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Trove OpenGL 3.0 Error


MSI N580 GTX TWIN FROZR II Opengl error

Hi i keep getting Opengl lost connection error (error #8) while trying to run one of my games but the card seems stable in other games. i think it might be a voltage problem but not sure. GPU:MSI N580 GTX TWIN FROZR II CPU: I5 2500k (still at stock s

Motion 2 Log Errors "invalid drawable" and "Could not find shader normal"

Hi All, I've encountered a problem with Motion 2, that I hope can be fixed using this info from my log file: 2005-12-15 09:30:56.772 Motion[281] invalid drawable 2005-12-15 09:30:58.195 Motion[281] invalid drawable 2005-12-15 09:31:12.062 Motion[281]

( CS 6 ) ... problem occurred when processing opengl commands.

Hi everyone I'm using After effects CS 6 ( 11.0.2 ) Mac Os X ( 10.8.3 Mountain Lion ) ther's a error message that pops up every time I open a composition and scrol to a certain point ( the moment when optical flares ( Video Copilot ) starts ) after e

Javafx 2 plugin for RCP

I develop an eclipse RCP application and want to use Javafx 2. So, i have created a javafx 2 plugin with the wizard New > Project > Plug in development > Plug in from existing jar archives. My RCP application has a dependency to that plug-in. It

MPV: hwdec=vaapi fails and falls back to software decoding

I've always been confused by setting up hardware decoding - but a couple of recent threads reminded me of this nagging issue and I took another shot at it.  Yet despite all the claims that mpv should support vaapi, it is simply not working here.  I'v

[SOLVED] no webm video with mpv

For some reason I get no video playing vp8 encoded file with mpv. All other video formats play fine but with webm files I only seem to get audio playback and no video. I reinstalled my system recently and webm files played fine before that, so I migh

Anyone used a Solid State Drive to edit in FCPX?

And if so, was editing faster?  Either Laptop or Desktop. Anyoen who can share their experiecne would be great. I use a Macbookpro and I wanted to know before I spend the money on a SDD.  ThanksDont spend money on an SSD.... Untill FCPx's (Sudden Per

Flashing screen & beach ball Aperture crash

I have had a weird crash several times in the last few months using Aperture 3. It involves the screen flickering and the beach ball appearing and my entire system becoming unresponsive, however I can still move the mouse. The only way out of this is

NVDA(OpenGL) error escalates after OSX 10.7.4 update

I own a iMac6,1 model with NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT 256 MB video card. It is perfectly fine, has a new disk and 4GB memory. However with every release of OSX I get more issues with the video of my iMac: from artifacts to completely garbled screen and t

Qosmio X775 blue screen error Code 116 with OpenGL and video programs

After updating windows I found that I was getting blue screen messages when I tried to use OpenGL in Photoshop or when I open Adobe After Effects and other video programs. The mini dump message is: ================================================== D

OpenGL enabled document Windows error message? Please help

Hi When I am trying to use the rotate tools inside photoshop, I get a the NO sign with an error message: "Could Not Complete Your request Because It Only Works with OpenGL Enabled Document Windows". I don't understand why this is happening. I ha

OpenGL crash error when opening after effects

When I try to load up After Effects it crashes and says "After effects crashed previously attempting to initialize OpenGL". I have updated my graphics card drivers etc. What do I doThis should help you guys hopefully. I am using the After effect

AE error: AE_OpenGL: Failed to create OpenGL context! Turning off OpenGL. (5065 :: 0)

Dear all, I have been reinstalling CS5 at least 10 times (without exagerating) and I keep having this error popping: AE error: AE_OpenGL: Failed to create OpenGL context! Turning off OpenGL. (5065 :: 0) Every time I save it reappears and I don't have

Rss Screensaver OpenGL error in Console

I'm seeing this error in the console: 2006-10-14 18:31:22.995 System Preferences[5520] * <QCGLCIImage = 0x165FBE50 | type = CIImage | dimensions = 512x512 | buffer = 0x0000-0x0000 | target = GLTEXTURE2D | ID = 2>: OpenGL error 0x0502 (invalid operat

Error installing ruby-opengl and GlTail

heya, I'm trying to install GLtail (http://www.fudgie.org/) via a Ruby gem (i.e. gem install gltail). However, it seems to be giving me errors when trying to install ruby-opengl, a dependency of gltail. Building native extensions. This could take a w

Photoshop CS6 crashes with nVidia OpenGL Error Code:3

CS6 64 bit is crashing from time to time with the nVidia OpenGL Error Code:3.   It most often occurs when waking the system if it entered sleep mode while Photoshop was running but I also get it without entering sleep mode and it doesn't hap

Mac Pro 2014 DVD Player -70017 error: VLC OpenGL is not supported

I am setting up my new 2014 Mac Pro from a mid 2010 Mac Pro via VNC (Finder/Go/Connect to Server) as I only have the Apple 30" Cinema display which is connected to my 2010.  I was encountering problems: 1) DVD player would never start, giving the err

AE CS4 and the OpenGL error

I am experiencing thesame issues Martins92 had with my AE CS4, An openGL error - [a texture in your file is too small to render] keeps poppin up anytime I try scrubbing on the timeline. I've tried disabling OpenGL in the edit>preference>preview dial

OpenGL tool getting a GLXBadRenderRequest error

Hello - we are having a very strange OpenGL anomaly with our Solaris 10 systems. We have an OpenGL application we run on our workstations using Hummingbird Exceed 3D v9.0.0.21. When running the app on our Solaris 10 systems that had the patch cluster

OpenGL error when starting Photoshop CS 3

After installing Creative Suite CS 3, I immediately encountered the following error when I tried to launch it: Unable to Locate Component This application failed to start because OPENGL32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this