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types of off balance sheet financing


Balance sheet

Hello Experts, I want to create a balance sheet report (do not want to use existing standard balance sheet or PnL report) from GL line item DSO. I dont want to use transaction figures GL If I select year, period, chart of account, company code and gl

Balance Sheet using 0FI_GL_4

Hi Experts, Please help me to generate Balance Sheet report. I have used standard data source 0FI_GL_4, 0FIGL_O02 and ZFIGL_C02 (Custom Cube). Presently I have created restricted KFs for Balance Sheet Accounts. It is giving monthly amounts in differe

Change GL Account Type from Balance Sheet Account to P&L Statmt Account

Hi Experts's We have mistakenly defined the GL account as type Balance Sheet Account type and Some postings are done on this GL, we need to change it to P&L Statmt Account, When we do that it's throwing message FH602, as below. Change balance sheet c

Function types for Balance Sheet Planning missing in SEM-BPS 6.0

Hi BPS experts, After upgrading our BI-system from SEM 4.0 to SEM 6.0 (level 10) as part of the upgrade from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0 (level 15), the BPS function types for balance sheet planning are not available in the planning environment (Transaction cod

Balance Sheet translation at spot rate at ANY point in time

My client produces its financial accounts in AUD.  They will have open items in AR, AP and Bank in foreign currencies.  WITHOUT running periodic valuation they wish to produce a Balance Sheet at any point in time during the month applying the applica

G/L Account Line Items/ Profit Centers/ FBL3N/ F.5D/1KEK/KE5Z/Balance Sheet

Hi Experts, Am running FBL3N-G/L Line Item Display, and am trying to get PROFIT CENTERS for Balanace sheet type of accounts, but Its not showing up. But, am getting for Profit Loss accounts. 1) Why its so? 2) Then How to get the PROFIT CENTERS for th

Trading Parner Not Inherited to Cross Company Balance Sheet Line item

Hi, I posted cross company document using document type that is already untick in field 'inter-company posting' and 'enter tpid'. My accounting entries is as per below:    Co1000   Cr Balance Sheet   $250    Co1001   Dr Expense            $10    Co10

Goods Receipt Posting to Balance Sheet

Hi When we carry out a Goods Receipt, the system posts an amount dirently to the P&L. As we want to accure the cost we then journal the value out of the P&L and onto a Balance Sheet. Is it possible that we post this amount directly to the Balance

Profit center Document is not created for Balance sheet items

< MODERATOR:  Message locked.  Please post this message in the [Controlling forum|SAP ERP Financials - Controlling;. > Dear all, Profit center document is not created for balance sheet accounts , where i specified in 3KEH (default profit center for

Message no FH017 Open item management only allowed for balance sheet accounts

Dear All, i try to change one Balance Sheet account to P&L Account. However i failed changing the account. it pops up the error Message no FH017. For this error, i have already untick the Open Item Management Can anyone help me on this? Very apprecia

Message FH017 Open item management only allowed for balance sheet accounts

Hi, While creating a new GL account with P&L type it's giving the above message. If I select the BS type indicator, it's saving without any error. I observed, account group selection is creating this problem. Since creation of other accounts in other

Balance Sheet and P&L A/c

Hello SAP Gurus, i tryied to run the t code F.01 & i got the b/s. Is there a option where we can see Asset / Liab and P&L wise report when we run F.01. Regards.Hi, F.01 reports based on a "financial statement version". if your version co

Report Painter - Balance Sheet Accumulated Balance not shown

Dear Fellow SAP Gurus, I'm trying to create a Balance Sheet Report using Report Painter. The Library that I'm using is 8A2, GLCPT Table and 8A Ledger. I have defined the General Data Selection, Characteristics, Key Figures and assigned the report to