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system wakeup enabled by acpi


Lenovo G50 BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compliant

Hello everybody ! I kinda have a problem as the title states.My neighbour has a Lenovo G50 she bought and came with windows 8.1 x64 ( which she doesn't like at all and in my opinion win7 is far more superior ). The thing is I wanted to install her th

Should FTP on the system be ENABLED for SFTP Adapter to work from BPEL Code

Hi, I am trying to SFTP files from server1 to server2. I am getting the below fault message, faultName: {{http://schemas.oracle.com/bpel/extension}bindingFault} messageType: {{http://schemas.oracle.com/bpel/extension}RuntimeFaultMessage} parts: {{ su

How to add CD/ Tapr Drv when the system is enable

Sir is there any body who will help me to solve the problem that when the system is enable and I want to attach the CDROM & Tape Drive to the system what i have to doHello, depends on the system and OS version. If the CD-ROM and tape-drive are SCSI (

What is " set system highability enable" of command 6509(Catos)

system is cat 6509 (Two sup, Two MSFC) two supervisors is runnging i am saw config " set system highability enable" of cat6509" generally when catos image is upgrade, set system highability function must disable bye cisco homepage why is di

JNLP System not enabled

hi, i dont speak english, my problem Control Panel > Java > Java > Java Application Runtime Settings > View > System > not enabled !. My OS : Win Vista Eng (32Bit) Java : Java 6 update 7 This Problem Screenshot http://img385.imageshack.u

Scheduled system wakeup from a Sleep state while lid closed

I'm wanting to backup my Ti Power Book data using the .Mac Backup 3 (BU3) application at 2am each day. On my desktop system which is a Power Mac G5 I perform a BU3 every day at around 2am. The Energy Saver is configured to wake my Power Mac from a sl

Strange behavior of system with enabled FileVault2, Roaming profile

Hello, I have encountered strange behavor of my Macbook Air after some testing. Macbook Air 2012 was newly installed with 10.8.4 and joined network account server on 10.8.4 server with Roaming profile (synced with server home directory). After instal

Cannot run system after enabling SSFS

Hello, I followed note 1639578 when setting SSFS. I would like to install EHP7 and SSFS connection is prerequisite. Everything went according to steps, but after I set environment variable rsdb_ssfs_connect=1 and profile parameter rsdb/ssfs_connect =

Can the Policy Management System be enabled by using CLI/Script?

Hi, I know you can enable the Policy Management System in OER Console by selecting True for Enable Asset Policies in the Functional Settings. But I need to automate an OER configuration, so I am wondering if this can be done using CLI. Thanks in adva

Flash videos don't work with PepperFlash disabled (but with system plugin enabled) on Chrome!

Hello everyone, Basically, Google Chrome lags a lot when I use PepperFlash and so I have heard that disabling it and using the system flash will have better performance. I have done this but when I disable PepperFlash, the flash videos don't work as

Transport Management System - Workflow enabled

HI, I have configured the TMS system in workflow fashion. When i create a transport proposal and try to import usng the workflow inbox, it prompts for a user name and password. The customer requirement is that it hsould not ask for a user id and pass

Force password on system wakeup but not on display wakeup

Hi everybody, is it possible to disable the necessary of a password when the display times out but force a password if the lid is closed and opened up again? I've found the possibility to set a timeout for both of them coupled in Lion. But I want the

[SOLVED] System freeze/slowness with ACPI

After many many days of working flawlessly, after I turned on my laptop today I noticed it was loading reaaly slow - par example, it stayed about 20 sec at the nvidia driver splash screen. I forcibly shut it down and rebooted, but then it would freez

T500 Switchable Grapics - System Cannot enable Energy Saving Graphics

"Close any 3D or video applications and disconnect external displays" There are no 3D or video application running and no external displays connected or otherwise. This started happened after we installed "Star Wars Old Kingdom' ... so we u

Heavy hdd activity under high memory load, system unresponsive

Hi there, don't know where to post this. On a system without SWAP and on zfs root on top of luks encryption when available memory becomes low, the desktop - X-Window Xfce becomes unresponsive. Sometimes this takes many minutes and it comes back, or I

ACPI battery level stops updating

Hello, I have a strange problem with battery level (displayed using xfce4-power-manager). At startup it updates but not very precisely (not percent by percent), after some minutes  it stops updating. I thought it was an xfce problem, so I installed x

[solved] ACPI Info failed

Hi I'm having issues with my Arch installation on my laptop I'm using i3wm with i3bar & i3status and have everything working fine except for one thing: The i3status "gets stuck" meaning it doesn't update battery/clock stats. When I reset i3s

[SOLVED] System freezes after resume from standby

Hi! I don't know if this the correct forum to ask this questions, because I don't know if it's a software or hardware problem. Here is my problem: If I close the lid of my laptop, my laptop goes into standby. If I open the lid it shows the user login

Instant wakeup right after suspend/hibernate on low battery

Well, I've been struggling with these problems for a whole week and unsatisfied with the results I'll ask for some opinions. The situation is as follows: I can easily suspend/hibernate Arch manually whenever I want without issues. The problem comes w

Console does not comes back to life after screen blanking

edited post on 2014-07-13: This problem has nothing to do with suspend-to-RAM and/or suspend-to-disk (hibernate). It is a screen blanking on the console triggered by a timeout in the kernel. It can be modified (or disabled) with the setterm command f