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How do I use cell number associated with iPad 2 3G

How do I use cell number associated with iPad 2 3GFor Messages you can can use your email address, the iPad doesn't have a phone number that you can use.Read other 2 answers

SSAS SSRS Report Action on Cell Value w/ Embedded Single Quote Not Executing

I have configured an SSAS 2008 R2 cube SSRS ReportAction. I'm having problems when the member value for a cell has an embedded single quote, e.g. abc's. The action displays on the context menu appropriately, but when I click on the action, nothing ha

Macro to open and save as a value in a cell

How can I create a macro (I've named it Test) that will: 1.bring up the open dialogue box (to allow the user to choose a file) 2.save the file, with the file name determined by the text in cell A3 in .xlsx format I have two pieces code that seem to w

Is there any way to contact verizon with a detailed cell phone technical support question?

Is there any way to contact Verizon with a detailed cell phone technical support question?  I prefer e-mail so as to provide details (like I am trying to provide here).  I have tried in-store personnel (no help at all) and the web chat - they just wa

How do i add multiple lines in a cell (like a list) in Excel for MAC?

I'm trying to add multiple lines (in the form of a list) in a individual cell in Excel for MAC.  I used ALT Enter on my PC but that doesn't work on the iMac.  Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!It's been a while but I think you hold SHIFT while

How can I create a new worksheet every time that one cell it´s filled

I was looking in the references formulas and I find the formula "Direcction". My goal it´s to create a new worksheet everytime that some cells are filled. So I need one formula that alows me to put this reference and open automaticaly a new work

Concatenation of Data from 4 infoobjects into a single cell in Bex Report

Hi, I have loaded ODS with the description data. The source system for loading the ODS is the flat file. The ODS data should be a replica of the flat file. In the flat file, there is a description field corresponding to a particular ID. This Descript

How to disable a single cell in a table (and not the whole column)

Hi there, I've got a webdynpro table with a few columns, rows can be created dynamically through a button in the table toolbar. Depending on the value of a certain cell I have to disable another cell (in the same row). I tried to manipulate the view

How to print selected cells in numbers

Does anyone know how to print selected cells in a Numbers spreadsheet, rather than printing the entire sheet? Also, how to save the selected cells as a pdf file without saving the irrelevant cells?Hi nmygs, How about this? Cell A1 is a Pop-Up Menu co

Cell border selection problem

I have a spreadsheet that is a week at a glance schedule for a dance school. There are three columns per day, each representing a different studio location. Each row represents a 15 minute block time. I have been trying to create a border for each cl

Is it possible to easily view the actual (not displayed) value of a cell?

Is it possible to easily view the actual value of a cell calculated by a formula, not the displayed value after it has been rounded off? For instance, if you enter the number 1.23456789 and display it rounded to 3 decimal places, you can still see th

Is there a way to auto fill cells with the exact number in mind?

I am trying to avoid this: Column "A" is used as a "MATCH(" point for an "INDEX(" formula in another spreadsheet, and although cell A329 says 73.14, which is what the other sheet can identify to populate the particular row fi

How to color a specific cell in ALV (not REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY)

Hi I want to change color font or background to a specify position in ALV grid It is possible but by creating ALV container (not FM for example REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY)?Hi, REPORT ZALV_LIST1. TABLES: SPFLI. TYPE-POOLS: SLIS. PARAMETERS: P_COL TYPE I ,

How to Delete a Specific Cell in a Matrix + plz Give sample code for Lost F

hello there !!!! i m in Great Trouble please help me out.. i have to search for a specific Column n then i have to validate that portion, similarly after validating i have to add update delete all the fuction apply... so please help me i m very upset

How to select a specific cell in a JTable?

Hi there, in a JTable, I would like to select a specific cell (to highlight it) from a JButton. Here a sample code... Who could help me to fill it? import java.util.*; import javax.swing.*; import javax.swing.table.*; import java.awt.*; import java.a

How to print a specific cell in numbers

how to print a specific cell in numbers?Copy the cell (contents), Paste onto a page of a separate document, or onto a separate sheet of your Numbers document, Print. Or insert a single cell table onto your Numbers document, type an = sign in the cell

How 2 assgin a character value to the auxillary cell

Hi,      I'm assigning a character value to the auxiliary cell in the macro. But it gives me a dump. So do let me know can I assign a character value to the auxiliary cell ( I need to display this value for the alert text). Thanks, Siva.Why are you t

Can no longer connect to internet w/ cell signal - advice?

Hi, all - I can no longer access the internet using a cell signal on my Droid 3. Everything was working fine until about a week ago, but now I get no 3G signal at all and only one or two bars. When I turn on the WiFi, I have no trouble accessing the

Filling in the Blanks - Formula for "specific" fill of blank cells

I am still in the midst of my super extended spreadsheet project and I have come across one more issue that I am sure has an easy solution (using a formula). What I have is a table like this: !http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r103/foenixfortean/Bla

Cell definition in Report Painter

Dear All, I am looking for some documentation or any other sort of help regarding the cell definition in Report Painter reports. Regards Shirazi<a href="http://help.sap.com/saphelp_47x200/helpdata/en/46/1a1c3ac9fb1d75e10000000a114084/content.htm&q