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Ubuntu Install Java 8 JDK


Installing Java SE JDK on top of JRE?

Hi List, this is my first post here and I just have a somewhat general question about best software installation practices. I want to install the Java SE JDK on my Windows x86 system and already have the JRE 7 on it. Now there are two choices I see m

Paying $5 USD For Someone to Properly Install Java JRE & JDK in CentOS 5

The title says it all.. I've been having so much trouble with this that im willing to pay someone 5 dollars to install JRE & JDK Properly for me. This is not a scam you'll have to install java 1st, ill give you access to the server. PM Me for more in

I need help installing Java!!

Hello. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I'm trying to install Java, but windows (SP2) says that it is already installed. What's up with this?? I did a full system scan for "java" and "jdk" and deleted every file, but I still have t

After installing java 1.8 jdk javac still reports 1.6

if I do: /usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.8.0_31 --exec javac -version Unable to find any JVMs matching version "1.8.0_31". javac 1.6.0_65 Notice how --exec javac -version in the previous one-liner does find the javac, but it reports the old 1.6. How

Installing JAVA JDK

Hi this is my first time to install java jdk 1.6.0.. I have a question, what is the effect if I already installed the JAVA JDK without installing the recommended patches for this software?That's true r_h_oro2003 as earlier replied by Pgmitadmin, Ther

Request to provide me the link to install java (jdk&jre) vista32 bit

Hi All, Request to provide me the link where I can find software to install jdk and jre for my windows vista-32 bit machine. Appreciate your help. Regards, Madhu K.Maddy wrote: ... link where I can find software to install jdk and jre for my windows


I am Newbie in Java ME, Could all of you tell me , how to Install JAVA ME in UBUNTU.... maybe have link or PDF file :-) THNQ Davidyou can also try out... google "WTK Release" on linux.. download WTK Release and follow the instruction given, u ca

Installing Java 8 SE on Debian - Linux

What is the recommended way to install Java 8 SE on Debian (32-bit or 64-bit): 1) As explained on this page JDK Installation for Linux Platforms Installation of the 32-bit JDK on Linux Platforms This procedure installs the Java Development Kit (JDK)

Installing Java stuido on linux...

Hi; I try to install java studio enterprise 8.1 to my ubuntu. The problem is thatI get this error: "No compatible Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) was found on this system." But I have downloaded ands installed "jre-6u1-linux-i586.bin"

Uninstalled Java 6, installed Java 7, keep getting requests to install Java SE 6 plugin. Why?

Because of the security issues with Java, I uninstalled Java 6 (using various terminal commands) and installed Java 7 from Oracle's website. Looking at /Library/Internet Plug-Ins, I can see that JavaAppletPlugin.plugin is there, and Get Info tells me

Error while installing java and netBeans on Mandriva 2008 linux

Here are all the lines which are printed on my console during the installation [[email protected] Desktop]$ ./jdk-6u4-nb-6_0_1-linux-ml.sh Configuring the installer... Searching for JVM on the system... Preparing bundled JVM ... Extracting installation

Install of p16634933_160450_SOLARIS(jdk) shows 1.5.0_51 in EBS 12.1.3

Hi all, DB: EBS:12.1.3 O/S: Solaris Sparc 64 bits 5.10 Downloaded the patch from All Java SE Downloads on MOS (Doc ID 1439822.1). Install of p16634933_160450_SOLARIS(jdk) shows 1.5.0_51 in EBS 12.1.3. Could anyone please share thoughts how

IMac: Install Java 7 need help!

Hello, I've an iMac with the newest software version, I want to install java 7 on it for a game server, but when I download it from java.com and I install it and start the server, it still says: Computer on java 6, update to 7 to run server. I alread

It's possible change WSAD 5.1.2 java version[jdk 1.4.1],i woudl jre 5.0??

hi i have a big problem,i would use tiger'jre but isn't possible,because also i change in Window->Preferences->Java-> Installed JREs in jdk 1.5, when i start the server(i use for jsf) ,this is report: ************ Start Display Current Environmen

Error when installing Java Studio

Hello! Sorry for stupid question as I am a beginner. First I installed jdk1.5.0. And when I started to install Java Studio 6 Mobility I had always the same error - There is no JVM on the computer.... Tahnk youHi, this should be working (at least it d

Error when installing java se sdk  6.16

Hi All, while installing java se 6.16 sdk I get this error: " Installer: Wrapper.WriteFile(In small chunks) failed with error 112: there is not enough space on the disk." I can not figure this out as my hard drive has 207Gb free. any help apreci

Installing Java EE SDK on 64-bit Red Hat Linux

I've went through a lot of pain to get J2EE SDK / GlassFish server on a AMD64 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 server box. Maybe it helps somebody. Long story short, it all seems to boil down to the fact that the J2EE Linux .bin (non-RPM) packages Sun prov

Problem installing Java EE 6 windows.

I have downloaded the Java EE 6 SDK windows installer. I find that it progresses to about 40% or 75%, but then refuses to progress any further. I have Windows 7 64 bit. What do I do to find an installer for 64 bit Windows and 64 bit Linux that will f

Installing Java EE SDK over SE SDK

I am running Java SE 6 on WIndows XP. I have Java DB Java 6 Update 11 Java 6 Update 7 Java SE SDK Update 11 installed. 1. Do I need to uninstall the SE SDK before installing Java EE 5 SDK? 2. Is it safe to assume that Java EE SDK is a supers

Installing Java 6u10 beta on an openSUSE linux computer

Alright, I hope I posted this in the right spot. I recently started running openSUSE and am clueless as to how to run the package manager for it. So I decided to download the Java 6u10 JDK and install it manually. However, I'm not quite sure how to d