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Need DOS/Windows executable download on my pc 9 ubuntu firefox mozilla download packages cannot be opened help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

looking for Dos windows executable thats all i want and needdddddddddddddddddddddYou can find the latest Firefox release in all languages and for all Operating Systems here: *Firefox 9.0.x: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all.htmlRead other 2 an

How to run Adobe Reader on Linux Ubuntu? [was:Which progam ?]

I have installed linux ubuntu and have downloaded adobe reader . But I am not sure which program to use to open it , can anyone help ?Ah. You don't select a program, because it is the program (just like an EXE in Windows). See http://askubuntu.com/qu

How does the y550p do with Ubuntu

Has anybody tried Ubuntu 9.10 on an Ideapad y550p? Would be nice to hear if everything works. Is the casing of the laptop actual metal or is it plastic, I've never had on in my hands, the pictures look like metal Thanks Andreasif you have ubuntu cd (

What do I do after downloading and extracting Firefox (the application does not start on its own)?

I use Ubuntu and just downloaded the newest Firefox browser. Then, I hit Extract, and it shows me a Firefox folder but nothing inside the folder can be clicked to to open the program.Also check that you meet the requirements for current Firefox versi

Ubuntu on s10-3T ???

Im curious about exploring UBUNTU on my new netbook!  But I need to know if Ubuntu will support the s10-3t? Tablet support? Touchscreen support? Auto screen rotation? Etc Etc... Does anyone have any info on this?if you have ubuntu cd ( or download is

Download java JRE onto Linux

I want to be able to assign background and font colors to my work on Libre Calc. When i attempt to do so a popup says that i need to download a Java runtime enviorment to do this function. i search Java and find a download for Ubuntu which says "down

Problem After Installing UBUNTU-Time machine

Hi, I beg you could help me! I have a mid 2012 macbook pro (i7, 13 inches, 8gb ram, etc, NOT RETINA, 750gb) Yesterday I connected my Lacie 2tb external disk to computer, It started to make a copy...and, it finished. My setup was 150gb for windows (in

Computer EXTREMELY slow after download

I have a Macbook Pro running Leopard. Last night I downloaded a large number of fonts (all free legal fonts, fyi ), although while it was downloading I was unsure of exactly how many I was downloading. When all was said and done it turned out there w

Created second partition in bootcamp Windows and converted whole disk from basic to dynamic

Hi everyone. I don't post here often however I hope the following helps someone else down the road. I currently user ML and have bootcamp installed. I needed more space on my ML partition so decided to free up space from bootcamp. Going about this co

How can I update to the new version of Firefox if I have Linux Canaima 2.0?

Hi! I have a laptop acer and I have installed Linux Canaima 2.0.3, which is a debian distribution with some features of Ubuntu. I downloaded the new version of Firefox, but could not install because it tells me that there are certain dependencies wit

Progress on Unity under Arch Linux!

See here for information about the new GNOME 3.12-compatible packages: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php … 3#p1404683 I'm now on IRC! Come join us at #unityforarch on Freenode To install Unity from my repos: See the wiki: https://wiki.archlinux

Error Installing oracle10g  on oracle linux enterprize

hi to all...im a newbie in linux..i tried to follow some video tutorial on the net..but when i try to use the command ./runInstaller.... i received this error..please help.... Checking installer requirements... Checking operating system version: must

Redhat Linux and S10

Hi there, this is my first post. can anybody tell me if i can install redhat enterprise linux work server v4 in the s10??? if so, how am i gonna do it??? all the examples around d web tells abt using one iso or img file for installation using a usb/s

Cant uninstall X-FI drivers on vi

So i try a new beta driver on vista 64, everything works till i go to change my speakers from 2. to 7.(i do have 7. speakers) and go to play music and windows media says it cant use this codec error. So no big deal ill use old drivers they worked fin

Sun's VirtualBox 2.1

Just downloaded latest version of Sun's VirtualBox 2.1 yesterday and impressed with it so far, having tried Ubuntu and just-released SuSE 11.1 (which I prefer so far). http://www.virtualbox.org/ http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download http://en.open

Lenovo 0769 b5g keyboard "\" backslash problem

lenovo 0769 b5g,( thats the code written under my laptop).. i dont know the model code of this laptop.. i have a problem.. when my laptop gets hot, or when i play games with high ram requirements.. it starts to slowly type \.. it starts slow then.. i

I am in need of serious help!!!

I have just downloaded and installed Ubuntu Linux and downloaded oracle 10g. Yes its the version for Ubuntu. I have no idea on how to install it. I tried typing some commands in the terminal that I saw in some other sites but I have no idea how to us

The new version of BAM with Weblogic

The new version of BAM the beta version doesnt allowed the user to install over UBUNTU, just Red Hat, SUSE and a I think it is called AsiaUX. This is a big BS because they are doing a type of discrimination, just because Ubuntu you can download for f

Satellite C665 - No Recovery Possible

Windows 7 Home Pre no longer runs on my Satellite C665. I tried to do a factory restore through the laptop but it does not seem to be there at all so I can not restore my C665 as I did not do the DVD back ups so can someone help me with this asap. Re

Memery card corrupted

hi can any 1 tell me that y my phon is not detecting my memory card...even my pc too not able to found it....i tried to format previously and cancel the process in the mid...is that the reason y my memory crd is not able to recognize by my mobile...p