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Education Pricing for Substitute Teacher?

We currently have the full version of Master Collection CS3 and would like to jump to CS5.5.  My wife used to be a full-time teacher but now is a substitute.  Is there a "minimum level of employment" criterion for determining if a person is facu

CS5.5 Premium Design Student/teacher edition

Ok, I have a problem and i'm not sure what to do, I already brought the cs5.5 for school uses, however, i am unable to provide adobe the proof that i'm still in school and my 30 days is about be up, so what can i do to switch from student to commeric

How to become SAP Trainer?

Hi, Is there any kind of training or certification that SAP provides to groom SAP trainers? What are the essential things to provide trainings on SAP products in various SAP Authorized Training Centers? Thanks, Rajesh ManoharanHi You need to have atl

Application for the post of an ORACLE DBA

================================================================= ============ ARUNKUMAR RAGHAVAN MSc,BEd,PGDMCH,(MBA) ================================================================= ============ CURRICULUM VITAE Covering letter      From Arunkumar

CS5.5 Premium Edition - Mavericks or Yosemite?

Re: Creative Suite CS5.5 Design Premium (Students and Teachers Edition). So after waiting for a while before considering to update to Yosemite and reading many forum posts here and other forums on the web saying how easy it was to update with no prob

Job request

================================================================= ============ ARUNKUMAR RAGHAVAN MSc,BEd,PGDMCH,(MBA) ================================================================= ============ CURRICULUM VITAE Covering letter      From Arunkumar

FOR loop in ABAP Code ?

Hi, I am working on a ABAP requirement, where I need to use a dynamic variable attached to a compilable code. For ex: In Jave we use for( i=0; i >n; i++){ int i=0; stmti+stmti = result; Here  i  is an dynamic variable and it will be keep on changing

Why does autofill in safari no longer work in iOS8?

Autofill no longer functions as before now that I have upgraded my iPhone 5 to iOS8. It no longer fills in my username and password automatically when I go to a website. Instead I have to put the cursor in the username space and then an autofill opti

The text in my links run together.

The text in my links run together. Any ideas how to fix this? Here's a link to the page: http://bodyprecision.com/main-line-pilates-teacher-training/pilates-full-training-test.htm l Thank you!Sunflower19714 wrote: Thank you for doing this. I fixed ev

Do you recommend the Yoga 13 to your friends and coworkers?

I teaching training courses at about 20+ tech companies each year. This week was my first time using my new Yoga 13 as my presentation machine. After class, 2 out of 13 students approached me and asked about the Yoga. They were in the market for a Wi

IT 0041 Date Specifications - Can we add more fields?

Currently, one can only have up to 12 date types / dates in IT 0041.  We are tracking subsitute start date assignments for each substitute teacher - which can result in multiple entries of this customer date type we created.  I saw on SAP help that t

Thread Producer and Consumer

Hi I have an array that keeps Integer into it. what is wrong with this problem i cant fix it. Thread Consumer never start. Producer class: Putting nr 1 to 50 int into array eg. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10..... Consumer class : removing 50 down to nr 10 from

Exciting opportunities for Forte/UDS & J2EE engineers

******** EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES ********* Looking for project managers, Architects, Technical Leads, Programmers with experience in migration from Legacy applications to new platforms. (Migration experience from Forte to Java or Forte to .Net technol

Setting up nav with template

Someone told me that you can set up the main navigation without making it editable. As it is, I make the div editable so that I can add "current" to the respective pages. I end up having to go in and change the nav on every page if I make a mist

Oracle SQL Prompt commands

1) How to identify the problem of Oracle database from SQL command prompt   By executing a set of SQL commands one by one after connecting /as sysdba   2)what could be possible errors and how to resolve from SQL prompt   e.x db corrupt         not mo

Can someone please help?

I am a student doing the Bachelor of Education at CSU, via the Accelerated Teacher Training Program, by distance ed. My area is Computing and IT, and as part of my course I have to do a basic Java subject. (ITC129 - if that means anything to you). I

Connect Pro Meeting Users Groups Participants question

I have Connect Pro Meeting.  Here is what I want to do:  invite and register only certain people for certain webinars. I offer teacher training webinars so they are a different group of people for each webinar.  I am the only person in my "company&qu

Awful reception can it be fixed?

I have awful reception in my apartment....It never effected me to much until now. I am a substitute teacher and rely on the sub system to call me to offer jobs. If I don't answer, or hang up on the sub system it calls the next person and I loose $140

Advice on buying a new MacBook

Hi, I am planning to buy a new Mac Book for my personal use - I teach, train and do presentations on my technical stuffs. Please advice me on which MacBook / laptops best fit for my requirement. I am reading most of the messages in Apple forum and qu

Harddrive or DVD camcorder with Final Cut Pro

Does anyone know if either a dvd or Harddrive camcorder will work with FCP. It seems like they only have USB2 ports and do not have firewire ports.with practical experience of clients asking for edited versions of there footage from these cameras, pl