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TMS Software & Server Serial Key

Hello , To install TMS 14.x License we need to provide software serial number & server serial number to cisco lic team. As per cisco license team " Software serial numbers will start with 80A(physical) and Server serial numbers will start with 80

Which is the best software to convert dvd to IPad 2d

Which is the best software to convert dvd to IPad 2dunfortunately discussing the breaking of the encryption that comes with commercial dvd's is prohibited in these forums. however a quick google search will get you to quite a few software providers..

Third party softwares

hi, sap gurus, can we know about the list of third party softwares for transportation ie is logistics execution. and for tax calculation procedures apart from the std r/3. any clues plz plz help me on this. regards, balaji.t 09990019711Hi, for CIN (t

Quick time Player has encountered a problem and needs to close

Hello, I am getting this message and it is driving me bonkers! "quick time Player has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience". Am running XP. Have uninstalled all Apple programs (QT, iTunes, update, bonjour,

Help please! itunes wont open

i am using a windows XP and my itunes will not open. I have uninstalled and reinstalled itunes and quicktime numerous times and itunes will still not open. Quicktime opens fine. I have also opened my Task Manager and itunes appear under processes but

I am writing to this forum to ask for help in determining whether Aperture will satisfy my needs when I switch from Windows to MAC in the near future.

 I am writing to this forum to ask for help in determining whether Aperture will satisfy my needs when I switch from Windows to MAC in the near future.   I am currently using Photoshop Elements 8 on Windows 7.  After several years of use, I am self t

Unable to load CS4 to new iMac

I purchased CS4 from Adobe a few days ago and followed the instructions to load to a new iMac (OS 10.5 4GB Ram) which is a couple of weeks old. This is the first software I have attempted to load onto it.  After trying twice and getting an error mess

I'm really frustrated with iTunes!! Please help

iTunes has been prompting me to download the new version for months, but after what happened to me the last time I was very wary of upgrading (see http://forum.digitalspy.co.uk/board...ad.php?t=241985 ) Today I decided it was probably just an unfortu

A tale of a Berkeley DB project: Success and future developements

The site http://www.electre.com is an on-line catalog of all published French books (close to 1 million of them), from the 1970’s to today, with pricing and availability information for professional users. The entire book database and search engine w

Do you trust the SAP standard rule set ?

Hello all, I have the impression that, too often, the SAP standard ruleset has been taken for granted : upload, generate and use. Here is a post as to why not to do so. Hopefuly, this will generate a interesting discussion. As I have previously state

Windows Blue Screen - when trying to re-sync an IPOD after doing 5 R's

My windows based Itunes failed to recognize my ipod, so I trouble shooted and finally ended up doing the 5 R's. This resulted in a "Blank Ipod" (after restore). I was able to successfully get Itunes to recognize my ipod after the restore. That i

App crashes 30+ times/day - BLUE SCREEN APPEARS - system reboots

HELP! I purchased a new Macbook Pro about 1.5 months ago, and am running PowerCADD (I work at an architecture firm). No problems on any of the other computers running 10.4, but for some reason my PowerCADD application crashes about 30 times or more p


I've posted before about my problem but but i still have not gotten an answer. This might be my last atempt to get any help before i end up taking my laptop to a repair shop so here we go. I've recently ran a diagnostic with i tunes and here it is: M

Itunes crashes on Windows Vista

Two months ago i've posted a question that could be solved by an update with the nforce/nvidea driver. But even after updating this driver vista still crashes (a blue screen with "page fault in nonpaged area 0x0000050) while syncing with my ipod vide

"Itunes has encountered an error.."

Hi everyone! I dont know if this has been mentioned before but this is really starting to get to me. My iTunes works perfectly fine when my ipod is not hooked up to update my songs to my ipod. When I do try to hook up my ipod, I see the ipod icon on

My Windows 7 met some virus!!!!

Hello, I am Zhaoguang Chang. At Canadian Boxing day in 2011, I bought Acer laptop. The operation syatem is windows 7. I like it very much. But recently my computer met some problems with virus. The internet explorer run very slowly. Now it can not ru

New Features for OWB 9.2

Mark Van De Wiel mentioned yesterday in this forum that OWB 9.2 is now available at http://otn.oracle.com/software/products/warehouse/content.html . From the version number it would appear that this is a major new release, and it's a separate install

Illustrator 11.0.2 crashes network MAC OS 10.5.6 Suitcase Fusion 12.1.7

Just a heads up for anyone out there using Illustrator 11.0.0. Before what happened below I had already updated to the so called version 11.0.2. What happened was my connection to my airport extreme kept logging out when I loaded Illustrator. I have

Im having trouble updating itunes so u can update my iphone 4 im installing itunes on windows vista and when it installs it says it has encountered an error and cannot continue install

having problems updating my itunes so i can update my iphone4 it wont install itunes i already have itunes on my pc but it wont update it.  ive tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but to no successhi rhapsody! ... okay, it's not that one. a pit

My iTunes will NOT open ( no error )

When I go to open my iTunes, the icon changes for a second ( looks like a sheet of paper or something ) and changes back. The hourglass shows up for about a second, and then it quits. iTunes never starts up. Ever. I have tried using the suggestions i