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How do I run a traceroute, ping with my Mac/Safari?

I tried Search first, but I'm not very good at finding what I need, and I couldn't find the answer this time either. Sorry if it's already been posted. I would like to know how to run a traceroute with my PBG4. Is running a traceroute the same as doi

Traceroute timeouts and lots of packet loss when a...

I host various site via the above, and since late last night and today, I am having connection timeout issues on all of them (but sites like bbc, bt etc are fine). I contacted them and performed a traceroute to my default site southee.co.uk which tim

How do I add a widget to give a review or star rating for a book at the end of a book in iBooks Author?

How do I add a widget to give a review or star rating for a book at the end of a book in iBooks Author? You know, how you buy books on iBooks and when you're finished reading it, there's a place where you can give a rating or review right there on th

Why when using Adobe Bridge,  I apply a star rating,  the rating does not show up in Photoshop Elements? [tags]

Why when using Adobe Bridge,  I apply a star rating,   the rating does not show up in Photoshop Elements.  I use Elements as my organizer and Bridge to view as it is much more user friendly.  Anyone any solutions??Most likely you have set the wrong f

Can't Directly Rate my Images using Stars in Adobe Bridge CS3

Hi I can rate my images in Adobe Bridge CS3 by using the drop down 'Label' menu. However, I cannot rate my image by stars directly under my image thumbnails as my book suggests I can. The book states: "You can also assign stars directly under the thu

STAR TREK moving stars effect?  Plug-in or tip how to do it

I need to create the classic STAR TREK moving stars like seen in the original series and/or STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN. Is there a plug-in ready-made for this or is there a secret? Much appreciated.Aye Captain, There is a particle Emitter in Mot

How do I get rid of the yellow star notification on my blackberry?

How do I get rid of the yellow star notification on my blackberry?Can you be more specific? Where is this located? Can you click on the ribbon where the star is? 1. Please thank those who help you by clicking the "Like" button at the bottom of t

HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M177fw screen frozen on hp logo and energy star icon

My HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M177fw screen is frozen on hp logo and energy star icon.  It has only printed the test page, and will not print otherwise.  I have tried unplugging for 60 seconds, and even uninstalled it and reinstalled it with the lates

Firefox allows me to add some pages as bookmarks and not others. For pages that don't work: when I click the star, it turns blue when I click, then goes back to being empty.

Last night I finally sat down to learn how to use Bookmarks. I had no problem creating and organizing bookmarks, but there are some pages that I cannot bookmark. One, for example, is the Gmail log-in page, which I use multiple times a day. I type in

ASA NAT/Traceroute Inside to Outside Issues

Hi All, Product in question: ASA5512-x in HA Active/Standby Failover mode When running a ping from the inside network to a device on the internet I recieve replies and all is good.  However when running a traceroute from inside the network to a devic

[OBIEE 11g] Enforce star-schema without security filter?

I have imported my first OLAP cube using the instructions <a href = 'http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/tutorials/obe/db/11g/r1/olap/biee/createbieemetadata.htm'>here</a> and have applied the necessary security filter to force the sta

I am trying to find an image that was on the Photoshop 3 samples from the mid '90s.  It was islands reflected in a still lake with stars making the islands look like they were floating.

How do I go about finding this image?  I have the original PS 3 disk but it is to old to load the program now.  It was an image of a lake with islands that appeared to be floating in the night sky as the stars were reflected in the still water. Not a

In FF 25 on XP there was a star to left of navigation toolbar to open bookmarks sidebar, now it's on the right, but does not open the sidebar - what's up?

I want that little star back that opens the bookmarks sidebar. It's just to the left of the address field on XP in FP 25. But on Windows 8 in FP 25.0.1 it's not there. Instead there's a star that sometimes appears on the right of the address bar. But

Using two facts of two different star schemas and conformed dimensions

Hi, I've been working as developer and database designer for years and I'm new to Business Objects. Some people says you can not use two facts of two different star schemas in the same query because of conformed dimensions and loop problems in BO. Fo

Can you have itunes delete one star songs from HD when itunes is not set to auto sort/manage

I have a very large music collection and as i am listening to it in my house my phone allows me to rate the music that is playing.  Every week or so i would like to just have itunes mass delete from my hard drive the music that is listed as one star.

Face Time:  blue star vs. camera in contacts????

I have an iPad2 and a MacBook Pro.  Both with the latests systems (iPad 6.1.3, MacBook Mountain Lion).  When I Facetime my daughter's iPod, there's a blue camera with a star in it next to her name, Messagin and Facetime work with her iPod (different

How can I bookmark a page without using the stupid star?

I have used Firefox since the days of Netscape. Now what used to be easy now becomes more like M$ products. I want to get rid of that stupid star that makes things more confusing by placing bookmarks in a generic 'Unsorted Bookmarks' folder that requ

How do I alphabatize all my bookmarks from the drop down menu with the star on the Right side of screen?

I want to alphabatize all my bookmarks that are in the drop down menu, the menu with the star icon, on the right side of the screen. I do not want to put them in folders or view them in the box from the menu bar and all the answers pertain to that bo