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Ubuntu 14.04 and Windows 10


When using the same Firefox profile in Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 8.1, how can I keep autoscrolling enabled in Firefox for Linux?

I access the same Firefox profile in Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 8.1 (Windows fast startup disabled). I have the newest version of Firefox (26.0) on each system. Every time I launch Firefox in Ubuntu after using the profile in Windows, I notice that aut

Dual-booting Ubuntu 13.04 with Windows 8 on a U410

Hi! I have a U410 on which I would like to dual-boot Ubuntu 13.04. I've run it up on a live flash drive, everything works OK. When it comes to the actual install I'm a bit nervous as I've never had a machine like this before, it's only two months old

Keeping access to Ubuntu after upgrading to Windows 8.1

Using Windows 7 Pro. I got a Windows 8.1 License with a setup .iso file. I want to setup (upgrade) Win 8.1, but before, I need to verify something. I have Ubuntu installed side by side with Win 7 (Win 7 installed first). The current boot (grub) is of

I have a dual boot with Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows 7, with linked profiles. When I upgraded to 4.0, my tabs and settings would show in Windows, but not Ubuntu. How do I fix this?

This worked when I first installed and booted in Ubuntu. When I booted in windows, my tabs which were open in Ubuntu opened in Wndows. But, when I booted back into Ubuntu, all of my tabs and pinned tabs were gone, as well as the firefox button. My bo

Different outputs of a JAI based script in ubuntu 11.10 and windows

Hi all, I run the below script based on JAI on a Windows pc and I get the desired output (the log conversion of an input tif image). The same script on Ubuntu 11.10 creates a wrong (and broken) output [http://imgur.com/h1KJWmC] . import javax.media.j

Airport Extreme network with Ubuntu Linux (7.10), Windows (XP) and MacBook

Hi all. My problem is that I cannot get Ubuntu to connect to Airport Extreme, see the hard disk(s) connected on it and print through it. Airport extreme is connected to my adsl modem and I have an Ubuntu PC, Windows PC and a MacBook connected to airp

How can i install Linux (Ubuntu or Kubuntu) and Windows at the same HDD?

Hi everyone I have Toshiba L20-148 and I have the Toshiba Product Recovery DVD and I have the Ubuntu DVD I'm only able to install Linux or the Windows XP Pro that i have with the recovery DVD and the only way i know to install them both together is b

Dual Boot Ubuntu and Windows 8.1 on HP ENVY dv7

Okay, I've installed 14.04 LTS with EFI and Secure Boot enabled. My problem is that the HP automated boot process ignores the presence of Ubuntu and boots directly into Windows. The only way I can boot into Ubuntu is to intercept the boot process by

[Ubuntu, Windows 8.1] Touchscreen stopped working.

Hello! From about 1 year I'm lucky owner of Lenovo Idea Pad Flex 15 Laptop. I love it! Today touchscreen of laptop stopped working after reboot from Ubuntu 14.04 to Windows 8.1. On both system screen is detected but, there is no input. I tried to tur

I am tryed to install ubuntu 14.4 lts along with windows 8.1 in my HP 2000 - 2d49tu

I am tryed to install ubuntu 14.4 lts along with windows 8.1 in my  HP 2000 - 2d49tu, but ubuntu does not detect windows 8.1 in the systemIt is critically important for you to have created Recovery media before attempting to create a dual boot instal

Windows Domain - Joining of Ubuntu Systems

Dear Team, Now i would like to joing my ubuntu systems in the domain, and also to apply the group policy to give access for wifi connectivity. Server : 2008 R2, client : ubuntu 12.04 (wifi network). Regards, Ravi KumarHi, Thanks for your post. You co

Ubuntu CD showing up as Windows in alt boot screen

Hi everyone, The problem began when I tried installing Windows 8 Release Preview using bootcamp assistant on my 2012 MacBook Pro 13. First, bootcamp assistant couldn't create a bootable USB stick; I tried it numerous times and it kept giving me the s

Hdmi sound works with TV, not receiver (works fine in windows/ubuntu)

Hi everyone, I've been pulling my hair out for about 8 hours now, finally decided to post. I have my htpc connected to a new pioneer sc-65 receiver and cannot get any sound working via hdmi at all. To make sure it wasn't a hardware problem i've teste

How come when I update Firefox in Ubuntu, the existing french language package is not functional while in Windows, it always works without problems?

When I upgrade Firefox (French, from 13.0 to 13.0.1) in Ubuntu, the existing french language pack does not work, while in Windows 7, it does work without problems. It seems to me that the language pack should be system independent. This problem happe

Connecting to windows vm in ubuntu

Hi, I am a new user so apologies in advance if I am breaking any protocols. I have a VM instance running and now I want to connect to it. I found this tutorial quite useful in this regard: http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/virtu

Alsa volume is low compared to Ubuntu & Windows

Hi all, I've noticed that the Alsa volume is too low compared to ubuntu 9.10 and Windows. Even at max slider, the volume is half of that of max of windows. The pcm is set to the max setting that works without distorting the sound. Any suggestions? Th

Differences and Similarities between Windows and Ubuntu...

Windows version                            Ubuntu’s version Microsoft Office                                              OpenOffice Suite Word                                                                 OpenOffice Word Processing Excel          

New partition & windows no longer boots

Hey all, up until now i have had 3 partitions on my drive - Snow leopard, General media and Windows 7. I decided to add a linux partition and made a new partition using disk utility. I boot up to the choose disk screen to install ubuntu to find that

Black screen with underscore after updating ubuntu on Lenovo G560

hello everybody, I'm new here. I looked for this problem online during the past few days but I haven't found a solution. I have a Lenovo G560 and I divided my hard drive into two partition, I installed Ubuntu on C:\ and Windows on D:\ and I haven't h

Windows 7 Production Premium CS4 language pack installation error + solution

Ok. Long story short...(For solution scroll all the way down) Tried to install ubuntu next to my windows vista. Next day I found myself wondering in store searching for windows 7 because Ubuntu install ruined something somewhere inside my computer an