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How can you create a TICKER TAPE in MUSE?

I would like to have a ticker tape on my website which I am desiging in Adobe Muse. Is this possible and can someone explain how I can so this? ThanksHi Melissa, At the moment, probably the easiest way to do this is using Edge Animate, or another too

Ticker tape

I have just been told to see if I can provide text that is like a Wall street ticker tape for a test sequence. Any ideas where I would begin with that one? BrianIn FCP, click on the Generator Button (the button with the "A" on it in the lower ri

Ticker Tape text scroller...

I am able to make a ticker-tape text scroll from right to left on my screen in PowerPoint, but it scrolls so fast it is impossible to read it! Can it be slowed down? Please reply. Thanks! H. SlovicDear Meg St. Clair, Thanks for your reply! Very kind

Ticker tape during presentation??

Hello all. I'm a newbie with iMac. I use it in an education context - our school's announcements are presented on a few flat screen VGAs in the school using Keynote. My question... is there a better program out there that will do the same thing (ie.

Adding Flash ticker tape display of still photos

This questions is really directed to "Old Toad" - I find your sample iWeb site extremely useful however I have a question. On your example of a flash ticker tape display you mention that the HTML was obtained from OVI.COM - I cannot find anythin

I used the ticker tape mode to add subtitles to a clip. When playing it in the pc, the Subtitles are fine, however, when playing it on the tv, only the top half of the words are visible. Any idea why?

I added subtitles to a movie clip using the ticker tape option. When viewing on the iMac, the words are visible, however, when playing it in the tv, only the top half of the words are visible. Does anyone know why?I would agree with Keith Barkley, it

How can i remove the ticker tape from my weather page?

i would like to remove the ticker tape forom the bottom of my weather page.First, try to reset Firefox. [[Reset Firefox – easily fix most problems]]. This simple step will eliminate many Firefox problems with only one click. Download and Install Malw

! help ! led-style ticker tape?

I have not been able to find a led-style ticker tape that's not pay-for-use anywhere. And the one I found online doesn't seem to work when I tweak it. Can anyone help me? I'm looking for a ticker tape that I can set the background to a color, the tex

News ticker Tape

Hi, I have to create a Spoof film showing a News Desk, does anyone know the best way to create a News Ticker Tape ? Paulyou can use Alex Gollner's Fixed Crawl plugin, its free and it's really very very good http://alex4d.wordpress.com/2009/08/17/fcp-

Can't move or adjust length of "ticker tape" titles

Ticker titles are now overlapping? When I change time length in the inspector dialog length doesn't change. I discovered by chance that I could drag a title spanning across video and still picture clips but now no matter how or what I click I am unab

Ticker Code

Hello Folks - I am new to Java and like to dive right into some code. I am looking for some sample code for a ticker tape that would scroll along the bottom of the desktop (not within a web browser). The input for the ticker tape would be a text file

IPad tap (click) timeout?

I am developing a web app (Javascript) for the iPad and I detect the touchstart and touchend events to detect touches and taps (and to get rid of the 300ms tap delay). This works fine. However I feel that if I tap many buttons in sequence, some taps

How do you import photos into IPhoto from a RSS feeder?

I want to create a Photocast so I can deliver pictures into my friend's photo management program of choice. I have IPhoto 6 but my friends that have IPhoto 5 are having trouble. When I send them a Photocast, they can put the URL in the Safari Address

Slow Performance of JApplet with Firefox Plugin in Linux

Hi everyone, I recently revisited an applet I wrote 8 years ago. It's a simple ticker tape. I need a ticker tape for a larger project I am working on, and I had to convert it from AWT to Swing. Anyway, with the new 1.6.0_xx plugin for Firefox

Gallery for pics & movies?

This m,ight be off topic for this discussion, but I wasn't sure where else to ask. Feel free to point me to a different discussion group if you know of a more appropriate one. I am looking for a gallery application for web creation that will accept b

App for displaying large running text on iPhone

Hi, During the closing ceremony of the London Olympics I saw a lot of atheletes holding up their iphones while diplaying large "running" messages like "Thank you" etc.  Sort of like a ticker tape message and I've been trying to search

Stock Widgets

I seem to be having trouble getting a stock widget to work on my computer, either with MAC or Yahoo Widgets.  I had the Stock Ticker Tape but it suddently stopped working and all I can find is a MAC Fidelity widget, which is not that user friendly. 

Keynote for News Type Presentation

I would like to ask a question regarding a project I am undertaking...the project is to build a presentation that mimics the many "News TV stations" that are out there on television today...you know the ones I'm talking about, where there is a m

Scrolling multiple clips... Hand do or is there a plug in?

I have a 3:30 min video that i am doing and for alot of it i have clips i want to scroll across the bottom of the screen. (like a ticker tape ot even have a film look?) I know how to size and create motion for a clip, but i was wondering if i have to

Java TickerTape

Hi I have created ticker tape. It scrolls text message fine but when i try to close the JFrame which contains the ticker tape component, it fail to exit successfuly. Could some one tell me what is the problem with this code. (i have some idea but i d