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Access Connections broken on brand new laptop

Hello Helpful People! I've got a brand new ThinkPad W510.  Whenever I try to use ThinkPad Access Connections to set a location, Windows Wireless Service sneaks in and takes over.  This means that ThinPad Access Connections is completely useless for m

Thinkpad T61 wireless access connection problem and heat problem

My laptop keeps heating up ALOT i've been using tpfancontrol to make my fan go really fast and to cool it down. Anyone have a clue what to do about that? It automatically sets itself to smart (fan control config). Also my access connections has been

Vista SP2 and Access connections requiring manual reconnect

Hi, I'm experiencing a problem after the installation of Windows Vista SP2 on my Vista Business. After a reboot, I must always manually 1) disconnect the WLAN connection and then 2) reconnect to establish a working WLAN connection and to gain access

Access Connections and Tools won't install properly

I have followed advice uninstalled the wireless driver, access connections, hotkey, power manager. . Reinstalled all ( latest versions) except access connection. Wireless connections work correctly and all hot keys function appropriately ( including

Access Connections issues w L512

I have a Lenovo L512 - 444CTO, running Windows 7, i5 processor, 4gb ram, 500gb hd it has the adapter 11b/g/n wireless LAN mini-PCI express Adapter II both at my home and at my office, both of which have wireless internet, it will log on initially and

Access Connections Ethernet Location Switching only saves one port at a time

Like many other people, I cannot get automatic location switching between two Ethernet networks to work properly. I have two stored network locations;  one for home and one for work.  Both of these are set up as Best Available Network with both Ether

Access Connections issues

I am very frustrated with my machine, I ordered and received a L512 Thinkpad with no troubles, but the internet connectivity is not functioning properly and it is making me anxious for the future, as I need this laptop to participate in my Grad Schoo

Access connection​s does not see wireless networks but can connect if you know the SSID

Running a Thinkpad x200 using windows 7 and Access Connections 5.42. A few weeks ago i was traveling and was connecting to a hotel wireless network. Could receive email but wasn't able to send email due to hotel port restrictions so long-story short

Access Connection 4.52 is available for Vista and XP

A new release of Access Connection is available, dated April 4, 2008 Vista version here XP version here CHANGES IN THIS RELEASE Version 4.50, 4.51 and 4.52 [Important updates] Nothing. [New functions or enhancements] - Integration with AVAYA IP Softp

Access Connection​s fails to launch - "has encountere​d a problem and needs to close..."

I have an R61 with XP, SP3 installed.  The underlying functionality of Access Connections appears to be working properly (I have access to both Ethernet and wireless using profiles previously established), but when I attempt to launch Access Connecti

Can't power on Wireless Radio Access Connections ver. 5.83 build 83C753WW

I had the wireless working just fine.  I did a System Update and now I can't get the Wireless Radio to power on for the life of me. I've tried many things.  I read many many other problems that sound the same but they are working with older version o

Access Connection Tray Icon disappear

Hi, I got a problem on a T61p model 8889-AB5 owned by my boss.  The ThinkVantage Access Connections tray icon was disappeared occasionally.  It is noticed that below registry keys were missed and I needed to add them back to get the tray icon display

Access Connections 5.20 VERY VERY SLOW, produces errors...

I just installed the latest version of Access Connections, 5.20, on my T400, and whenever I open it to do ANYTHING, it pegs the processor and responds extremely slowly (I'm talking 5 to 10 seconds to respond to a mouse click). Also, after I installed

What's the quickest way to open Access Connections?

What's the quickest way to open Access Connections, apart from its Taskbar level meter? I prefer to use the Power Manager battery meter instead, as it looks pretty ugly when both are used, and they take up too much space. Fn+F5 no longer gives any ac

ThinkVanta​ge Access Connection​s and Limited User Account (LUA) on XP SP3

Is it really so that one has to be logged on with at least Power User privileges to get the Access Connections utility working properly with 3G/HSDPA? When logging on as a Limited User, the computer can find all the cell phone operators nearby but do

Access connection​s 5.50 and EAP TLS with Computer certificat​e

Hello, I'm trying to connect to a Wifi using Computer certificate to authenticate and it works perfectly fine with windows Wireless Zero Config however with Thinkvantage Access Connection I always get an authentication error. I'm using a R61 with a T

Access connections Windows 8

Ever since I upgraded my Thinkpad W520-4270 CTO to Windows 8 I`ve been having a lot of issues with my wireless network adapter. When upgrading, I was asked to uninstall "Access connections". I keep getting notifications from the Windows Action c

Access Connections and Group Policy generated network profiles

Hello, We are in the middle of rolling out 3500 T400 machines and are having fits with Access Connections 5.02. We have a default in-house Preferred Wireless Network Profile that is created on each machine via Group Policy. This works fine with AC an

Access Connections Ver 5.30

Hardware Original description: Based on 1951-43U: T1300(1.6GHz), 1GB RAM, 60GB 7200rpm HD, 14.1in 1400x1050 LCD, Intel 950, CDRW/DVDRW, 802.11abg wireless, Bluetooth, Modem, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, Secure chip, 9c Li-Ion batt. Software: OS : Windows

Can't import profiles in Access Connection​s 5.02

I exported location profiles in Access Connections 5.02. When I exported, it prompted me for a password, which I entered. However, when I tried to re-import the profiles, it did NOT prompt me for a password and failed with an error saying "Unable to