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How to call TimesTen "command" from program

I m trying to call command "dssize" from my java program. I can call any built in procedure with callable statement, but for "dssize" is not working. is that possible? Thank you and best regards.'dssize' is a ttIsql command and so cann

Updates executed in Oracle don't appear in TimesTen

Hello. I'm evaluating Oracle + Timesten cache group feature and got the following problem. I performed init scripts on Oracle, created both Oracle and TimesTen users (the have the same names and passwords), created test table (named sub), grid and gl

Timesten JDBC error or Cache agent error.

When I run a query in timesten with cache connect containing cast date, i came across with a problem The query is : SELECT ID, VALUE FROM Table WHERE (TRADE_DT BETWEEN cast ? as Date) - NUMTODSINTERVAL((90+1),'DAY') AND ? Both parameters are set to D

Error in creating Cache Group

Hi, When i tried to create cache group i am getting below error CREATE READONLY CACHE GROUP customer_orders FROM myuser.customer (cust_num NUMBER(6) NOT NULL, region VARCHAR2(10), name VARCHAR2(50), address VARCHAR2(100), PRIMARY KEY(cust_num)), myus

TTClasses interface for PL/SQL procedure and fetching its results

Hi experts, I am using TimesTen Release; I created a simple PL/SQL procedure as follows in timesten- Command> create or replace procedure employee(eno in emp.empno%type) is > e_name emp.ename%type; > begin > select ename into e_name

8029: Persistent transaction log API bookmark already in use.

One of the application processes has registered a xla bookmark with timesten database. That process is being restarted. During the restart it unsubscribes using (call ttXlabookmarkdelete) and resubscribes. The deletebookmark is failing. W

AWT cache group

Hi , I have created 2 AWT cachegroup. while i am inserting data from TImesten Command Prompt , If i am writing insert query then data is commited in Timesten as well as in Oracle in both the tables. When i am inserting data from application, Data is

Weird replication process problem. Please help.

Hi, I am coming across a very annoying error. I have started the replication agent by calling the ttrepstart() function from inside the timesten command prompt. Here is the output: Command> call ttrepstart; *12026: The agent is already running for th

Query in timesten taking more time than query in oracle database

Hi, Can anyone please explain me why query in timesten taking more time than query in oracle database. I am mentioning in detail what are my settings and what have I done step by step......... 1.This is the table I created in Oracle datababase (Oracl

Timesten LOCK issue

We are facing Timesten LOCK timeout issue in client environment very frequently but it has not happening in local test environment tried to reproduce for many times. Below is the Error message An exception occured while inserting data to USER_DATA_SA

Cannot connect to TimesTen using ODBC

Hi, I have a TT datastore setup on an AIX server. I have a DSN on the AIX server setup in such a fashion that I can connect to the TT datastore and query the TimesTen database. Now I installed a TT client on my windows XP laptop and I am trying to es

Error while installing and verifying Timesten on windows.

Hi , I am trying to install Timesten 32bit on windows platform , everything went well , created a odbc source , then used ttIsql to connect to the dsn , created the table , however when i try to view the version by select * from v$version i get the f

Creation of web service of the timesten application ( linking problem )

Hi , i have created the C application ( cardVerifyTxn.c accessing timesten db ) as dll. I have compiled it and linked it .I want to deploy it as a web service in apache axis server . Compilation and linking of service file ( ie CardVerifyTxn_svc.c )

Inserting timesten imdb cache is taking more time than insert in db11g

Hi, I'm very new in Timesten imdb cache. I just recently installed imdb cache in an app server then installed oracle 11g in a db server and get to integrate them. So i wanted to test the performance of imdb cache .. i create an insert scripts that wi

Best way to load initial TimesTen database

I have a customer that wants to use TimesTen as a pure in-memory database. This IMDB has about 65 tables some having data upwards of 6 million rows. What is the best way to load this data? There is no cache-connect option being used. I am thinking in

Aging behavior in Timesten

Hi , I have installed Timesten Release AWT cache group is created and we have applied LRU aging on cache group. below are My Doubts : 1) while LRU is applied on cache group , does data is also aged out from Data store file ? 2) the file si

How to call UPDATE statements in the timesten

Hi i want to know how can i call UPDATE statements from the c program as of now i am using SQLPREPARE and SQLEXECUTE for the same. but i get the following error. Is there any special way of calling UPDATE and INSERT routines. As my select statements

Timesten running slower than Oracle RDBMS

Hi, I've installed timesten, & just wanted to compare the performance of following pl/sql block on timesten with same block on Oracle. declare temp_date date; temp_date1 date; my_id number; my_data varchar2(200); cursor c1 is select MASTER_ID, MDATA

Explain plan for timesten and Oracle

we have a base table in our Oracle 10g database. We created a DSN for this in timesten 7.0 database and are able to connect. Now we have created 3 materialized views in timesten on top of the Oracle Base Table. How can we get the explain plan in time

Cache Connect TimesTen v7.0.5 and Oracle DB 11.1g error

I tested Cache Connect on HP-UX v11.31. I have error when running the command "call ttCacheUidPwdSet" with error "Cannot load backend library 'libclntsh.so' for Cache Connect." as below: $ sh bin/ttIsql demo Copyright (c) 1996-2008, Or