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Ubuntu 15.10 Review


Review: Arch: Pros Only, But Not Bad

Saw this on Tux Machines. A very simple review. distrogue.blogspot: Arch Linux is one of the few distributions to be optimized for an i686 processor- in other words, it's really fast without having to compile anything. It uses a custom package manage

Runnung on UBUNTU. Cannot open files hosted by Imagebam. Only started recently. No problems in the past. Contacted Imagebam. They reviewed Linux diagnostic results and think it's a problem with the browser. Any ideas?? Thanks.

All attempts to open thumbnail images hosted by Imagebam are unsuccessful. Imagebam provided me with some diagnostic commands. I ran them and sent the results back to them. They said the results looked okay and that it was probably a browser issue. I

Lenovo T500 Brief Review

Hello Lenovo Community! Recently, I bought a Lenovo T500. After much research and reading many user's opinions as possible (two of which that was really helpful was on this forum by MidnightSun and www.notebookreview.com) I chose the T500. In my rese

(Ex)gnomer's mini review (but long story:))of KDE 4.2

Hello all, I've been a long time an Ubuntu user, and very happy with Gnome. I always considered KDE too bloated so I was feeling right at home with Ubuntu and Gnome. Because Gnome looks "flatter" I was thinking that it "should" be ligh

ArchLinux on Acer Aspire One Review

Here is my mini-review: http://kaiwai.blogspot.com/2009/03/linu - eview.html I did a review previously of Linux from a non-Geek perspective (and was flamed by some precious individuals). This review was based from a geek perspective (my own perspecti

HT1604 i erased my hfs+ with ubuntu, how can I format it back to hfs+ please help

i erased my hfs+ with ubuntu, how can I format it back to hfs+ because ubuntu rejects the cd or usb formatted to mac os extended journaled and i am in a stalemate position. What can i do?You're running Ubuntu, and that operating system generally does

HP recovery manager with ubuntu

I just installed ubuntu 12.04 LTS on erased windows8 partition with efi partition and bios_grub partition, and I didn't remove recovery partition. But I can't boot with recovery manager.. I checked my recovery partition with GParted and my recovery p

How to install Firefox 5.1 in Ubuntu 11.4

How do I install Firefox 5.1 into Ubuntu 11.4 using a terminal window.I want to thank you for your time and trouble, however, I had already reviewed the documents you provided links to. I am not versed in Linux and there are details left out. I will

Connecting Macs to PC running Ubuntu via Airport Express

I've been puzzling over this one for a while, and have tried various combinations of configurations through Airport Admin Utility, but still can't get this to work. We have 2 apple computers, an iMac Dual Core and a Powerbook G4 both running OS 10.4.

LWN reviews Arch

Ladislav Bodnar has a review of Arch 0.5. Best wishes to all, you are now, IMO, 'in the big time'!The contributor is the former coordinator of Ubuntu LoCo team for my country. Just so you know Edit for benevolence: He's an all-around player, generall

Installation problem on Ubuntu 8.04

When I tried to install SJSWS7 on Ubuntu 8.04 (Chinese Simplified), words on the installation windows are all unreadable words (except for the English characters). Please tell me what I can do! Thanks. Owento sandycn: You are really a treasure Sandy!

New 2014 X1 Carbon Touch - 1 Week Review

I've had the New 2014 Carbon X1 for about a week now, so I thought I'd post a review about my experiences thus far. The version I received was the high end model, i7 4th gen, 8gb ram, IPS 2560x1440 touch display. This is the first Lenovo device I hav

FBL5N Review Open and Cleared Invoices per Customer

WHen one of our users goes into FBL5N to review open and cleared invoices he adds the WBS and the Profit Center. When the report runs it is blank. I looked at the invoice itself and the WBS and Profit center is on the invoice but I don't know why it

How many times can I review my account ?????????

I have reviewed my account three times with my PayPal info and received confirmation from my PayPal Account but it still won't let me log in. It wants me to review EVERY time. Let me know if anyone can shed some light on this problem. This is a REAL

How do I add a widget to give a review or star rating for a book at the end of a book in iBooks Author?

How do I add a widget to give a review or star rating for a book at the end of a book in iBooks Author? You know, how you buy books on iBooks and when you're finished reading it, there's a place where you can give a rating or review right there on th

How can I see shared review comments in a PDF when connected to a SharePoint server over a VPN?

I am using Acrobat Pro XI on Windows 7. When I issue a shared review, hosted on our work SharePoint server, I always encounter problems when accessing my work network from home, over a VPN. My comments do not get published, and I cannot see comments

How can I upload a 360° Panorama Review on my Adobe Muse Website?

Hey guys I need your help, because nobody knows, how I can upload a 360° Panorama Review on my Website. First I loaded the whole file folder (picture 1) with all the data files (images, index, tiles and so on) in the document root on the server (pic

Creative Zen Review With the AudioBook Listener In Mi

Here is a copy of my review of the Creative Zen which I just published on the amazon.com mp3 player forum in the thread I started over a year ago entitled "What's the best player for AudioBooks " It is the longest thread in the forum with little

Lenovo Yoga 2 13, Kali Linux 1.0.7, Ubuntu 14.04, Windows 8.1 install, config, and wifi fix.

Lenovo Yoga 2 13, Kali Linux 1.0.7, Ubuntu 14.04, Windows 8.1 install, config, and wifi fix. I wanted to share an experience with everyone I hope will help others avoid what I have gone through the past 3 days. I bought a Yoga 11s that I loved but ha

Ubuntu, Windows, and iTunes can't see my iPod. What can I do?

I have an iPod 5g and i have been messing around with it and i discovered the problem of iTunesLock preventing me from accessing the iPod and putting itself back on. Well in a stroke of genius I deleted the Play Counts and iTunesLock files also tryin