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Ubuntu 14 vs Windows 10


Lenovo Yoga 2 13, Kali Linux 1.0.7, Ubuntu 14.04, Windows 8.1 install, config, and wifi fix.

Lenovo Yoga 2 13, Kali Linux 1.0.7, Ubuntu 14.04, Windows 8.1 install, config, and wifi fix. I wanted to share an experience with everyone I hope will help others avoid what I have gone through the past 3 days. I bought a Yoga 11s that I loved but ha

Can't Boot Ubuntu LiveCd or Windows XP SP2 CD

I just got a replcament MacPro. My first defective Macpro had a defective Graphics Card but it did come with the Sony DVD Drives. My replacement MacPro came with the Pioneer DVD drives (but the Graphics card works). My original Mac Pro could boot a U

Ubuntu along with Windows 7 in Z220 workstation

Hello, is it possiable to install ubuntu along with windows 7 in HP Z220 CMT Workstation if it is yes, is all the versions of ubuntu will supported by workstation or is there any specific vertion for this? can i have the procedure to install ubuntu a

[Yoga: Partitionen] Linux (Ubuntu) parallel zu Windows 8.1

Hallo gemeinsam, ich würde gerne auf dem Yoga Ubuntu parallel zu Windows 8.1 Installieren. Nun habe ich aber schon vor der Installation Probleme, eine richtige Partition zu wählen. Yoga hat schon im vorhinen die 500 GB große HDD in 4 verschiedene Par

How to install ubuntu along with windows 7

I have  HP 15-r062TU. In that i  am install windows 7 64bit os. Now i would like to install ubuntu 12.04 or 14.04  LTS os along side windows 7. For first booting from usb/cd-rom it shows along side with windows after hitting continue button it reboot

Dual Booting Ubuntu Linux and Windows on a RAID 1 setup

Hi, I just bought a Lenovo W530 with Windows 7 and two 500GB hard drives in a RAID 1 setup, is there a way for me to install Linux with dual boot while maintaing my RAID 1 setup? Thanks. Hi Welcome To Lenovo Community if you want both in a raid on tw

Firefox can't open hotmail from Linux ubuntu, but from windows it can

Today nov 9, trying to access hotmail using firefox from linux ubuntu is not working, it opens the login.live.com, but after entering credentials it just hangs and later it says: Connection reset by remote server. 3 days ago i just could logged in pe

Windows XP Home Edition vs Ubuntu to replace Windows 7 Starter for Netbooks

Three days ago, I purchased an Asus Eee PC Netbook  (1005HAB RBLU005S) and was, at first, excited about using Windows 7 Starter but it turned out to be a disappointment. Now, I'm considering either switching to Windows XP Home Edition or Ubuntu. (I'v

MP3 link won't open on a website using Ubuntu 14.04, window say the file is corrupt but it works onb other computers just fine and worked on this computer using

Had Ubuntu 12.04 and upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 and now when trying to open an MP3 audio link on a website that used to work, now I get an error message that says file is corrupt. Using Firefox browser that is up to date. What now? The file opens fine

Lenovo Z585 Ubuntu 13.04 / Windows 8 Dual Boot Issue - Wake from Suspend?

As the title says. I have been having an issue with waking the screen on my laptop after going into suspend from Ubuntu 13.04. (Also, same problem on Ubuntu 12.10 and Fedora 18) When I close the lid, the computer will go into standby normally. Lights

Could use help dual booting windows 8 and ubuntu 13.04

I have a Lenovo G580 with windows 8 + Ubuntu 13.04 installed. I've been trying to get Dual-boot to work for the past few hours with no success. I've been following this guide. After setting up the partitions similar to the ones in the guide i downloa

Trying to get Windows back after Boot Camp repartition + Ubuntu 14.04LTS install + rEFIt install...

Hello, Boot Camp troubleshooter folks. Again I come to you with a variation of the same refrain so many others have said. I haven't quite found my exact version of it, so here's mine: I'm taking an online class that required me to make a third partit

Installing Windows on Mac with Ubuntu

I am trying to triple boot windows, ubuntu, and osx. I have already installed Ubuntu on a partition using rEFIt and that all went very smoothly. I did that a while ago. Now I want to install windows but I am having all sorts of difficulty. 1) Bootcam

Printers in RDP Windows 2012 and Ubuntu Linux

Computer 1. Windows Server 2012 Std with RDP Terminal Server Computer 2. Ubuntu Linux 13.04 with RDP client Remmina and HP LaserJet 1020 Printer Computers isn't located in one local network. When I connected to the Windows by RDP - I couldnt see any

Windows Domain - Joining of Ubuntu Systems

Dear Team, Now i would like to joing my ubuntu systems in the domain, and also to apply the group policy to give access for wifi connectivity. Server : 2008 R2, client : ubuntu 12.04 (wifi network). Regards, Ravi KumarHi, Thanks for your post. You co

Pre-configured dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows

Of possible interest to the Linux folks: A newly opened Laptops with purpose store is now offering several popular ThinkPad models fully pre-configured with dual-boot Ubuntu Linux and Windows. These systems come with a lot of pre-installed applicatio

Error With Ubuntu and windows 8 dual boot

I have a levovo x240 and I had Ubuntu and windows 8 dual booted I removed the Ubuntu partition in windows partition modifier and when I restarted my computer it launch "grub rescue> " How do I boot into windows and stop this problemYes, inste

Connecting to windows vm in ubuntu

Hi, I am a new user so apologies in advance if I am breaking any protocols. I have a VM instance running and now I want to connect to it. I found this tutorial quite useful in this regard: http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/virtu

X301 wireless broken in Windows 7 (worked in Ubuntu)

I recently did a clean install of windows 7 on my x301. However, I cannot get my WiFi to function properly. I first tried installing the ThinkVantage update software and then I tried installing the drivers manually (after another clean windows 7 inst

After upgrade can no longer connect to Mac from Windows

I have a wireless network (Linksys) with 2 iMacs, Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP workstations. I have file sharing between the Windows and Mac computers. After upgrading I can no longer see the shared folders on the upgraded iMac from the Windows box. I