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This message [Ubuntu repositories or Mozilla download: " There is no Profile folder Could not initialize the application's security component. The most likely cause is problems with files in your application's profile directory....

Ubuntu 11.04: I have been getting this message whenever I install Firefox from the repositories and downloading the tar file. I cannot use Firefox! " There is no Profile folder Could not initialize the application's security component. The most likel

Adobe debug flash-player 10 needs newer glibc on Ubuntu Karmic

Hi all, I'm trying to install the latest debug flashplayer available here:  http://download.macromedia.com/pub/f...nux_dev.tar.gz linked from this page  http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html I follow the embedded instructions and th

Trying to download McAfee Software, Not supported???

McAfee found that your Operating System is a Unsupported Operating System You are attempting to download an Ubuntu Linux application to an operating system other than Ubuntu Linux.  To download this product, you must download from a computer using th

I can't install Ubuntu on my Mac

Hi everyone, I hope you can help me with this: I've downloaded the latest Ubuntu version 32 bit ISO and burned it on a CD using Disk Utility on my MBP. Then I restarted my laptop, held OPT, selected the Ubuntu CD and proceeded to the installation. Af

[SOLVED]downloading packages and applications in arch??

hi when I was using Ubuntu I used to download applications through the "Ubuntu Software Center". I am missing the Graphical software center , is there any in arch?? Last edited by YYaaSSeeRR (2012-09-11 00:12:40)masteryod wrote: I've tested Appe

I have a download in the downloads list that is stuck, all it says under it is "starting", how do I fix this?

I was downloading an Ubuntu ISO and the download never finsished, it got stuck in starting and I can't get it cleared from the list.can someone please help me with this, it is quite annoyingRead other 2 answers

Samba problems between two linux computers

I have a laptop with arch with this smb.conf # This is the main Samba configuration file. You should read the # smb.conf(5) manual page in order to understand the options listed # here. Samba has a huge number of configurable options (perhaps too # m

Presario CQ61 - Boot Device not found, Hard dis not exist

Hi i bought my presario CQ61-405AX 2nd hand roughly a year ago and it was almost new, my laptop was running fine, and then it froze, and so i had to turn it off, after i waited 30min for it to unfreeze, it now, when i boot it up, appears with a black

Apex 4 error ORA-04042 procedure, function, package body does not exist

Hi all, I was instaling Oracle Application Expres 10g on Linux ubuntu and I was download and unzip apex 4 on /usr/lib/oracle/xe/ then connect as SYS as sysdba with pass and start @/usr/lib/oracle/xe/apex/apexins SYSAUX SYSAUX TEMP /i/ installation st

Still having problems playing MP3s on Mac OS 10.5

Hi everyone, I was never able to solve this issue, and moved on to other things, but I'm stumbling over it again. I believe that I have everything set up properly; I put the jmf and mp3 plugin jars in my /Library/Java/Extensions folder, but I am gett

Could not load nwsaprfc

Hello, I am having difficulties getting sap4rails setup. I use a 64 bit Ubuntu linux system. Downloaded NWRFC_2-20004549_linux.SAR SAPCAR_1-20002089linux and extracted the SAR file. Built and Installed required gems. gem list *** LOCAL GEMS *** actio

Satellite L450D - Need Wireless driver for Linux system

Hi, I have a satellite L450D, with a Realtek RTL8191SE wireless card (windows 7). I use Linux for college and i can't get on the internet when i use linux cause the oporating system dose not find my wireless card. When i check from command line for w

Plugin Finder Service never finds Adobe Flash Player

I have tried Plugin Finder Service for Adobe Flash Player on Ubuntu-Linux & Windows, but it never finds it, and I have to manually install it.Hello, Flash can't be installed via the plugin finder service. The right way is to either use the standard U

Compiling and debugging woes

SQL Developer I feel so dumb ... I modified a package, now it won't compile. When I run the sql-File that holds package specification and body it rightly complains that there are errors. I tells me to check the compiler log. First question:

How to autodelete personal addressbook entries using criteria

We have LDAP implemented so no need to save the email ids in personal addressbook only the mail ids from other mail domains to be saved , need is if we have a scheduler add on that deletes email ids of @domainname.com will manage the personal address

Headphone & speaker option missing ,only digital output

i am using hp G42 370TU notebook pc , operating system windows 7 (32) .Few day's back my headphone & speaker option missing ,only digital output after staring windows . Speaker option  & sound available after restarting the laptop for several time

Computer won't boot to windows - Fail in Start-Up Tests - Possible Hardware Issue

My mate has given me his laptop to try and fix but when i runf the hp start up tests id comes up with this: can anyone help?Hi, Now the image is viewable, it would look like the Hard Drive has failed and will need to be replaced. As a further test, i

OnLive UDP Problem?

Hi all, Is anyone getting the UDP error for OnLive? I can't seem to get on it and I know the ports are forwarded . Like this post? Give it a Star . If this post answers your question, please Mark it as the Accepted Solution. Solved! Go to Solution.tr

Download helper downloads 0 bytes on my Firefox 3.6.12/Ubuntu 10.10. Also I cannot install Downloadhelper update. I get a -228 error but my cache is OK.

Download helper worked successfully under previous versions of Ubuntu and Firefox. I have tried to upgrade but I get an error message 228 (locked cache?). I have checked the cache but it is OK (50 mb). I can't update any extensions/add-ons. When I tr

Tab background color changes when saving or downloading (Ubuntu) - bug ?

I'm using Firefox 20.0 on Linux Ubuntu. When I'm opening and using Firefox, the active tab background is light gray, and the other tabs are black (with white/gray text). But as soon as I have downloaded a file (saving an image for example, or a pdf),