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Oracle Migration from 8i (WE8ISO8859P1) to 9i (Unicode)

We have a database in oracle8i with NLS_LANGUAGE AMERICAN NLS_CHARACTERSET WE8ISO8859P1 NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET WE8ISO8859P1 The character set WE8ISO8859P1 does not support GREEK language. The user inserts/modifies records in this databse from the fro

Greek Character Set Problem

Dear All, We are currently working on Oracle 8i to 9i migration and unicode implementation of an application SampleDB. We encountered an issue (described below) while the data migration. Issue: We have a database in oracle8i with NLS_LANGUAGE AMERICA

Issue in Inserting Greek characters in Oracle DB

We are facing the following issue in our project. Need urgent help. We have a multilingual string(message with Greek characters) coming in from KSD gateway. This is to be processed by MHL(message handling layer- which validates and converts the incom

URGENT Problem with Greek Character from an Oracle database

Hello, I am having a serious and urgent problem with the character settings of an oracle database (8.1.7). The database is sitting in a solaris unix server and when we run the env command we have the following in the NLS_LANG parameter: AMERICAN_AMER

Issue with displaying Greek characters in Oracle 11.1

Hi, We are having issues with display of Non-English language (for ex Greek) text on Pega-PRPC. The text is stored in a reference table in Oracle DB. However there is not need of translation in PRPC as it has the capability of displaying non-english

Issue of inserting greek characters into Oracle database using ICAN505

Hi All, We are currently facing an issue of inserting greek characters into Oracle database using ICAN505. We receive a file containing greek characters.The values from the file should be inserted into the database.We are reading the file using file

Oracle 11g Greek Characters problem

Hello, I have an Oracle 11g Express Edition installed on my Windows 7 64 bit machine, and i store greek characters inside it. The characters display fine on SQL developer. But when i connect it with my php application using PDO i get ??? instead of t

Need Greek language on oracle report

Hi, I digged up a lot of stuff on how to get a report to be displayed in diffrent languages. I tried a lot of stuff, change font setting to Greek in Oracle Report Builder , still this doesn't show greek characters , for example, έγγραφο μεταφοράς (Th

Oracle errors in Weblogic Error logs appear in non english

We have a problem with weblogic error logging. Specifically, in a managed server's log file, Oracle errors such as ORA-XXXX show in Greek, not English. We are assuming that this is because the timezone is Europe/Athens. However, the weblogic applicat

Sample Response File for Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition on Oracle Linux 6.4 -- working

[email protected] database]$ cat response/db_install.rsp ## Copyright(c) Oracle Corporation 1998,2013. All rights reserved.## ## Specify values for the variables listed below to customize     ## ## your installation.       

Trying to connect to Oracle using Web App

Hi Guys, I'm hoping someone here can help. This question goes out to anyone who has tried to connect to an Oracle database via web application written using Java Server Pages and Servlets. There is a specific file called the context.xml that contains

Oracle Discoverer Desktop Report output showing unicode characters

Hi, Oracle Discoverer Desktop 4i version Report output showing the below unicode characters. kara¿ah L¿MAK HOLD¿NG A.¿ We ran the same query in sql at that time the data showing correctly. Please let me know, is there any language settings/ NLS setti

Greek characters in PDF output

Hello All, We are running on We have recently converted to WE8MSWIN1252 charset. After that reports server is crashing with below error when even we try to run a PDF report. Oracle Reports Server CGI - The Reports Server Engine terminated

Generate PDF file from a report using greek characters

Dear all, I tried to generate a PDF file from a Report having greek characters on it.While in previewer I could see everything OK, when PDF file was generated all greek characters had been substituted by symbols... Any ideas, suggestions and workarou

How to see Greek characters inside a PDF report (made with XML Publisher)

Hi, I just patched my e Business Suite (ver. 11.5.9) in order to use XML Publisher 5.6.3. It works fine, but I have a big problem when I want to see Greek characters inside my report; instead to see the Greek characters I see only '?????' I tried to

How to show Greek characters in Italic style

How to show Greek characters in Italic style Hi all, I'm tryng to resolve a problem with the Greek characters I need to display labels in two languages, english or greek inside my report. At the beginning of the report I have a placeholder with the x

Oracle.j2ee.xml.XMLMessages warningException

I installed JDeveloper & tried some ADF component. While running with OC4J I am getting this error. oracle.j2ee.xml.XMLMessages warningException WARNING: Exception Encountered Jul 11, 2008 10:49:25 AM oracle.oc4j.util.SystemLog log SEVERE: Server sta

Oracle 11g R2 Client Silent Installation Issue (PATH) Windows 7 x86

Hi All, I'm hoping somebody can shed some light on this issue. I created a Response file using the 'Save Response File' method during an interactive installation on a Windows 7 Enterprise x86 client. (file enclosed) I have installed it multiple times

In oracle Httpuritype - Not getting the output correctly

Hi, I am trying out httpuritype in oracle for the first time. My requirement is to get the input string and the from_language and to_language and has to be converted accordingly. I am using oracle So had setup acl explicitly and started wri

Cannot Store Greek Characters in NVARCHAR2 columns

Can someone please help. I have a table TEST with one column A of type NVARCHAR2(20) and when I try to insert the greek character Ω(Omega) - it gets stored as O instead. I am inserting using SQL Developer using the 'N' prefix and my environment is as