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How to dual boot ubuntu and windows 8?

Hp envy 6 sleekbook 6z 1100 I have already disable the secure boot in the BIOS But I still cannot install the ubuntu 13.04 The installation was good and smooth But after reboot, there is no boot menu appear for me to choose which OS I want to boot I

Error With Ubuntu and windows 8 dual boot

I have a levovo x240 and I had Ubuntu and windows 8 dual booted I removed the Ubuntu partition in windows partition modifier and when I restarted my computer it launch "grub rescue> " How do I boot into windows and stop this problemYes, inste

Webpage does not load properly in firefox on ubunut, but in all other browsers (both ubuntu and windows[including firefox windows]) the page seems to be fine.

Hello, i am newbie, and i am developing my website. My web-site's pages appears to be fine when i open in any browser (including IE, Firefox, Chrome) in windows.. but when i open the same website page in Ubuntu-Firefox the page has lots of css and fo

Dual Boot Ubuntu and Windows 8.1 on HP ENVY dv7

Okay, I've installed 14.04 LTS with EFI and Secure Boot enabled. My problem is that the HP automated boot process ignores the presence of Ubuntu and boots directly into Windows. The only way I can boot into Ubuntu is to intercept the boot process by

How to Dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 8 on X1 Carbon G2?

I currently have a Windows 8.1 64 bit installation on my carbon x1 and need to install ubuntu. I was able to boot from the USB and install Ubuntu.  However, I have to change to Legacy Only in the BIOS settings if I want to go into ubuntu. If I try to

Ubuntu and Windows XP Faster than Arch Shock Horror! (In Virtualbox)

Hello.  I'm just trying out Virtualbox in a Windows host with Ubuntu, XP and Arch, and the outright loser in terms of performance is Arch.  This is the absolute opposite to normal installation of these OS's on any machine I ever used.  Arch normally

Pre-configured dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows

Of possible interest to the Linux folks: A newly opened Laptops with purpose store is now offering several popular ThinkPad models fully pre-configured with dual-boot Ubuntu Linux and Windows. These systems come with a lot of pre-installed applicatio

Problem with flashplayer 10 under ubuntu: no window for preferences

I use ubuntu 9.10 and try to set preferences when i eg use the site chatroulette.com. the window where I can activate the camera pops up but I can't change the preferences nor close this window (I have no reactions in that window). On other sites, wh

How can i download firefox for ubuntu, using windows?

i need to download fierfox for ubuntu, but using windowsYou can select the operating system version of Firefox you want on this page: <br /> http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all.htmlRead other 3 answers

What is easier/faster Ubuntu or Windows 2012?

I am just wondering about the experiences with Adobe Media Server on Linux or Windows. What is easier to configure for a conference calls application? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, LiveComLinks NL, /HansCould you tell me the best for

Keeping access to Ubuntu after upgrading to Windows 8.1

Using Windows 7 Pro. I got a Windows 8.1 License with a setup .iso file. I want to setup (upgrade) Win 8.1, but before, I need to verify something. I have Ubuntu installed side by side with Win 7 (Win 7 installed first). The current boot (grub) is of

Windows 8.1 crashes when connecting to lenovo ultra dock 135w (Ubuntu also installed)

I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T440s. It's partitioned with Ubuntu 14.04.1 lts and Windows 8.1. When I connect it to my ultra dock 135 w in Windows 8.1 the ThinkPad crashes with a blue screen. The error thrown is igdkmd64.sys and system_service_exception.

Printers in RDP Windows 2012 and Ubuntu Linux

Computer 1. Windows Server 2012 Std with RDP Terminal Server Computer 2. Ubuntu Linux 13.04 with RDP client Remmina and HP LaserJet 1020 Printer Computers isn't located in one local network. When I connected to the Windows by RDP - I couldnt see any

Dual-booting Ubuntu 13.04 with Windows 8 on a U410

Hi! I have a U410 on which I would like to dual-boot Ubuntu 13.04. I've run it up on a live flash drive, everything works OK. When it comes to the actual install I'm a bit nervous as I've never had a machine like this before, it's only two months old

Can I install windows XP and Ubuntu in macbook pro ? (without using virtual machine )

Hi, I am planning to buy new Apple Macbook Pro with i5 processor , 2.4 GHZ , 500GB HDD , 4GB RAM. I want to know can I install ubuntu and windows XP on this Mac ? I don't want to use VMWare (virtual machine) software to install these OS. When system

Airport Extreme network with Ubuntu Linux (7.10), Windows (XP) and MacBook

Hi all. My problem is that I cannot get Ubuntu to connect to Airport Extreme, see the hard disk(s) connected on it and print through it. Airport extreme is connected to my adsl modem and I have an Ubuntu PC, Windows PC and a MacBook connected to airp

Windows doesn't boot after removing Ubuntu: grub black screen

I had Ubuntu and Windows installed in dual boot. I wanted to remove Ubuntu and, following suggestions online, I eliminated Ubuntu partitions. When I restarted PC I got this on black screen: "GNU GRUB version 2.02beta2-15 Minimal BASH-like line editin

ENVY J049 tx showing no windows partition while installing ubuntu 14.04

I am trying to dual boot my laptop with ubuntu and windows(pre installed), But while installation process i choose something else option and it is total 1024gb of space present in it , i've tried to install it and it overwrites my 8.1, tried many thi

Extensions installed from Ubuntu vanish (shared profile with Windows)

My system dual-boots between Ubuntu and Windows. I've set up a shared profile between the two operating systems. Everything works fine for normal browsing. When I add an extension from Windows, everything works fine -- the extension is visible from W

How can i remove Ubuntu from my laptop

yes im an idiot, i installed ubuntu over windows when my computer died and How can i remove Ubuntu from my laptop cause i tried to reformat but kept giving me the blue screen error and its realy annoying me,Ubuntu just isnt right for me please help