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Targeted Adjustment Tool in Camera Raw 5.2

Thanks Tom for the Targeted Adjustment Tool it works great. Where can I find documentation on the SNAPSHOT function?The keyboard shortcuts are: Cmd-Option-Shift T switches to parametric curve TAT Cmd-Option-Shift H switches to Hue TAT Cmd-Option-Shif

Beginner Question- Unable to Use Eyedropper and Targeted Adjustment Tools

When trying to use the eyedropper or targeted adjustment tools (in the HSL menu), I will grab the tool and hover over my photo and my cursor changes to the magnifying glass. When using the eyedropper the preview will reflect the white balance but whe

ACR 5.2 Targeted Adjustment Tool has no drop down menu

Hello I've just started playing with Camera Raw 5.2 and I cannot get a drop down menu for the targeted adjustment tool. When I click on it the icon remains "depressed" and I enter the tone mode. In order to get to the other modes, I have to move

(BUG with) -  Targeted Adjustment Tool

The Targeted Adjustment tool will stop functioning after I use the magnifier. When I attempt to use the tool, it only functions as a magnify glass. When I quit Lightroom and relaunch it, it restores the Targeted Adjustment tool back to a functioning

Target adjustment tool Menu does not appear

Hello I use ACR 7.1 and I have a problem with this tool : when I clic on this icon on the top tools bar I have no menu I should get a menu with parametric curves hue saturation luminance but nothing. Of course I could use the HSL part on the right in

Targeted Adjustment Tool

I'm new to PS, so please bear with me.  When I click on the targed adjustment tool (in hue/saturation adjustment layer) and then try and click on something, for ex. teeth, everything disappears and the cursor goes to the bottom right corner (show des

Photoshop CS6 incredible slowness of adjustment tools in RAW files

I am running Photoshop CS6 on an iMac with a 2.5 GHz Intel Core 15 Processor, 32 GB of Memory. I have suddenly noticed an incredibler slowdown in processing when I am working with any of the adjustment tools on RAW files. There can be up to a 20 seco

Target Adjustment Tool Disappears?

When I activate the Target Adjustment Tool in Develop it disappears from view. I'm using Lightroom 5 v 5.4 in Windows 7. The tool appears to work but you can't see where you are dragging it to and from.Does anyone have any suggestions please on the b

Target Adjustment Tool

I am using CS5 12.0.4 64 bit, Vista OS.  The targeted adjustment tool lightens/darkens the entire photo instead of just the area targeted.  Don't know if tool ever worked because I never tried to target one area before.  Thank you for any help.  Mary

Adjustment panel and the Targeted Adjustment Tool

I have assigned the F3 key to toggle the display of the Adjustments panel. However, whenever I have an adjustment that includes the Targeted Adjustment Tool (such as curves) the F3 key activates the TAT rather than dismissing the Adjustment panel. I

Target Adjustment Tool Not Working in 2.3RC

Hi everyone, Working with 2.3RC...I've just tried the TAT in the HSL panel and it's not responding. The sliders work but the TAT is inoperable. Has anyone else noticed this? Any thoughts! Core 2 Duo T7700 2GB RAM WinXP SP3 Cheers!I'm on a New MacBook

Probelm with slow tools in Raw files in Photoshop CS^

I am running Photoshop CS6 on an iMac with a 2.5 GHz Intel Core 15 Processor, 32 GB of Memory. I have suddenly noticed an incredibler slowdown in processing when I am working with any of the adjustment tools on RAW files. There can be up to a 20 seco

Adjustment tools in Camera Raw not working

Downloaded CS 5 and opened Camera Raw, then attempted to use the adjustment tool and received the following message "Unable to create local adjustment.  All the local adjustment controls are set to have no effect on the image."  Can anyone provi

Can you help with the moire adjustment tool in Camera Raw?

I have a file with a lot of moire on a child's dress and am having problems using camera raw moire adjustment tool.  I opened a jpeg file (not raw) in camera raw. When I use the moire adjustment brush - set to +100 - and click on the eyeglass tool in

Reduced range of adjustment tool options on some images

Hi. I've noticed that some of my images (both raw - CR2 - and jpg) don't get the full range of options on the adjustment tools, while other images do. e.g. no temp settings, highlights, shadows, etc etc. Using Lightroom 5 and WIndows 7. I think it mu

LR 2 - tiff file not saving as jpeg when using adjustment tool

LR2, photoshop CS2, XP, 4gig ram ok so here is my workflow process raw file in LR2 export to 16bit tiff then to send to my photo libary i have an action set up in photoshop CS2 image mode - 8bit fit image 1200 save as jpeg close this works well and i

Is equal adjustment tool

"Is equal adjustment tool" is my idea to solve a problem that I have when I'm editing a sequence of photos. The problem: Imagine a sequence of photos of the same model using daylight. The sunlight changes during the day and you need to delivery

Local white balance adjustment tool

I really like the new local white balance adjustment tool. If I could change something will be to give a real color temperature to the tool instead of a number from -100 to 100. Let me give you an example of how I used it today. I forgot to bring som

Unable to Use Adjust Tool or Effects Tool

I'm using iPhoto 7.1.5. On my MacBook Pro, when I go into edit mode and click on either the Adjust tool or the Effects tool, nothing happens. No windows open to allow me to edit with these tools. The other tools (red eye, enhance, retouch, crop) work

Adjustment Brush coverage/Raw 7.1

Downloaded 7.1 beta to open Cr2 files from Canon 5D Mark3. Onle real hitch I have found in using the adjustment brush in Raw. With flow and density at 100%, minimal feathering, and brush hardness 100%, notice a lot of "speckling" where the affec