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Types of Affairs Women Have


SelectOneMenu - Radio how to change compliation?

Hi! I have component like this: <h:selectOneRadio value="#{registerAction.sex}" required="false">      <f:selectItem itemValue="Women" itemLabel="Women"/>      <f:selectItem itemValue="Man"

UK Payroll Increase in Pension age for women 2010

We have a lady who is born in Sept 1948.  When we try to change the NI Category to 'C' (Employer Only) on info type 0069 (National Ins.  GB) we get error message 'Employee is under state retirement age, NI category C not valid'. Begin date on info ty

Tax config steps for women in ecc 5.0 version

Hi to all Guru's, I want to configure tax for women in ECC5.0 VERSION. The tax tables are V_T7INT1 AND V_T7INT3. in V_T7INT1 i have maintained tax code for men and in V_T7INT3 I have maintained tax slabs for the men for corresponding the tax code. Bu

Illustrator's font is different for some reason and hard to read, I need to change it so i can read all the tabs and file names. Like file, edit, options, type, select, effects..... swatches, layers.. every tab is in a different font that is hard to read

Illustrator's tabs are all in a different font that I can read. I need to know how to change it so I can get back to a steady workflow. For example.. File, edit, options, type, select,  effects, view, windows, help..... pathfinder, layers, swatches,

[SOLVED]Gnome 3 | There is no application installed for _any file type

I just installed arch and gnome 3. I'm trying to open files via nautilus, but get "There is no application installed for ..." for any type of file I try, including plain text files, binaries, etc. Do I have to configure gnome manually for it to

Where can I find "Crystal Type" code examples?

Morning all, I have tried searching the forums but cant find much (I dont find the search thread function very helpful but that might just be me and is another story for another time). I am trying to create my own formulars and functions on my report

New internal order type--need help

Dear all: i have a case need help. now i want to create a new internal order type ,and assign a new number range and a default settlement rule to it . the settlement rule is that the actual costs of this  internal order type need to be sent to a cost

Women User's Issues: Acrylic nails and inability to use the iPhone

OK, I know that this may seem to be a trivial issue at first glance. However, did no one at Apple actually have women who wear artificial nails (AKA acrylic nails) Beta-test the iPhone's touch screen? My girlfriend wears them. Her current phone has t

Issue with RCDC for Custom "Department" object type

Hey Guys, Maybe somebody can point out where the issue is with the RCDC. I have a custom object type called Department in FIM portal and wanted to create a simple interface for it so users can add and edit department fields. The only two fields that

How to add this type of effect in photoshop plugin

How to add this type of effect in photoshop by pluginWell, if that's the best you can do in describing what you consider an "effect" in this image, it will take a mind reader or clairvoyant to figure it out.  All I see is a guy that looks a lot

I cannot type into a form

I have a document from Veterans affairs that states it is fillable.  It has the purple bar at the top and it also allows me to select from drop-down menus.  However, I cannot type anything in the fillable forms.  I also cannot access the Tools menu i

Necessary Fields For Creation of Service PO of Order Type Relaese Order.

Dear Guru, I have encountered an issue which i am trying to resolve... My this requirment will seem little okward the way i am asking but i have no way... The issue is I have to create a Service PO of Order type Release order (RO) using BAPI Function

The codition type of free goods lost.

We are facing a problem about the codition type of free goods. Our business flow is: 1:customer order 100 DR material A from CRM.he entered the requited number in item 1. 2:we transferred the order into r/3 system.and we define the free goods in r/3.

Set file type associations in Adobe Bridge for Photoshop CS6

Is there a way I can edit the registry so that in Adobe Bridge, under edit, preferences, file type associations, the jpg extension is forced to use the 32-bit version of Photoshop?  I can do it manually, but is there a registry key i can export to ap

Cannot assign an empty string to a parameter with JDBC type VARCHAR

Hi, I am seeing the aforementioned error in the logs. I am guessing its happening whenever I am starting an agent instance in PCo. Can somebody explain whats going on? Regards, Chanti. Heres the complete detail from logs - Log Record Details    Messa

Material type not getting displayed in the cube........

Hi, In my infocube material type for one of the material is not getting displayed. When I check in the content of the cube for this material all the fileds are getting displayed except material type. However it is present in the material master data

How do i add type kit fonts to muse web site

how do I +add type kit fonts to muse websiteHi. Check this video, might be helpful Let me know if you have any questionsRead other 2 answers

Just installed Firefox 4. It hangs when I open any website and type in, for example, an ID, or even just click on something, for example, "Compose", in my webmail site.

Here's the detail of what happens. 1. Turn on computer and then click on Firefox icon on desktop. 2. Firefox opens. Everything looks OK. Mr Bunsen's graphic is working fine. 3. Click on any webpage link. For example, a newspaper or an online webmail

Which type of invoices does RKBP contains?

Hello all, I have report all Vendor Invoices(open/closed). I know that tables RKBP and RSEG tables can  be used for this. I have to retrive based on posting only. Can anyone tell me does this tables contain both type of invoices? i have few more quer

Open follow up transaction type screen automatically after confirm account

Hi Gurus, I have a transaction type Z010 for interaction record that is copied from standart 0010 transaction type. I define dependent transaction type SRVO that is service order as a follow up of Z010 My requirement is to open automatically open ser