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Problem push and hold on a Surface Pro tablet's touch screen

Hi, I tried posting this before, but I can't find my origional post so I hope I'm not spamming accidentally. I have a problem with my program on a Windows 8.1 Surface Pro tablet. I programmed a button to be 'push-and-hold', but when I touch the table

Why did my brand new Ipod 5g 32gb touch screen stop working?

So I got this ipod from the Genius Shop for about a month. A few days ago when IOS 7.1 came out, I updated it. However, the ipod seems to lag a little. Today, I was charging my ipod and for some reason, when I turn it on, the touch screen stop workin

Has anyone used a touch screen monitor with scxi.I am having video lock ups while using LV and MAX

I have a PCI-MIO-16XE-50 daq card (dev1) connected to a scxi-1000 chassis address 0 ID 1, with a scxi-1102,1163,1163,1162 slots 1,2,3,4 respectively.Cable is connected to daq card to 1102 card .Micro touch screen is used on com2. Have tried other ser

Touch Screen unresponsive after iOS 8 update

My 1 year old 64GB iPhone 5 touch screen started to become unresponsive after iOS 8 update It's not consistent. Touch screen functionality will seize whilst phone is being used for either answering calls, typing messges, surfing, gaming etc and won't

IPhone 5S touch screen issues

Hi! I have a lot of issues with the touch screen of my iPhone 5S! the touch screen have areas without response! but not always the sames areas! each picture represent the different areas without response in the touch screen! are not the same in some

IPhone 4 touch screen not working

iPhone 4 touch screen not working properly. Sometimes it activates icon itself. After updating to iOS 6.12, it stop working totally.Good Morning S.GOPINADHAN, I understand your iPhone screen is black and you are not able to turn it on.  The article b

HELP: iPhone 6 Keyboard/Touch Screen Not Working

Hello. I recently acquired to an iPhone 6, which has been working properly for the last two weeks. Today, my keyboard/touch screen stopped working properly. When I am typing in iMessage, or trying to compose an email, enter a URL, or anything else th

HP Spectre 13 touch screen malfunctio​n

The touchscreen on my Ultrabook malfunctions in a seemingly random fashion. It appears to randomly and independently trigger the touchscreen in a clearly visible vertical line about two thirds of the way across the screen. The screen reacts as if it

How do I turn off the tiny Shuffle-sized iPod Nano (v6 with a touch screen) when not using its iOS?

Hello and happy new year. I decided to use this used iPod Nano (touch screen) as an eight/8 GB flash disk/storage (FAT32). I can access the files just fine. I can always restore it back to use iOS quickly and easily if needed. However, it never seems

Yoga 2 Pro Touch screen not working

I've had no problems with my yoga 2 pro for over a month, but last night I decided to do windows updates.  This is the model with the i7, and 8gb of ram.  I let it update and then restarted it.  After it started up, I tried to swipe the cover screen

Omni 10 touch screen does not work / Tablet Omni 10 non funziona il touch screen

After updates to Windows, the tablet does not recognize the touch screen. I tried all the recommendations of the forum but to no avail !! it is impossible that HP does not have a solution to the problem? I see that others have similar problems, so it

HT1414 touch screen does not work on my ipod when playing music on itunes, but works fine on every other thing on ipod

touch screen does not work on my ipod when playing music on itunes, but works fine on every other thing on ipod, can anyone help or what is the causeTry: - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and t

Touch screen not working after system update

A few months ago, my laptop (Satelitte P55t-A5202) went through an automatic system update.  Ever since then, my touch screen won't work.  I followed the directions to reinstall the HDI programs several times.  The first time it worked but only for a

Touch screen does not work

I just got an HP elitebook 2760p.   Everything works...except that I cannot seem to get the touchscreen to work.   Whether the screen is up (like a regular laptop), or flipped down (like a tablet), it does not respond to fingers or to the pen that co

How to activate a pen tablet on photoshop on a All-in-one computer [touch screen]?

  I have a all in one computer touch screen- and I can use a pen tablet right on the screen, it's active- but when I go on PSCS6 and try to use the pen tablet, it is not active onto the screen- where do you go to activate it?? Can you?That is the que

Press and hold on a Surface pro touch screen

Hi, I am having some problems with my Surface Pro, trying to control a relay 'press-and-hold'. When I connect a mouse to the Tablet, Windows registers the left mouse up and down events perfectly, allowing the user to control the relay exactly the way

Touch screen on tablet not working - Vista driver issue (self-infl​icted)

I recently tried to update some drivers on my HP tx1220us tablet computer using some 3rd party software.  Long story short, I messed up the driver to the tablet touch screen.  When I try to Calibrate , it says tablet hardware not found.  I know it's

Is anyone with a Macbook experiencing interference with their iPhone's touch screen?

At first I thought my iPhone's touch screen was broken so I contacted apple. Before we could finish our chat, my internet crashed and we couldnt finish. Tonight I'm on my MacBook air wathcing Netflix and trying to use my iphone to text. The interfere

My palm m105's touch screen doesn't work properly after a sync.

I dug out my old m105, put new batteries in and start it. On first launch it auto runs the alignment tool, and after touching all the points it goes to the main screen and works fine. No problem till here. Now, I plug it into my old computer which st

Yoga 13 - Touch-screen swipe gestures CONSISTENTLY don't work first time

This is a consistent and very repeatable issue that I would really like to be resolved, and I know that it can be resolved. Whenever I do a gesture from the side after not touching the screen for more than 4 seconds, it doesn't work. It instead regis