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Problem in Translating the language in SMARTFORMS to English to Chinese

Hi ALL, I have requirement to Change / Translate the language in SMARTFORMS to English to Chinese. kindly tell the procedure to do that. In SE63 , i tried to translate it. but it is throwing an error " INCORRECT CODEPAGE". What does that mean? H

Function Module to translate the language

Hi Can I get a Function Module to translate the language, Suppose if I enter  EMployee Name  in English I should be getting in German or Taiwan or Japaneses langu. Any inputs Regards Rohini.Hi, There is no such BAPI which could translate the input. I

Which function module i translate russian language pdf to english

which function module i translate russian language pdf to englishHi, The based PDF you can translate it in SE63, and if your PDF using some standard texts, you should translate it in SO10. SE63 refer this, http://scn.sap.com/thread/330568 Regards, Ar

Change translations in language pack - SharePoint 2013

Hi, Is there any way to change the translations in language pack in SharePoint 2013? For example: sentences from My Site? Thanks for support,Hi, check those resources https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff628966(v=office.15).aspx https://soci

How to translate screen language from german to english

Hello, I have done some changes in screen of standard program and made one field mandatory by using layout editor. While editing the screen,  option is asked about <b>Maintain in original language or logon language, so I have selected logon</b>

Workflow localization, translation, multi-language WF-dialogs

Hi Workflow Gurus, Question is about workflow localization / translation / globalization / internationalization- Suppose, I have a complex workflow, which consists of a number of sub-workflows. This WF has been initially developed in English (includi

Business Objects InfoView translation (without language pack)

Hello, everyone, We need to translate SAP BO InfoView interface. The language we require doesn't have native BO language pack. We discovered a bunch of .properties files, translated them, but not all of the texts was converted. Maybe someone could gi

Infoobjects are not translated in  Language trnslations

Hi Experts I am facing a issue for language translations. When I am trying to translate for infoobjects i am getting error that the " No text found in source language enus" . I verified there is both short and long texts are available. I am not

Translation to Language

Hello Friends, My corrent project need me to change certain SAP Transaction Screen Translation like VA01. I have created a New Language . I am doing the change in SE63 through DTEL ( Data Element ) Short Text. I have done it for TXT_AUART I have Save

ESS Translation - Mixed Languages

Hi, ESS Standard Applications are rendered as a mix of ENGLISH and FRENCH (eg Road Map / certain Fields), where as the language of the user is set to FRENCH. User sets the language via Change Language drop down in the masthead - custom feature (where

Translate toolbar language from chinese back to english

my children installed other chinese language program & Firefox toolbars now become chinese words which i don't understand chinese words. now how to translate it back to english?If you have the Firefox user interface (menu bar) in the wrong language o

Translating Foreign Language PDF to English?

Are there any add-ons or tools for Adobe Reader to translate a PDF of a given language to be translated into another language? I have, on my hands, a PDF written in French, and would like it translated to English, my native language, for ease of use.

SAPscript language translation target language not available

Hi Experts,                 I am translating SAPscript from english to Bosnian but when i click on the search help in target language input box(SE 76) I do not find Bosnia language. What should i do? Please help me. Thanks in advance.HI, You just inf

MSS Translation - Mixed Languages

Hi, In our Dev Portal all the standard MSS are getting translated properly in FRENCH. The issue is in our Quality Portal - the standard MSS applications are getting rendered as a mix of ENGLISH & FRENCH. SAP Standard MSS is delivered using Web Dynpro

How to translate the language germany to english

Hi,       Please help me regarding this. regards, satya.Hi In SE71 T.code, give the form name which is in german ,go to Utilities ->go for  copy from clients give the target form and execute, then it will be copied into different languages. Now go to

Language translation in module pool program

Hi, In PO creation .change and display ( ME21N, ME22N, ME23N ) at header line there is one tab added by customization and in the subscreen of that tab there are five fields now I want to translate the language of all those five fields. when I go se 8

Language translation problem

Hi, I would like to set the language to be the browser language, but i am having problem translating to language other than German. I have the .xlf file Test.wdview.xlf (US English as default/Project language) Test.wdview_de.xlf (German translation)

Language translation in java

i think u may have seen some site have a facility to translation there language in to other language. so what i want here a component for translating one language to another. how can i do that can any one help me pl i want it as a component so that i

Adobe Form translation in to different languages

Hi All, Can you please guide me through the procedure/process of "how to translate Adobe forms in to a different languages". Thanks.There are two methods to translate any Adobe form. First method : login to the target language Go to SFP --> e

Language translation!Help plz!

Anyone knows how i can translate russian language to english language in adobe reader 9.3? help plzA good (and free) translation tool: http://translate.google.com/Read other 5 answers