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How to delete the recon Taskresults in Sun IdM 7.1 thru automation

How to delete the recon Taskresults in Sun IdM 7.1 thru automation either thru workflows or using java programs... We need to delete only recon Taskresults.Hi Dinesh, Try using waveset.adminRoles ThanksRead other 2 answers

Error while Reading Idocs from ECC 6.0 to Sun IDM .

Hi Gurus, We have a scenerio where we have to update the Sun IDM Server with all the changes in HR Data happening in ECC. For that... we have 1. Created a Logical System for Sun IDM server, Port, RFC Connection (TCP/IP). 2. Assigned Partner Profiles,

SUN IDM with Windows Vista

Hello, Has anybody tried installing SUN IDM with windows vista I tried IDM 7.1 with vista home premium and doesnt seem to work. Curious to know if any body has success with vista Awaiting replies Thanks,What error message are you getting? Have you in

Looking for some one who can help me in SUN IDM

Hi Friends, I am looking for some one who can help me to learn sun IDM. Off couse I will pay for your time. I can be reached at [email protected] Please let me know if you have some time ThxHi Zebra, I really appreciate your reply. I would like to di

Movement of accounts in AD natively; How Sun IDM identity is affected

Dear Reader, We are planning to integrate Windows Active Directory with Sun IDM 6.0 SP1. Even after integrating AD with Sun IDM there will be lots of changes to the native account like especially moving the account from one OU to another etc Since Su

Exploratory Programming of the Sun IDM API

Exploratory Programming of the Sun IDM API using Rhino Sun IDM comes with a JavaScript interpreter (Rhino) that can be invoked from the command-line. This gives developers an easy way to explore the large number of classes that comprised the product.

Expert pls help: Sun IDM with ldap active sync

Hi all, Currently i am configuring Sun IDM 6.0 SP1 to active sync with Sun directory server. I have enabled Retro Change Log but yet i cant find my changeNumber in directory server. Could anyone show me a way (search?) to get what changeNumber direct

Managing LDAP groups and roles through SUN IDM

Hi Guys, We have a requirement to build the following functionality in our Sun IDM tool. 1.     Ability to create/manage Static LDAP group. 2.     Ability to create/manage filtered LDAP group. 3.     Ability to create/manage Static LDAP roles. 4.    

SUN IDM Role removal does not remove the set atributes

Hi, I am using SUN IDM Roles to set a multi valued attrubute on a resource using merge with value property. But when I remove any of the assigned role the corresponding ATTRIBUTE value is not getting removed. Is there anything specific which needs to

Getting Error IDM8.1patch11WebLogic Server com/sun/idm/idmx/txn/Transaction

I installed IDM 8.1 Patch 11 on WebLogic server. When I start the server I am getting following error. The Login page never shows up. I will appreciate if you can give me the pointer. ] Root cause of ServletException. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:

Error when calling powershell from Sun IDM

Hello Experts, In our environment we have a powershell script which takes command-line arguments as input and creates mailbox. To create a mailbox for newly on-boarded user we just need to call this script and pass the args. When i run the script fro

Password Self-Service in SUN IDM

Does anyone know if a Password Self-Service is a component of SUN IDM or stand along application? Does SUN offer a seperate Password reset feature? Thanks!Sun Identity Manager has built in password recovery functions and you can also use anonymous wo

Accessing SPML Object class variable on SUN IDM Form or workflow

Hi All, Can anyone suggest me how we can access the SPML variable on SUN IDM Form and workflow? e.g I have object class deffination in SPML configuration with schema deffination as below <Configuration name='SPML'> <Extension> <Object> &

Sun IdM and ajax?

I'm a developer new to Sun IdM. In looking at our existing IdM pages they are painful to say the least. Every single action on them requires the whole page to re-load. I have used ajax in a LAMP sort of setup before and I know there are ways you can

Sun IDM training

Hello, I am new to SUN IDM Product. I want to go for training in SUN IDM. I noticed there are three courses and I am confused which one to go for. The three courses I noticed are: IDM-4485 - Sun Java System Identity Manager: Deployment Fundamentals I

Sun IDM vs Oracle IDM

Hi Everyone, The current version of IDM we are at is 6.0. We are thinking of the following options: 1. Upgrade Sun IDM 6.0 -- IDM 8.1 2. Migrate to latest Oracle IDM. Could someone please let me know the pros/cons in considering one over the other op

Sun IdM newbie - netbeans question

Our Sun IdM configurator consultants have left and I'm trying to open our Development IdM project in Netbeans (just went to admin training and want to poke around). I have all the software ready on the workstation and the Sun IdM Netbeans plugin inst

Sun idm upgrade error

Hi All, i am upgrading the sun idm 7.1 to 8.1. in the installation i am getting this error. any body have any idea....... thanks in adavance.. operation : addMissing interfaces: [GenericObject:USER_PROFILE_8_1X, GenericObject:USER_PROFILE_8_4X] Inter

Sun idm generate random password according to policy

Hi all, probably a stupid question: using sun idm 8 I have an active-sync-source, containing employees but no passwords. So I should generate a new password in my active-sync-form and search for a way to export the password so new employees can be se

Sun IdM Password Sync 8.1 - Urgent help needed

Hi, I have installed Sun Idm 8.1 password sync. It has been installed in Direct mode. The test environment is 1 dc controller and 1 windows xp machine. The following test cases were done - 1. Admin/User changes password (IDM) - it is synchronized to