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Can I assign Airport Express to static IP Address?

Current setup - Airport Extreme attached to cable modem with 2 hard drives, Airport Express as print server in separate room with USB printer attached (just changed from Linksys with sometimes working NetGear print server). Clients accessing the netw

Is an 'external' static IP address required to set up DNS

Hi there I'm going to be setting up a OSX Server 10.3 machine as an open directory master, to take advantage of single sign-on capabilities. From what I have read in manuals and in this topic: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=977178&

How to Configure a Blackfin Static IP Address

I've read that the Blackfin lwip stack wants a DHCP server to assign it an IPaddress. I've proven that this works for me using a BF537 EZ-Kit. Now I'd like to configure an application with a static IP address so I can use a crossover cable between a

How to Assign a Static IP address to VM created from VM template

Hello All,             I'm New to SCVMM, I have installed my SCVMM 2012 R2 in Lab environment and added 02 Hyper Servers on the same (One server is in domain & another one is in Perimeter Network). Once I added the Hyper-V's two Virtual Network's has

How do I connect an Airport Extreme to my ISP with a static IP address?

I have 5 static IP addresses from my ISP. The cable modem has five ethernet jacks. I run an ethernet cable from separate jacks on th cable modem to the devices listed next. I have one static IP address assigned to a Linksys wireless router for a MS n

Set Static IP address on Mac clients

Hi, I'm trying to change the IP address on a mac client at startup time to a different value and to be Static type. I need to do it via the command line. I've researched and found out that 'networksetup -setmanual ...' and 'ipconfig set en0 MANUAL ..

How to set a static IP address for deskjet 6940dt

I have two HP laptops, both have WIN7, that keep losing the IP address for my 6940dt printer, each time power goes out to router.  I have an desktop PC connected to a NetGear router and RCA modem connected to Comcast cable internet.  I also have anot

Printer working Scanner not working after changing to a static ip address

I have an HP 7500A wide format printer.  I recently added a second router at my house to extend my wifi signal.  After that, the printer kept dropping the network connection.  So I set a static ip address of for the printer.  Now the ne

How do I assign a static IP address?

I bought mSecure from mSeven Software for my iPhone. Had no problem assigning a static IP address to my old PC laptop, but now I've happily switched to Macbook Pro and I can't figure out how to get it done. Need this static IP address to sync my iPho

My  MacBook is not communicating with my desk top to enable printing from my MacBook. I need to find out how to make that happen. I have a static IP address on my desktop but don't know what to do on the Mac Book.

My MacBook is not connecting to the host computer for the printer. The host computer has a static IP address which is different from the IP address that the laptop is looking for. How do I change the laptop so that it looks for the host computer's co

DNS and Static IP Address Question on Solaris v10 X86

I�ve recently installed Solaris v10 X86 and have two questions. The system is a Dell E521 with 4GB RAM and 1GB SysKonnect NIC, and internet is provided via a cable modem, that�s plugged into a Netgear router, and the Solaris 10 box is plugged into th

Hyper-V Gen 2 Windows Server 2012 R2 VM cannot define static IP address

Hi, I have setup a physical server with Windows Server 2012 R2. It has only the Hyper-V role installed. The physical server has two NICs that I have teamed with Hyper-V port as the load balancer. I have created 1 VM on this Hyper-V server that is a G

Why can't I use wifi on my time capsule after putting in a static ip address

We were assigned a static ip address, but when I enter it in the time capsule, wifi stops working. What's going on?So do any computers get internet now? Where have you put the static IP.. ? Please post a few screenshots. If this is your public IP jus

Creating a Static IP address with this data

This is the output from my server that I am trying to create a Static IP address:  I have tried many attempts to specify a static IP address that will no lose internet connection the last of which allowed me to get all the way through installing DNS,