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thunderbird font size message list


How can I change the font size of an outgoing instant message using Applescript?

Text copied into Messages.app from a web page is often too small to read. Is there a quick way to boost the font size using Applescript?HI, I have spent some time looking at the Mix Message Case.scpt in Hard Drive/Library/Scripts/Messages and also Cr

Change application font size in Thunderbird 3.

How can I change the font size in Thunderbird 3? The bold fonts are to bold and the general font size is to big I think. I have tested with creating a chrome folder in the default profile. The userChrome.css looks like this. But it didn't work. * Edi

Change Font Size inside a message

The font size inside an e-mail is too small for my old eyes. I can change the font size for menus/titles in Settings/Display (it is now set to 10) but that has no impact inside of a message. Any chance there is an option that I am missing.  Pinch to