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system restore failed windows 8


I would like to know which app/software in MAC gives us the same feature that is provided by System Restore in Windows, and how does that work

I would like to know which app/software in MAC gives us the same feature that is provided by System Restore in Windows, and how does that work.Time Machine is one such program, although it is a recursive backup program which offers limited archive ca

How do I perform a system restore in Windows 10?

QuestionHow do I perform a system restore in Windows 10? AnswerNote: This article is about Windows 10. Separate articles are available on performing system restore in Windows 8 and Windows 7. System restore rolls your system files back to a restore p

CS3 won't start after system restore, fails to reinstall

I am running CS3 design premium on Windows 8. I've have the computer (Lenovo with Intel i5) for two months, though I used the design suite on my previous computer. I had to run System Restore to fix a problem with Firefox, and after I did none of my

Error while turning system restore on windows 7

Hi,, Recently I restored my system to factory image, and today i downloaded a video card driver and it failed and i want to restore my system to the point before installing this driver, But when i tried it told me to turn system recovery on. And when

System Restore Fails

Hello all,I recently tried to do a system restore on my PC, and it is not wanting to work.  My troubles first began when I couldn't find my bluetooth adapter in my Device Manager.   Thinking it was a driver issue, I downloaded a driver from Microsoft

Photosmart Premium C309a series: full system restore fails to result in HP Scan functioning

I had to recently have my iMac hard drive replaced. Upon performing a full system restore from a Time Machine back-up, I have found that HP Scan fails to operate at all, despite the printer itself performing its other tasks normally. This means that

Entire system restore fails

Everytime I tried to do an ENTIRE SYSTEM RESTORE from TM it failed after a few seconds. I have formated the TM unit with 1 GUID partition as apple recommend and chose one of my internal hard drives as Time Machine unit. I'm just checking and comparin

Windows 8 System Restore Fail

Laptop: Lenovo Ideapad S210 The initial OS of my laptop is Windows 8 then I decided to upgrade it to Windows 8.1. The problem is every time I open an app from Windows it crasher. Heck, I can't even open the Windows Store or PC Settings!! So I decided

System restore. failed driver install

Was having issues with the laptop so decided to do a full factory reset using the built in windows HP recovery. This failed so then used the recovery discs provided and worked to a point. Formats OK, copies files OK, asks for the driver discs and doe

Creative Cloud install problems after system restore on Window 7

I can not reinstall my apps with the application manager because it says they are already installed.  The directories they were installed in are deleted.  How do I reinstall.  I have reinstalled Application manager.It seems that AAM and CS 6 apps wer

System Restore DVDs Vista vs Windows 7

I am brand new here and I appologize if this has been asked before.  I looked around and tried searching but did not find my answer. I just reveived my new HP Pavillion dv7t last night.  The Notebook Essentials booklet says to create a set of System

SFC and System Restore errors on Surface Pro 3 running Win 8.1

  Yesterday evening, my boss sent me an email complaining about problems mapping network drives (Server 2008r2) and connecting to the office LAN after setting up offline files. He tried troubleshooting to no avail. I suggested SFC.exe and/or a system

License issue after System Restore

Hello All, We are facing an issue while doing a system restore on Windows 2003 / MS SQL 2005 / SAP 4.7D EXT 110. We followed the System copy option using SAPInst to do our system restore. When SAPinst prompted for DB import we stopped the SAPINST Too

Problem system restoring my hp laptop

i wanted to system restore my laptop and i didnt back up my files, now its saying that the syetem restored failed. i keep retrying and nothing works. i put the laptop in safe mode then sytem restored it and still nothing. keeps saying restore failed.

System restore and missing itunes

I did a complete system restore of windows XP on my computer and I thought that my itunes would be saved by apple similar to how my emails are saved by yahoo....but when I re-downloaded the itunes software, all of my itunes that I had purchased were

Is there any way i can restore itunes to an earlier time/date, just like system restore? Thanks!

Hi.. Is there any way i can restore itunes to an earlier date/time? I accidentally lost a previous backup and now the file showing up is not the backup i want? Can i restore itunes to an earlier time like system restore on windows? Thanks!Actually i

Various questions about System Restore Point

How can I delete old System Restore Points? Is it possible to move the folder that holds them to a different drive then C:? Can I limit the amount of data System Restore is allowed to have? I have downloaded the TreeSize program to see what is using

Can not open itunes after system restore????

Hi There, I recently used system restore to fix some problems with my computer. After that, everything runs well except itunes. Whenever I double click on itunes, it prompts error box "itunes encountered a problem and needs to close, we are sorry for

Network Error in Client Full System Restore

Hi, I've been attempting, as a test, to restore a full system backup to a client computer using a boot flash drive. When I attempt to do so, I get a "Unknown Network Error" at the point where the client has attempted to contact the server, been

System restore points disappeared

Taking a look at my system restore points I found there were none. There is no reason I know of for this - system restore was set to ON but restore points were not being created - I turned it off then on again and now it is creating restore points ag