoming calls are going directly to VM with no signal that I missed a call or have VM. I can send/receive text messages from other iPhone/iPad/iTouch users, I am assuming this is really "iMessage." Is it apple software?

I have spent hours on the phone with Apple and AT&T. I went thought reset, on/off, etc, etc with both companies to no avail. Each company pointed fingers at the other....as being the source of the problem. Problems: Suddenly ALL  incoming calls were

How to set up a HP1102w for wireless use with iPad/Iphone etc

Hi, I purchased the HP P1102w last year and it's certainly not out of the box Airprint compatible, in fact it is very fiddly, but the following takes about 10 minutes using a mac. The besuty of this is it works with my BT homehub also and probably an

I bought The New iPad 36 days ago...

I'm just frustrated that I held out for years and waited to buy an iPad. I did, finally and I love it. Absolutely love it. I will say this: when I bought it, I had one concern - the 30-pin dock connector. On my old iPod touch, I had that thing fixed

My Ipad mini does not see my printer. my wife's ipad2 does. We both use IOS8 and upgraded at the same time. How can I remedy this?

My Ipad mini does not see my printer. my wife's ipad2 does. We both use IOS8 and upgraded at the same time. How can I remedy this?OK great info! I found 2 possible ethernet to USB adapters: By "Plugable":  USB 2.0 to ethernet LAN wired network a

Songs not showing up on my iPhone 4 and iPad 1 on iOS 5.0.1?

I have about one third of my music library not showing up on my iPhone 4 and iPad 1, even though it is ticked and everything, on iTunes it says that it should have been synced... For example, I have 'only sync ticked songs and videos to my iPhone/iPa

I upgraded to the iPad Version of Pages

I just wanted to add my voice to the already swarming people about my utter disappointment in the "Upgrade" to Pages. First of all,  When I saw it was a Free Upgrade, I immediately became suspicious.  Apple only ever gives Free Upgrades or Free