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Is it possible to change the CATEGORY TITLE font color and/or size of each tile group in start screen, when the tiles are sorted by CATEGORY?

TIA.Q.  Is it possible to change the CATEGORY TITLE font color and/or size of each tile group in start screen, when the tiles are sorted by CATEGORY? A.  No Carey FrischRead other 2 answers

Can anyone edit title fonts and sizes in iMovie 10?

Trying to edit title fonts and sizes in iMovie 10 but font drop down does not respond.  Tried a couple of different style titles with same results.  Anyone else have this problem? Another bug from apple. I can't even understund how do they test these

Window Title Font

I am trying to change the Window Title Font in Font Preferences but it is grayed out. I can change application font and terminal font but not Window Title Font.Yes, unfortunately you need to do some hidden magic to enable this setting. Open the Confi

Product page title font and a suggestion

Is it possible to change the title font used on product pages? There doesn't seem to be any customisation option as there is on the 'spotlight' page. I'm not sure whether I've set this somewhere but it's the same for all three books I've published on

Only 2 basic title fonts show up in PP CS6

Suddenly now only 2 basic title fonts available in Premiere Pro CS6 after months of having them. How can I get the CS6 Functional Content folder back now that it was re-downloaded onto my desktopsame issue with Encore CS6 since they do not include an

Setting the title font and axis labels in a graph created with the Report Generation Toolkit

I'm using the LabVIEW Report Generation Toolkit for Microsoft Office to generate Excel worksheets containing plots. Unfortunately, the default font size used in the plots is huge (see attached worksheet). I was able to use Excel Set Graph Font.vi to

Title Font Size in Final Cut Pro 6 for exhibition on movie theater sized screen

When editing a documentary and creating title cards (that play as part of the movie - text center of screen on black b.g.), lower thirds identifying speakers, and end credits (both single card and scrolling) are there some standard fonts and font siz

Title Font Defaults - Can they be Changed?

I do not like the default font and size on the Title pane I have chosen. Can these be defaulted to something else? If so, how do I change for the entire project versus having to change each clip?Welcome to the  Discussion Forums. Not done this for a

FCP X changes title font style from regular to italics

I use a regular font style in the titles of my iMovie 11 projects, but when importing to FCP X, the titles are converted to italics.  But there is at least one exception: rolling credits don't get changed. Mac OS X 10.6.8, MacBook Pro 2.53 GHz Intel

CustomTaskPane Title font size changed when upgrading from 2010 to 2013

I just upgraded my Word project from Office 2010 to Office 2013. The title of my task pane has changed font size considerably. Is there anyway to control the font size of the custom task pane title? taskPane = Globals.ThisAddIn.CustomTaskPanes.Add(ne

How to customize titles (font style, color, size)

I am inserting subtitles, but imovie does not seem to be flexible when it comes to changing font size and color.  For instance, one title is in 58 pt font size and the next one has more words in it, so it defaults to 27 pt font size.  Is this the cas

Stretched title fonts

Hi all, Hope someone can help. I have previously had no issues with titles under iMovie 4.5. When commencing a new project under 5.0.2 recently my titles look fien on preview, but when rendered to the timeline appear stretched, as if they were create

Safe titling font..

I am creating a movie and which I am then exporting to DVD Studio pro to create a DVD. Somehow my choice of font (Apple Chancery) for the title becomes unreadable in the final DVD. What is a safe font which does not get too messed up and is readable

How many titler fonts are included with CS3?

Since installing Prem CS3 I can only use about 16 fonts in the titler with about the same that are listed but not usable. (will just print circles or such like). In Prem Pro 2.0 I had loads but not any more. I have just installed on a fresh machine u

Livetype - title font is a video rather than solid colour.

Hi, I have a question and have no clue what it would be called or even how to describe it. I am editing a video and for the title at the beginning I currently have just a white font on top of my footage. What I would like to achieve is that within th

Title fonts change when published

I have been making a site based on the white template. It has a picture in the header. When I alter the page title (e.g. change colour) the font changes to small hardly readable text wjwhen published, even though it looks fine in iWeb (and was fine p

Menu title fonts in PSE 12.

I just purchased, downloaded and installed PSE 12. I am running Windows 7. Everything seems to be working fine. My question is this: Why are the titles in tlhe menu bar (task bar?) at the top so small? When you actually pull down the menu it is fine

I have a website where the masthead and other title fonts are defined in the CSS but Firefox shows the font as Times Roman. The website is correctly displayed in IE9, IE8, chrome and opera.

The fonts, which have been described in the CSS file as: #content h1{background-color:transparent;border:0px;font-family:"Copperplate Gothic bold";font-size:1.75em;font-weight:normal;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;padding:0px;} Display as Times Roman (

Title Fonts bitmapped

Anyone have suggestions for a cure to bitmapped, pixelated fonts even after rendering and exporting? I have tried changing font size with the slider, changing font styles and nothing works, I am stuck. THX in advance... brad g4   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  i

I am not able to change any fonts when i add in titles

I just loaded the 10.0.1 to my MACBOOK PRO and started trying to edit a move.  I pulled a standard title over a photo, but when i tried to change fonts and sizes, no luck.  there is also a red diagional on thw color box and I don't get any alignment