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Inserting rows in table while logging errors...Urgent

Hi all, i want to insert rows from temp table to main table. if temp table contains 100 rows.then all rows must be inserted in main table.if their is any exception while insertion, insertion must nt stop and erroring rows along with error no must be

Equipment Replication from ECC to CRM 6.0

Hi Gurus, I am trying to Replicate equipments from ECC to CRM 6.0 I did all the activities as specified still encountering issue while replicating. I did following activities 1) Default settings OLTP-EQ-0401-0401-X(Delta) 2) BADI - CRM_EQUI_LOAD_STDI

How can i select the rows from the 3 tables by particular column name?

Vehicle Passing Summary table structure           PsngSmry_ID(Number),Vehicle_iD(Number),PsngSmryTime(datetime) Vehicle table structure           Vehicle_iD(Number),VehicleName(VarChar2),VehicleType(VarChar2) Here Vehicle_iD is the Primary Key Equipm

Equipment Installed at FL

Dear Experts, How to get the list of equipments installed at particular functional locations (through Tables only). ((I know the other way round i.e., for particular EQ I can see EQUZ->ILOA to get FL but this is not my requirement.Even V_EQUI & V_E

BAPI for assign equipment to a class

Hi SDN, I need assign an equipment (table EQUI) to a class, using BAPI (as CL24N - Assign Objects/Classes to Class ). Can you please help? Thanks in advance, Best Regards, Maria João RochaHello, have a look at the following thread. There're some func

How Can I Have Totals On Only One Record?

Hi.  I don't have a clue where to start with my query.  I thought I had it, but turns one I'm missing something. I have a master table with three detail tables. In the detail tables, it is possible to have multiple records.  In one of the detail tabl

Data load error during updation of master data

Dear all, While updating the master data from the PSA , the following error is appearing and the load fails. "The time interval ['20050313'/'20050313'] & (from/to) for the data records 1 & and 2 & overlaps in characteristic 0EQUIPMENT &am

Get error ORA-20505 and ORA-01403 when UPDATING record

Hi, I'm running APEX 3.2.1, on Oracle XE, on Sun Ultra20 (Intel-based) running Windows Server 2003. I created a small, department database - to keep track of contacts, equipment, etc. Initially, I used a NUMBER as the PRIMARY KEY in both the

Case with group by function

I have the following script pulling from the work order module(*where clause omitted): SELECT status, COUNT(distinct NUM) countofWO FROM wo GROUP BY status; Result set is: DS -1; WAPPR-2; INPRG-3; I have another script that pulls from the equipment m

Vehicle availability status doubts

Dear sir, Here they are using customized tcode to see the vehicle status(i.e if it is green-vehicle available,if it red-vehicle is breakdown).we could not able to find that in which table they have status information. Now customer required management

Creating objects that contain objects

What's the best practice for creating an object from a table that contains a list of objects from another table? For example, say I have an employees table: EMPLOYEES id    name 1     Derek Epperson 2     Judy Johnsonand I also have an equipment tabl

Advice:  collections or transactions

Need some advice on how to handle this one: I have 3 tables Equipment table Fields: EquipID Type EquipSoftware Table Fields: ID EquipID SoftwareID Software Table SoftwareID Software On the page I want to have: Equipment Information on the top Then, o

Generic delta for master data

Hi All, I am trying to create a generic delta for master data "equipment"  . table in SASP is "EQUI". I am choosing ALE delta . in that I have to provide table name and "changed doc object' . when I give "equi" as table


Hello Experts, I am currently working on the program that calculates the Renewal Price of an Equipments based on CPI and Acquisition value. I have used ALV grid display to calculate and display the table. Further i want have added CUSTOM button to to

We would like to use Calibration Executive to calibrate NI 5673, but do not have an R&S FSU.

We would like to use Calibration Executive to calibrate NI 5673, but do not have an R&S FSU.  The "note" in the required equipment table mentions: National Instruments strongly recommends using the instruments specified above when calibratin

Select, grouping and counting...

Hi again, I managed to bypass my trigger problem, so thanks a lot...! Now, I have a simple question... Using two tables, Joueur (NoJ (PK), NoE(PK, FK1), NomJ, Adresse, Tel, CoJ) and Equipe (NoE(PK,FK1), NomE, NoJC(Fk1 of NoJ)) I'll explain the model.

Je voudrais commander un petit moteur pas à pas à partir du port LPT dun boitier de commande . mais je ne sais pas quel programme écrire dans labview

bonjour ! je suis débutant dans l'utilisation de Labview.je dois commander une table de déplacement 3D ,je voudrais commander un petit moteur pas à pas chargé du déplacement suivant les axes(X,Y,Z) à partir du port LPT dun boitier de commande . mais

Sound Card for Power Mac G5 (Late 2005)

Hi folks, I'm sure this question has probably been asked here before but I'll appreciate it if someone could give me some info on pci-e sound cards for the late 2005 Power Mac G5.Hi Joe Goes; Instead of going to PCIe cards which I think would be extr

Need help speeding up this page

One of our coders just inherited a CF page that generates a list of trail clearing equipment.  The page basically builds a table with a row for each piece of equipment.  There are columns for name, description, and a thumbnail photo of the piece in q

IE01 - New Tab Addition ( SAPLITO0 - New Screen addition) ?

Hi Experts I have to add an additional TAB to the IE01 Tcode tabs. SAPLITO0 is the program residing in the back end. User exits - IEQM0003 and ITOB0001 and their screens were already used by other additional tabs. Now we have one more additional tab