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Beginners Guide sound installation -- OSS and ALSA objective features

Beginners Guide sound installation -- OSS and ALSA objective features needed Hi, In most wiki pages i just edit the things that i think need editing. Just look at the oss history In all those cases i didn't really saw a need to ask for permission.. t

Any beginners' guide to Project Online?

Hi all, My company has recently subscribed to Office 365 Pro and Project Online was included in the package. From what I can tell, Project Online is a really powerful tool that can be useful in many situations. As someone who has zero experience or e

[SOLVED] Beginners' Guide stumped on pacman -Syyu curl

I'm a total green noob on Arch and am going through the Beginners' Guide. I'm on the section about rankmirrors and am at pacman -Syyu curl and am getting the following: Is this normal? Is this the part where I continue to edit my mirrorlist and comme

Total beginners guide

I am interested in SAP BI and installed the trial version of Netweaver 2004s with BI. I wanted to play a bit around with info cubes etc and see what SAP BI can do. But I am already stuck at a very beginners point: no logical system And the standard u

[SOLVED] Configure The System (Beginners Guide) Question

Hello! I'm currently working my way through the beginners guide, from the wiki.  All going ok so far and I've reached the Configure The System section. Which is where I'm a bit stuck. Beginners Guide wrote:You will be presented with a menu including

[Solved] Mounting Partitions from Beginners Guide

Hi everyone. I've setup Arch before, but I see that the installer has been removed. I had a question on some of the documentation from the Beginners Guide... From the section "Prepare the storage drive" it states to setup the partitions like so:

Intepreting the beginners guide on UEFI

hi.. perhaps someone could clarify for me the meaning on the following text on the beginners guide. under Gumminboot instructions it states: You will need to manually create a configuration file to add an entry for Arch Linux to the gummiboot manager

Suggested edit to the Beginners Guide.

I tried to edit the Beginners guide but don't have permission. The section headed 'Manual connection at boot using systemd' [1] is now a dead link, it should point to the new systemd-networkd way of doing things [2]. Does anyone with permission fancy

Promote unetbootin on the beginners guide?

Hi All, In the beginners guide, there are instructions to make a bootable USB drive. http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Beg - #USB_stick Would it be a good idea to add instructions for unetbootin? http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ The only problem

Beginners guide to PowerPivot data models

Hi, I've been using PowerPivot for a little while now but have finally given into the fact that my lack of knowledge about data modelling is causing me all kinds of problems. I'm looking for recommendations on where I should start learning about data

Beginners Guide

Hi all! First off, I'd like to congratulate the Arch team on doing a superb job in creating this distribution. I've installed Archlinux for the first time following the Beginners Guide and thought it might be helpful to point out a few mistakes (to m

Beginners Guide Improvement

I just installed Archlinux and stumbled over two issues following the Beginners Guide. No big deal, but still worth to mention, i think. I don't feel comfortable as a new user to edit the Beginners Guide myself and therefore discuss these issues here

Beginners Guide handbook

I have created a handbook/booklet with the Beginners Guide, in a much more readable format instead of messy paragraphs and links when it is printed out normally. I will be selling them in my shop, Software Care (see my sig) for £1.99 + P&P. See http:

Beginners guide screwed|Is impossible to edit large pages on the wiki

When you're trying to edit a large page on the wiki you get this message: WARNING: This page is 40 kilobytes long; some browsers may have problems editing pages approaching or longer than 32kb. Please consider breaking the page into smaller sections.

A few doubts in the 'beginners guide'

Hello, I'm trying out arch (still with virtualbox), and I'm following the 'beginners guide' on the wiki. I managed to install it but ended up with a few doubts, about some parts of the installation. On the "Partition Hard Drives" part, it says t

Can anyone tell me where I can find a beginners guide to the filing system?

Can anyone tell me where I can find a beginners guide to the filing system on the Macbook Air iOS 10.9.4?So, does this mean you have given up and decided to return to the MS Windows (PC) embrace? The link that dominic23 provided has parts 1, 2, and 3

Arch Linux Beginners Guide

Remembering the days when I installed Arch Linux for the first time I still feel that Arch misses a guide for beginners. I started one at the Wiki. Its intention is to show how you install and configure Arch Linux until you have a fully working deskt

[Tips & Tricks] Beginners guide to Bloodborne

There is no doubt Bloodborne will be a difficult game. But do not fear, it's not unbeatable and as long as we stand together as a community we will manage it! Let's use this guide to help all the beginners and newbies, especially those who have never

[SOLVED] Following Beginners Guide, do I make /root bootable?

Hey guys! I am trying to follow the Arch Linux Beginners Guide, but I seem to be stuck at one thing. When making my partitions manually, which of the four sda partitions do I make bootable? I can't seem to write on the partitions unless I make one bo