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Ubuntu Install Java 8 JRE


Request to provide me the link to install java (jdk&jre) vista32 bit

Hi All, Request to provide me the link where I can find software to install jdk and jre for my windows vista-32 bit machine. Appreciate your help. Regards, Madhu K.Maddy wrote: ... link where I can find software to install jdk and jre for my windows

Install Java JRE 1.4.2 plugin on Phoenix on Windows

How can I install Java JRE 1.42 on Phoenix on Window 2000? In the Java Plugin-in control panel, it only has Mozilla 1.1 and if I click it, it said I don't have mozilla 1.1 install. Thank for your help.You have to add the following (dummy) key to your

Error installing Java JRE 1.7.51

Hello all, I have some troubles installing Java JRE on Windows 8.1 x64 (latest updates installed). Incedent scenario: OS: Windows 8.1 x64 german in windows domain (clean/fresh installation from USB stick without any other programs installed) followin


I am Newbie in Java ME, Could all of you tell me , how to Install JAVA ME in UBUNTU.... maybe have link or PDF file :-) THNQ Davidyou can also try out... google "WTK Release" on linux.. download WTK Release and follow the instruction given, u ca

Paying $5 USD For Someone to Properly Install Java JRE & JDK in CentOS 5

The title says it all.. I've been having so much trouble with this that im willing to pay someone 5 dollars to install JRE & JDK Properly for me. This is not a scam you'll have to install java 1st, ill give you access to the server. PM Me for more in

Installing Java 8 SE on Debian - Linux

What is the recommended way to install Java 8 SE on Debian (32-bit or 64-bit): 1) As explained on this page JDK Installation for Linux Platforms Installation of the 32-bit JDK on Linux Platforms This procedure installs the Java Development Kit (JDK)

Installing Java stuido on linux...

Hi; I try to install java studio enterprise 8.1 to my ubuntu. The problem is thatI get this error: "No compatible Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) was found on this system." But I have downloaded ands installed "jre-6u1-linux-i586.bin"

Cannot open Photoshop: get error: To open "Adobe Photoshop CS5.app," you need a Java SE 6 runtime. Would you like to install one now?  However installing Java SE 6 runtime does not fix nor does installing Oracle Java SE 7. Adobe says Apple is problem.

Searching the internet for solutions to this and some discussion with Adobe. Adobe say Photoshop does not use java so it should not be asking for a java runtime. The question is how can I stop Photoshop asking to install java since Photoshop does not

'Could not create' and 'Fatal exception' while installing Java

Win7 64bit latest Firefox Java 7.10 64 and 32 bit Hello! Since weeks i have the following problem. Every time i want to install Java (62 or 64 bit), after the installation progress bar reached 100% and the windows closes i get 2 error messages, both

How could i install Java on my Mac OS X 10.6.8 ?

Hello. First of all I am French so please excuse me for my English. I tried to install Java on my MAC but unfortunately the download of the software always meets the same problem... It asks me to be under mac OS X 10.7 but my computer does not propos

IMac: Install Java 7 need help!

Hello, I've an iMac with the newest software version, I want to install java 7 on it for a game server, but when I download it from java.com and I install it and start the server, it still says: Computer on java 6, update to 7 to run server. I alread

Oracle install on SLE7 - jre not found

Installing on SLES 7. Components installed and linked Installer attempts to run configuration assistants (net/database/oem/agent) All fail with jre errors. "Can't find ../i386/native_threads/jre" Because it's NOT on the installation cd I

Why do we need to install java during sap installation

why do we install Java during SAP installation?Hello Satish, Sapinst tool requires JRE for the running and as JRE cannot be integrated to sapinst due to licensing issues we need to install seprately java before sap installation. Hope this clarifies y

Installing Java EE SDK on 64-bit Red Hat Linux

I've went through a lot of pain to get J2EE SDK / GlassFish server on a AMD64 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 server box. Maybe it helps somebody. Long story short, it all seems to boil down to the fact that the J2EE Linux .bin (non-RPM) packages Sun prov

Problems installing Java 7u2 on Windows XP

I have seen lots of posts on this issue but no real solution. I was able to installed jdk-7u1-windows-i586.exe just fine but jdk-7u2-windows-i586.exe does nothing. I have run it from the command line, and by double clicking the icon but nothing, no w

Installing Java on an NT4 computer without an Administrator account

The problem is: I've got a normal PC where Java works perfectly (because I'm an administrator there). Well, that's not the problem really, but the thing is that I need to run a Java application on a computer where I don't have Administrator rights (N

Error occurs when installing Java Web Start.

Before installing, I have installed j2sdk1.5.0 and j2ee1.4,all environment variable have been set correctly, and the javac and java commands can run correctly. But when i install Java WS,It says it can't find the jre,ask me to install jre1.3.1,I have

Installing Java 6u10 beta on an openSUSE linux computer

Alright, I hope I posted this in the right spot. I recently started running openSUSE and am clueless as to how to run the package manager for it. So I decided to download the Java 6u10 JDK and install it manually. However, I'm not quite sure how to d

How to install Java Runtime Environment?!

I had to unistall JRE, and now I need to install it. When I try to do it, I get many errors related to files, that are installed by the installer itself as you can see: http://img250.imageshack.us/my.php?image=semttulo8rt.jpg http://img250.imageshack

How to install Java on Yosemite?

How to install Java on Yosemite?What version do you need, and what do you need it for? If just web applets, you only need the JRE. If running desktop apps or development, then you need the JDK. Java 1.6 is here: Java for OS X 2014-001 Any later versi