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Receiving signals over wifi then map locations google map

Hello, Student working on a senior design project and have some familiarity with LabVIEW through internships but have some questions.  I am attempting to send unique signals from fire hydrants that are currently being blocked by cars in a tow zones i

Show error at the time of checking compactibility of android apps in BB playbook Google Maps API not support?

Hello Friends, Please Help I am trying to check the compactibility of android apps in BB playbook but I get error message "Your application is not compatible with the BlackBerry® Runtime for Android™ Apps." This package not support     uses-pack

Google Maps for Flash in AIR for Android: ~2 minutes to start up

I have a "Hello World" style AIR for Android app using Flash Builder 4 Burrito/Flex Hero. When debugging on device (stock HTC Desire) using Flex version v1.20 of Google Maps for Flash (map_flex_1_20.swc), it takes 1 minute and 50 seconds for the

E71: Why does Google Maps not use GPS and track my...

Why is it that Google maps only gives me a GPS signal accurate to 60-2000m. (depending on where I am) Nokia Maps 2.0 would follow me down roads and footpaths, but Google maps just gives a rough approximation inside a large circle. My friend had an N9

Installing ios8.2 does not resolve Google map navigation problem or gps tracking!

Installing ios 8.2 does not resolve Google map navigation problem.I have tried to install both of them lots of times but in each case I receive the same in my XE.bat file: Instance created. DIM-00019: create service error O/S-Error: (OS 1387) Unable

Google Maps, no sound through Bluetooth

On my old Iphone 4S prior to IOS 7, I used Google Maps and got turn by turn directions through my car's speakers using Bluetooth. This is no longer the case. Moving forward, I upgraded my Iphone to the new Iphone 6, (not the plus), and am now running

Google Maps Navigation and Google Music problem

Hello, I love the LG G2 but it has a few concerning issues. First, is the squealling, hissing, cracking, popping, etc. during phone calls, but I have seen that brought up by others. The second problem that I've discovered, and the most upsetting to m

Looking for a kind of Google Maps plugin

Hi everybody, I saw lot of tutorials about HoudahGeos Google Maps integration with Lightroom for Mac users. And i'm looking, for a while, to the same functionality for PC users. I do not own a camera with builtin GPS support or even an external track

Script error message when printing google maps driving direction into PDF

My system; Win 7/ 64bits/IE 9 both 32 and 64 bits/Adobe Acrobats 10.1.1. Pro Intial problems in printing web sites into PDF files has been resolved when I upgraded into 10.0.1 after having installed IE9. However, with 10.1.1. version, I noticed that

Google Maps and Skyhook - doesn't work as expected; it works better!

Hello all and thanks for taking the time to read this.  I was under the impression that when you pressed the Locate button in the Google Maps application that the iPod took the MAC address of the WiFi Router it was connected to and then polled Skyhoo

From Google Maps user point of view

Hi, I come from Android and Google 's services. I'm really impressed by Windows Phone 8 (and really happy too for my migration). I have bought a Nokia Lumia 620. One of more important services in Nokia is Nokia HERE Maps, for sure. Because it can rep

How to view satellite image during navigation with google maps iphone 5

I am a new iPhone convert. I switched from the HTC EVO that used Google Navigation. Google Navigation in Android allows the user to see the image of the map during actual navigation to be the satellite view instead of the standard map view. I downloa

How to get regular google maps back on iPhone after ios6 "up(down)grade"

Hoping someone from Apple will contact me about this. I recently downloaded the ios 6 (I hesitate to call it an upgrade at this point) and now my maps look like absolute garbage. I would like Google Maps back, properly (not the web app). I've read ab

XML parser for Google maps

Hi every one, I am trying to create a special format of an XML file for Google maps, I have a VI who takes the NMEA and sort out the parameters I need to create a track on the map, but I have try to make the XML file in LV but I get not right format

Google Maps 4 and Buzz (E72)

So I understand that Google Maps 4, with the Buzz layer, should be available for Symbian.  However, when I try to download it from m.google.com/maps it gives me a strange message that Maps isn't compatible with my 'mini'.   Has anyone else gotten Goo

TS1702 How can I get google maps back??

How can I get google maps back?????? Can I get google maps on android, can I get iTunes on android or will I have to close my account and copy all my music over?please helpDo you own an actual apple product that you need help with?Read other 2 answer

Google Maps API for flash not working on real device iPad

I use flash builder 4.5.1 to build app for Google Maps API for iOS (map_flex_1_20.swc), and it is working well even on the simulator on PC, but after I generate the IPA use FB4.5.1, and install on iPad , it not working at all, only show a while scree

Best tutorial for installing Google maps on 10.2.1?

Hi,  Can anyone recommend a good tutorial for installing Google maps on 10.2.1?   Including where to download the APK (I've looked for a while and it feels like I'm trying to find a TV show for download).  Is there a ways to do this directly grom Goo

N97 Ovi maps clashing with Google maps or sports t...

I have a UK Vodafone N97, Had Ovi maps working a treat and really pleased with it.  However, I just installed google maps and then Nokia Sports tracker.  Sports tracker wouldn't "track " at all and this then stopped Ovi maps from finding a signa

Can't find my iPhone on iCloud because Google Maps is not available????

Can't find my iPhone on iCloud because Google Maps is not available????  Really and also using the new maps on iOS ***** because every time I put the exact correct address it shows the wrong location.  Hmmmm not happy Apple, get it sorted.No, not at