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Carriage return in textarea - how do I check for and remove it???

I have an html form that has a <textarea> element for user input. I work mainly with Java and some JavaScript. Since carriage returns are permitted in a <textarea> element, upon retrieving the value submitted, my Java and/or JavaScript variabl

Barcode Carriage Return Function not working in Forms 6i

Dear All, I m using Oracle Forms 6i with OS Windows 2000 Professional When I receiving Data from Barcode slot reader RS232 interface, carriage Return funtion not working in the forms 6i for e.g Barcode is *12345$M* ('$M' for carriage return). Full AS

Carriage return symbol is removed from XML

Hello, It looks like SQL Server removes \r characters when parsing XML. So when my stored procedure receives values in xml for saving, all line breaks are represented as \n instead of \r\n. Is there any way I can force SQL Server not to remove \r cha

Adobe form barcode scanner input

I made an Adobe form with X Pro.  The purpose of the form is to inventory equipment.  I use a barcode scanner to enter serial numbers into the form.  When I scan the barcode (Code 39) of an item the serial number entered into the form is truncated. 

Outputting XML carriage return in HTML via XSLT

Hi, I have a scenario where I execute a View Object query in ADF to retrieve results from a particular table in the Database. I then iterate through the results in my Java managed bean and manually construct an XML file with all the appropriate tags.

Can I generate a CR (Carriage Return) in a dynpro entry field ?

My problem is the following I have a card reader and the information of this card will go into a SAP dynpro entry field. Now I need an addition CR (Carriage Return) Is that possible ? ThanksBasically this card reader is nothing more than any other ba

How to identify the type of pocketpc barcode scanner?

How to identify the type of pocketpc barcode scanner whteher it is intermec or symbol? GSHi, well, this is the brand of the PDA - the Scanner itself is build into the device. So if you have an intermec device - you have an intermec scanner and vice v

Remove Carriage Return from a TextEdit field

Hi All, I have a tableview, of which the last field Description, is of type TextEdit. Not only this, when the data was migrated from a legacy system to SAP, either the last field with the value (If Description has value, Description field, else the f

Barcode Scanner app using Javascript for windows 8 tablet

I want to create a barcode scanner app in which i want to start the camera preview, and read the barcode. Is there any sample code? I have used the below code but its working only with windows desktop not working with tablet. function openScanner() {

How to use carriage return in formcalc

I'm sure the answer to this question is simple, but being new to formcalc (and scripting in general) I am having problems with it. The details: I have a dynamic form in livecycle. The two fields I am having problems with currently are a drop down lis

Simple Question: Carriage Return in description field

Hi, i need to know how to insert a carriage return in my description field. Its a string field and I use the following code: rpt.DataDefinition.FormulaFields["BSpalte"j].Text ="\""bperiod((char)13)"Durchschnitt"bsperiod&

Carriage Return using XSL

Hi, I have an RTF template that contains <xsl:text> </xsl:text> in one of the form fields because I want to force a Carriage return in the output. The form field looks something like: <?when?> Some text <xsl:text> </xsl:text>

Making barcode scanner work

Hello, I am stuck here with the barcode scanner "Symbol LS2208" via USB and have to use it in a Java app. I am using jdk 1.5 and downloaded the javax.comm API. Now i have some problems with which I hope one of you can help me. Is there a way to

Barcode scanner - BAT

Is there a defacto standard barcode scanner that is most popular for use with BAT?Hi Mike, We have had good success with Symbol Handheld Barcode Scanners. Here is a link; http://www.symbol-scanners.com/ The model that we are currently using is the LS

Bidirectional coms with barcode scanner

Hey everyone.  I'm trying to think big thoughts today. I have implemented a CVI 2012 app that used a Symbol / Motorola LI4278 barcode scanner.  Works well.  For that application, I went next-to-simplest method by pre-formatting the scanners into CDC

Losing carriage returns in textarea / using plpdf to generate report

Hello, I'm using Apex 3.1.1 and Oracle 10g database. I would appreciate any suggestions on how I can preserve carriage returns in a textarea when sending the text to a package that generates a report. Please see example of current problem (below code

What is escape character for for Carriage Return, Line Feed, Form Feed

Hi I need to a text file which should have following characters Carriage Return, Line Feed, Form Feed How do i insert them in a string i know "\f" is carriage return, but what are characters for line feed and form feed Ashishuncle_alice wrote: j

Please explain me how I can use Form feed(\f) and Carriage return(\r)

what is Form feed(\f) and Carriage return(\r)? Please explain to me. Thank you.These control characters aren't used much these days except that if you example a Windows or MSDOS text file in a binary editor you'll find each line ends with "\r\n"

On Windows 8.1 and Firefox 36.0.1 the textarea in forms has no carriage returns. Earlier versions the forms work. Is there a fix for this?

Prior to this version of Firefox 36.0.1, the <textarea> in my HTML forms was working; displaying carriage returns. In version 36.0.1 they no longer function properly. Instead when I enter a carriage return, it displays a space instead of a newline.

Problem with "carriage Return" or "Line Feed" in a table

Hello, I need help with the function Zeichen(), so called it in german, I'm not sure if it is char() in english. In Pages Version 4.0.1 (746) I've created a table in Pages with this function to make an "carriage Return" in a cell. Here an exampl