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T Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 Sale


Where do I find my PUK Code for my PAYG T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S5

Cannot find where my online PUK Code for T-Mobile is - the explanation on EE's page is next to useless!  As I can't currently use the phone - I'm in a jam!!!Look in your online a/c under Manage Device.Read other 2 answers

Install on mobile Samsung Galaxy 5S

Hello .  I want to install Skype on my smartphone.  Can someone please guide me through the procedure.please      ..many thanksHi rjenkin, I don't think that device meets the minimum spec requirements unfortunately. Looks like that tablet doesn't hav

Unable to use FiOS Mobile Remote App on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

I'm one of the holdout Blackberry customers who Verizon doesn't recognize as wanting apps anymore.  I finally broke down and bought an Android tablet device when I saw the FiOS Mobile Remote App and recognized it as an easy solution for controling my

HT2824 Is the MacBookPrp compatible with a Samsung Galaxy Note mobile device?

Is the MacBook Pro compatible with a Samsung Galaxy Note? If so, how do I transfer pictures from my mobile device to my Mac?10.7's phone support may be different from 10.6.  Are you running 10.6 or 10.7?  You posted to the 10.6 forum, yet your signat

Is there a version of Firefox mobile compatible with Samsung galaxy precedent mobile phone?

Looking for a version of Firefox mobile compatible with Samsung galaxy precedentWhat OS do you have? Unfortunately the Firefox App is not working properly with 2.1 systems. Here are the bugs to follow their statuses: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/bugl

HP Mobile Printing from the Samsung Galaxy S4 - no app needed

Check out this YouTube video showing how easy printing to your HP printer is from the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6dQeRhkbIE Best. If my reply helped you, feel free to click on the Kudos button (hover over the "thum

Adobe connect mobile use front camera on samsung galaxy tab ?

hi all, im using adobe connect mobile on samsung galaxy tab but how to switch to front camera? already use lastest adobe connect mobile thanks beforeFor anyone interested in the response to this, see Randah's comments at: http://blogs.adobe.com/adobe

Why does my mobile site only display in the iPhone and not the Samsung Galaxy?

Hi, I created a mobile version of my Muse site. After publishing it to the temporary Catalyst site, I went to view it on my Samsung Galaxy Victory; it displayed properly the first couple of times I viewed it. Then I made some changes and re-published

Does FireFox Mobile work on the Samsung Galaxy Ace?

Hi I've just bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace and was looking to get Firefox Mobile as my browser but have been unable to find it in the Android Market. After some digging around I found a link to an installation file on the Firefox help forum : http://su

My smartphone Samsung Galaxy Music Duos S6012. It's been released in Dec. 2012 but no support for firefox for mobile. Will it be supported ?

I use Firefox on my desktop and love it. Would love to have it on my smartphone Samsung Galaxy Music Duos S6012. However my smartphone is not supported by firefox. Any changes of it being supported in near future ? Thanks and Regards ShriramThanks Ar

FOR SALE BRAND NEW Apple iPhone 6 16GB-$340, Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB-$350

All Items are Brand New, Factory Sealed and Unlocked . Includes 1-year Apple Warranty US BUYERS  : 1 TO 2 DAYS EXPRESS SHIPPING by DHL EXPRESS We offer a 20% Discount off all bulk purchases.We offer free shipping on all International Orders. 2 to 3 d

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2 Update

When will Verizon approve the Android 4.2 update for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus?  The slowness of Verizon to approve updates is inexcusable!  And to that I'll say, "I'm done!"  I am so disgusted with Verizon and their inability to provide updates

Why does Flash player not work on samsung galaxy tablets?

Hello, I am wondering why they do not have flash player for samsung galaxy tab 3? I just recently got the 8.0 sized one and it has great features,but no flash player? To have an up to date electronic device,and older electronic devices carry it,but y

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Here's one for ya...went online to get myself a Galaxy Tablet when I was going  through the process, they wanted my DL# and my SS# well to my amazement I wondered why? Well I got a hold of Verizon customer service and they connected me will tele sale

How do I print from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 to my HP Officejet J468 All-in-One printer?

I just got a Samsung Galaxy 4 Tablet and I'm trying to figure out how to print to my HP OfficeJet J4680 All-in-One. Is there an app that I need to download?Hi, Unfortunately your printer spec indicates that the printer is not wireless compatabile so

How do I prevent my Samsung Galaxy S5 from checking my e-mail when I use a public Wi-Fi hotspot?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, and would like to find out how to suppress the regular checking of e-mail when my phone connects via unencrypted Wi-Fi (in such places as libraries or restaurants). When the phone was first set up in-store, there was

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I've paired it to my Mac. It was all working fine up until about a week ago, but now when I try to "Send file to device" nothing happens...

I've had my Mac and my Samsung for about 2 yeas now and I haven't had any problems with the two in regards to Bluetooth. As of about a week ago, I could no longer send files from my Mac to my Samsung. I don't know what has gone wrong, but the devices

Is there an App for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5 to be able to print to a HP Officejet Pro 8500

I am in the market to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S 10.5 Tablet.  Samsung has told me that to be able to print from the tablet, I need to install an app recommended by HP.  I do not know where to go to find out if an app is available to make the printi

How do I install adobe flash player on my samsung galaxy tablet

How do I install adobe flash player on my samsung galaxy tabletYou don't. There is no more Flash Player for Android and there won't be another. Android is no longer compatible with Flash Player. Playing Flash content is very processor consumptive and

Samsung Galaxy S6 pre-order and demo unit?

The pre-orders go up tomorrow for AT&T (and T-Mobile) but none of the stores around me have ANY information. They've also not heard anything about the demo units they are supposed to have tomorrow. According to the Samsung website both of my local st