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Powerline Adapter TP-Link TL-PA4010KIT - AV500 Nano Powerline trustable?

Hi Guys I'm considering on buying a new powerline adapter set since there seem to be difficulties with mine (7 years old now so I guess it has had it's best time). Is TP-Link TL-PA4010KIT - AV500 Nano Powerline adapter startset a good device or is TP

Need advice with routers (gaming, stability, QoS?)

Hi.I use Sky Broadband for gaming. Unfortunately, my housemate has about 4 devices on the go at once and being an ignoramus has no idea what they are doing half the time... His Xbox may be downloading a huge update for a game he doesn't play, his iPh

D-link av500

hi.  just got a pair of the above to try and boost wifi upstairs.  downstairs, router is connected to time capsule and d-link connected to time capsule.  second d-link connected to airport express upstairs.  all three lights are lit on both d-links. 

Download error in (osx) adobe desktop app (corrupted download link).

Here is a discription of the problem. Please consider that some of the wording might not be correct, as I do have to translate the error message from German into English. Using OSX 10.9.2, when clicking inside the adobe desktop app (top of the screen

Barra de Navegação cinza e preta encobrindo o link, como resolver?

Instalei o Kubuntu 14.04 e, após a atualização do sistema, na barra de navegação do Firefox os links ficam encobertos pelas cores cina e preto, impedindo a leitura e atrapalhando a navegação. Mudei o esquema de cores padrão do sistema, e alterei o te

Links not getting displayed in the contextual panel

Hi, I have created a contextual panel inside a transparent container. And created a method in the same view supply_values of type supply function to supply the values to the panel.Inside the method I have coded like: DATA TAB  TYPE WD_THIS->ELEMENTS_

Links default to wrong folder

Why is it when I go to relink a placed image in the Links pallette it always directs me to the wrong folder (not the one the image lives in but elsewhere). I believe that it is taken me to the last folder I navigated to. thoughts?You now have a prefe

How do I add URI web link with custom tooltip like "CLICK HERE TO UPDATE" instead of URI web link in tooltip.

How do I add URI web link with custom tooltip like "CLICK HERE TO UPDATE" instead of URI web link in tooltip.You've probably found an answer to this by now, but I think this has been addressed in another forum -- The link below suggested using a

Auto-generated links exported from InDesign do not work in tablet apps

Hyperlinks automatically detected and exported from InDesign CS6 8.0.1 as a PDF work fine on the desktop version of Acrobat Reader. However, on the iPad version of Adobe Reader as well as iBooks and GoodReader, these links are completely ignored, mea

How to link excel workbooks in Sharepoint?

I have a master Excel spreadsheet and other sub excel spreadsheets (all on Sharepoint) that are linked to each other (copied data from one and pasted link to other) so that the Master spreadsheet auto-updates every time a sub document is modified. Th

Creating a Link to a Folder on a Server with Sharepoint Foundation 2013

Hi All, I am looking to create a link from a page on my Sharepoint site to a folder on one of the companies servers. I have had a lot of trouble with this. Is there a piece of code I can use to do this? Thanks in advance.Ahh. You are using SharePoint

After delete file from documents the direct link still alive.

Hello. I upload a image to the style libary folder, then i publish the file and delete him BUT the direct link to the image still work. I try to upload anther image with the some name but when i try to browse the direct link i get to deleted file. If

Problem with links in deployed ADF application to Weblogic Server 11g

Hi everyone ! I have a query here, firstly, I have created an ADF application using Jdeveloper 11g and have successfully deployed (EAR file) onto the weblogic server. However, after testing out the application, the linking within the application does

HAVE NEW 13.3 MAC AIR AND when using it to open sites in safari I have no issue until I go to a link page that is a pdf file or I am trying to save the screen info as a pdf. I only get a black screen with no data, cannot find solution in help menu

HAVE NEW 13.3 MAC AIR (previously, still have 13.3 MCbook pro which works captures what I am looking for an answer to) when i open sites in safari the page opens fine if it is not a pdf based page. Once i open a site that has a link to another page t

I used to be able to open links in a new tab by clicking my middle mouse button, but now that I've updated it to the most recent update it doesn't work anymore. How do I fix this? I really love that feature. It works in IE and Chrome but not Mozilla.

Ok, I used to be able to open links up in a new Tab using my middle mouse button. However, I updated firefox with the automatic Updates on the 26th of October and now I no longer can open links with my middle mouse button. Why? I use this feature jus

When clicking on links that open in a new window, the links don't open and Firefox freezes in a way. I can navigate the page I am on but cannot click to open a new tab or bookmark.

When navigating the internet, if I come across a web page that has a link to open a picture or program in a new window, if I click on it, it does not open. Firefox immediately looses functionality in that I cannot open a new tab with the mouse wheel,

Open and close communication channel in one link

Hello, I implement with successful the scenario that described in this blog: Control Communication Channels Externally without using RWB Right now I use with this link to start the CC http://aaaa:50000/AdapterFramework/ChannelAdminServlet?party=*&ser

Preserving PDF links and actions created in Acrobat after editing in Illustrator

I created an interactive PDF in Acrobat from an Illustrator file saved as a PDF.  It's basically an interactive prototype that simulates dropdown menus, highlighted selections and navigation between screens.  Using the Link Tool, I set layers to appe

Pop up text on clicking link on a sql report

Hi I'm using apex 3.2 I've a sql report like below taskId(edit) Task_details Notes owner ..... What I want to do is if I click on taskId which is edit link ,pop up text box should open where I can add notes to that row. How can I achive this? Thanks

Discoverer report link

Hi guys, I have created a link to Discoverer report in applications that works beautifully but there is one downside in it. When we invoike the report to launch in Discoverer Viewer it opens in the same browser window. Does anyone know how to make it