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Certification process - XI after the test

Hi,      I gave my XI certification exam at the Bangalore Teched'05. I have couple of questions about the post certification process.          At the end of the test, the message "Congratulations, you have passed the certification exam." appeare

Supply chain process cycle

Hi Gurus, Can somebody send me Supply chain process cycle doc? its urgent.. plsHi Raju, The Optimizer should serve your requirement as it considers the capacity constraints and can be used for finite planning. Regarding subcontracting location , you

SAP certification process

Hi gurus, can any one explain the certification process of SAP finance module please. thanks and regards, Ramesh Reddy Samala.Hi My advise is - If you are fresher to the SAP.  Please get domain experience in Manufacture Industry experience. If you ha

Certification process of any Customized Solution in SAP

Hi, Can someone please guide me on the Certification process of a customized solution in SAP. Actually i have developed a customized solution in SAP and want to get it certified from SAP as a copyright. Can you tell me the process or steps of doing t

Supplier Registration Process

Hi, I am trying to configure Supplier Registration and preselection process in EBP. 1. Supplier is filling Registration form and sending the same. 2. This data is appearing in preselect supplier screen with option to accept and reject or set to NEW.

SRM 7.0 EHP2 Supplier Qualification Process

Dear experts, i customized the registration of suppliers via wda_e_suco_sreg, WebDynPro. The process: 1. Potential supplier obtained a link to the self registration questionaire 2. Potential Supplier fills out the questionaire and push the button <se

Certification processing

Hi experts,                                               My client wants to use the characteristics (with multi-specifications) from inspection 04 in certificate processing. They have the inspection type 10 (at delivery). When I am creating quality

AGIS Customer and Supplier Mapping process

Hi Folks, I have following doubt. We are using 2 ledgers( Ledger "A" and Ledger "B"). and 2 Legal entities (LE1 and LE2). So we assigned LE1 to Ledger A , LE2 to Ledger B. now how to Map the Out bound and Inbound transactions, which is

SAP HCM Post Certification Process

HI, I have just cleared my SAP Certification and I have not received any mail from SAP confirming the same neither have I received any link to download the logo. Can anyone help me with this issue.Hi Just be patience and wait. I received that after s

Something wrong with app certification process?

I sent out an emergency bug fix version yesterday morning. Now it's 24 hours later and it's still stuck on the 2nd square (security tests) with all the others in pending. Never seen it stuck there for so long before.Hello Randy, We are currently awar

Supplier return processing with SD delivery

Hi    I have a scenario where i have to return material to Vendor by Return PO and SD delivery . So what are steps needed to populate shipping data in item details of  Return PO.   Appreciate your help for this.    Thanks     ManojHi, Please refer to

R12 Payment Process Request only picking up 1 Credit Note per supplier

I am using R12 v 12.1 and have found an issue when I create a Payment Process Request that includes multiple credit notes for a supplier. When I create the batch only 1 credit note is selected. When I attempt to manuallly add another credit note it a

WIP Outside Processing: How to issue components to Supplier

Hi All, This is regarding WIP OSP process. Request you to please explain the steps of issuing components to Supplier for processing. Any pointers to user guide or metalink would also be very helpful. Regards, AbhishekHi, Thanks for your post in Windo

Official Training Courses/Certification: SCM 4.0 or 5.0?

I am about to invest some serious time and money into SCM training towards the Planning certification to go along with my professional supply chain management experience (14 years automotive SCM and IT, MBA, but no SAP). I have searched and reviewed

What kind of certification is suitable for our product

We have a J2EE product which focus on supply chain. Now I would like it to run on netweaver and exchange data with SAP (e.g. material master, purchasing doc) so that it can be seen as extenstion of SAP. What certification process is suitable in this

How to ignore pegging from a process order in APO?

Hi! Experts, I have an requirement in APO 4.0 that I need to make process orders not relevant for pegging i.e. since the process order gets automatically pegged to the newly created demand elements. I need to ignore pegging for some specific supply e

R12 - Multiple programs to be submitted in supplier remittance and bank trf

in 11i, the AP payment programs was set up such that a custom SQL program is triggered during "Bank Transfer" and "Supplier Remittance" processes The custom SQL program has a logic to submit multiple reports for each process. E.g. Supp

Query related to supplier registration

Hi, During the supplier registration process can we rate the supplier based on the questionnaire  which they have completed and submitted, means is it possible to convert the data i recieve from the supplier in the questionnaire to numberic format an

Own workflow process step (java) not listed in the generic Process step component

Based on the description Extending Workflow Funtionality I have used this sample to create a bundle with the CRXDE Development Environment. Almost just copying the code from the page (had to make some adjustments to correct program errors in this sam

Supplier Qualification with ERP

Dear experts, I've set up the supplier qualification process. So fas so good. I'm able to accept a supplier in "Supplier Preselection" I want to transfer this supplier to the ECC system next but the transaction to do so is not there. I have assi