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I can no longer do keyboard shortcuts since latest update.

I am running Firefox 34.0.5 on a Windows 7 computer. Firefox updated the other day and I can no longer use my Edit keyboard shortcuts. (ie CTRL V etc) I read an article telling how to correct this with a Mac computer, how do you do it with a Windows

Suggestion for a New Keyboard Shortcut

I'd like to suggest a way of increasing the efficiency of editing captions and other metadata in Aperture by adding a keyboard shortcut that always serves to move to the next image in the viewer. For example, Command-Shift-] (or something) to move to

In full screen mode how can i use keyboard shortcut just like

recently i used adobe cs 5.1 version and some problem are there which problem was not in cs 3 and cs 4 in advance version why this problem kindly tell me the solve which may be i dont know my problem is, in photoshop  3 screen mode are there 1-standa

After iOS 8 upgrade keyboard shortcuts gone, just reboot

FYI, apparently this also happened with the ios7 upgrade. Per the related ios7 thread, after a manual reboot of the phone, the shortcuts reappeared. The reboot solved my problem as my keyboard shortcut settings reappeared after reboot.I lost all my k

Disabling Keyboard Shortcuts for LDAP Accounts -Workgroup Manager...

I work in a school and all our students are on LDAP accounts. Recently some of the kids realized that hitting Ctrl-Opt-CMD-8 inverts the screen display. You wouldn't believe the amount of havoc this has created at school, especially when they do it t

Look up in Dictionary keyboard shortcut hot key broken

The look up in dictionary keyboard shortcut does not work. The Dictionary.app and widget works. Even clicking on the menu item: Safari > Services > Look Up in Dictionary works. Under System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts I have &q

Problem with iPhone and iPad keyboard shortcuts

When I try to access the keyboard shortcuts in either my iPhone 6+, iPad 3 or iPad Air, the sequence Settings>General>Keyboard>Shortcuts causes the devices to go back to the Home Screen.  I spent several hours in a chat with Apple Support, had to

Application Keyboard Shortcuts not working in Text Edit

Under System Preferences (Keyboard & Mouse -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Application Keyboard Shortcuts -> All Applications), I changed some basic keyboard shortcuts (Copy, Paste, etc.) to use the ctrl key instead of the command key. These shortcu

Keyboard shortcut for sending messages on Mail suddenly stops working

I've created a keyboard shortcut (Command + Return) specifically for sending manssages on Mail. When I open Mail, this keyboard shortcut works perfectly but suddenly it stops working. If I close and reopen Mail, the keyboard shortcut starts to work a

Secret dragging tricks and keyboard shortcuts - are these published anywhere?

I have searched for some and stumbled upon others. But I have not seen any of these published or posted anywhere. If so, can you tell me? Either way, you may find some useful ones here. Enjoy! (I think most of these work in Lion. Any keyboard shortcu

Is there a keyboard shortcut in OS 10.6 for "open folder window" and "close folder window"?

Is there a keyboard shortcut in OS 10.6 for "open folder window" and "close folder window"?  I have a hand condition at the moment that makes it painful to mouse the cursor over to the arrow and click it (for instance, in the sidebars

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working In Layer Style / Blending Options Dialogue Box (Mac OS 10.6.8)

In the Layer Style / Blending Options dialogue box, my custom Keyboard Shortcuts to zoom in and out of the image is no longer working. Cmd+opt+shift+1 acts as cmd+1 (jumps to Drop Shadow), and cmd+opt+shift+0 acts as cmd+0 (jumps to Stroke). Outside

Keyboard shortcuts: current day and date, and current time?

I would like to know keyboard shortcuts for entering current day and date, and current time (separated entries) in Numbers. Something that Excel does easily. Thank you, IanIan, Numbers does not have predefined key command for Insert Date & Time as yo

How to change keyboard shortcut for cycle through open tabs in PS and AI CC 2014

I would love to set my own keyboard shortcuts for cycling through open tabs in PS and AI 2014 on OS X. I found out that this can be achieved with ctrl+tab in PS, but I couldn't manage to make any of the suggestions in the forum work for AI. As said,

Converting Mac keyboard shortcuts to Windows/PC based shortcuts.

Hello, Let me say, I have been using Mac based platforms since close to 1991 on and off. I used System 7 (and OS 8/9, but close enough to System 7) for many years up until I started to use Windows starting on the later 9x and XP platforms. As I start

Automatically run a keyboard shortcut after opening a document

I unknowingly posted this elsewhere, but was asked to post this here. I have a curio document/template that I use often. Curio has a mode called: full screen view, which only works by: the keyboard shortcut: Cmd * or by: click on Window and then clic

By default, on a mac keyboard F3 lets you see all the open apps and the such. However, I changed it so that I use those keys for keyboard shortcuts; But i'd like the normal F3 key to still work without me having to press FN.

By default, on a mac keyboard F3 lets you see all the open apps and the such. However, I changed it so that I use those keys for keyboard shortcuts; But i'd like the normal F3 key to still work without me having to press FN.rajlego, in the Keyboard p

Keyboard shortcut to open a cells pop-up menu and select from list of options.

I guessed Option-Return would be the shortcut from this, as it typically lets you edit a cells contents, but no. Read the keyboard Shortcuts list in Numbers>Help but didn't see anything.Hi ts, Thanks for drawing my attention to this! Let's add some m

How to apply different keyboard shortcuts to an actions with the same name but in different menus within one application?

Hi, Hopefully someone can help. I have the application "djay" and in two different menus there is the action "Eject". I was wondering if it's possible to apply different keyboard shortcuts to those actions with the same name? I can't s

Keyboard Shortcuts only in one file type?

I have assigned different keyboard shortcuts and they work fine in .cfm files, however, if I try to use them in any other file type (.html, .xml. etc.) they do not work? Any ideas?That's odd.  What keyboard shortcut did you define?  What OS?  What ve