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Dual Boot Windows 8 & 7 Help On HP Pavillion G9-1178CA

Hello Guys I Just Need Some Help From You Guys So when I Try To Dual Boot Windows 7 & 8 it says that this partion is dynamic or something like that And i do not have ubuntu Dual booted so please help me thank -SamHi, To rebuilt boot loader, I suggest

Could use help dual booting windows 8 and ubuntu 13.04

I have a Lenovo G580 with windows 8 + Ubuntu 13.04 installed. I've been trying to get Dual-boot to work for the past few hours with no success. I've been following this guide. After setting up the partitions similar to the ones in the guide i downloa

What do i need to do to share TB and Lightning files between W7 and Ubuntu 14.04 on a dual boot system?

I recently installed Ubuntu 14.04 alongside W7. Since I'm not comfortable dropping Windows completely yet, I want my W7 Thunderbird and my Ubuntu TB to have access to the same data file holding current messages, so I don't have to get out of one to u

Dual Boot Ubuntu and Windows 8.1 on HP ENVY dv7

Okay, I've installed 14.04 LTS with EFI and Secure Boot enabled. My problem is that the HP automated boot process ignores the presence of Ubuntu and boots directly into Windows. The only way I can boot into Ubuntu is to intercept the boot process by

Dual Boot Win 8.1 & Ubuntu 14.04

Hi, I would like to create a dual boot. I have a rather new ThinkPad  Yoga. Here are my questions: 1. I was told I should make a recovery image or something when I bought it. How do I do that and what is it? is it just a plane Image or is it "Create

Dual Boot Windows 7 with Ubuntu

Hello! I am Vasanth. my laptop is HP Pavilion g6 2016tx. it runs on Windows 7 Home Basic! My college have given me a project on Linux OS and i want to Dual boot that with Win 7. I dont have other computer to do my project. so, Is it safe to partition

Changing Boot Order on Dual Boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu

Hi there, Recently got a HP Pavilion g6 2213sa which came with Windows 8 (spit!) and this disgusting UEFI BIOS replacement (double spit!). Anyway, I need to dual boot Ubuntu on my system, so I installed Ubuntu. Normally, on a non UEFI system, a "Grub

HP ENVY desktop 700-215xt dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu

My brother purchased a new HP ENVY 700-215xt with Windows 7 Home Premium from HP. I tried to set up a dual boot with Ubuntu. After the installation, the system still boots to Windows 7.  I called HP support and was told if I do this it will void the

Edge e520 i5 UEFI/GPT Dual boot Windows/Ubuntu

Hi! I have an Edge e520 1143GVG. It has an UEFI-Board with Win7/64 on MBR-Harddisk. What I want: GPT-Partition scheme and dual boot Windows 7/64 and ubuntu 14.04/64. I managed to backup the partitions on an external HDD, install GPT on Harddisk, reco

Dual boot with Ubuntu 13.0 using bootable USB problem (Y410P)

Hi I recently bought Lenovo Y410P and have been since trying for hours to dual boot with Ubuntu but I was unsuccessful. I formatted by USB drive in FAT format, and created a bootable usb using Pendrive. Then I changed the Boot Mode to Legacy Support

Dual booting Arch and Ubuntu

Hi, I would like to dual boot Arch and Ubuntu using GRUB2. I already have Arch, set up as it's described in the Beginner's Guide, with GRUB2 installed. How would I go about dual booting Ubuntu, preferably without overwriting the existing bootloader?

EFI partition deleted after removal of dual boot of OSX10.8 and Ubuntu/Linux Mint - using rEFIt

so, i recently installed ubuntu to check out the advances in the linux world since i last looked into them 10+ years ago... very impressed, but when i tried to delete ubuntu and remove the various partitions (which i was able to do just fine using gp

Dual-booting Ubuntu 13.04 with Windows 8 on a U410

Hi! I have a U410 on which I would like to dual-boot Ubuntu 13.04. I've run it up on a live flash drive, everything works OK. When it comes to the actual install I'm a bit nervous as I've never had a machine like this before, it's only two months old

Dual booting arch (usb) and ubuntu (grub2)

Greetings, I'm trying to dual boot Arch linux (installed without a bootloader on a USB SSD) and Ubuntu 10.04 (installed on a hdd with GRUB2) but can't get Arch to boot. (Oh and I already have windows dualbooted) The entry grub autogenerated: menuentr