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Ubuntu vs Windows 10 Performance


How to dual boot ubuntu and windows 8?

Hp envy 6 sleekbook 6z 1100 I have already disable the secure boot in the BIOS But I still cannot install the ubuntu 13.04 The installation was good and smooth But after reboot, there is no boot menu appear for me to choose which OS I want to boot I

Which versions of Window can perform best with CiscoWorks?

Hi, Please advice that currently we have 3200 logical devices configured on CiscoWorks and CiscoWorks is running very very slow. CiscoWorks installed on server with Windows Server 2003 32-bit and this version of windows it can only support RAM up to

Error With Ubuntu and windows 8 dual boot

I have a levovo x240 and I had Ubuntu and windows 8 dual booted I removed the Ubuntu partition in windows partition modifier and when I restarted my computer it launch "grub rescue> " How do I boot into windows and stop this problemYes, inste

Ubuntu and Windows XP Faster than Arch Shock Horror! (In Virtualbox)

Hello.  I'm just trying out Virtualbox in a Windows host with Ubuntu, XP and Arch, and the outright loser in terms of performance is Arch.  This is the absolute opposite to normal installation of these OS's on any machine I ever used.  Arch normally

ITunes on Windows 7 performance issues - slow and hangs

Is there any way to improve performance of iTunes running on Windows 7? It has always been slow with lots of application hangs and stalls that will resolve themselves if you wait for iTunes to catch up, but I find it incredibly frustrating. For examp

Webpage does not load properly in firefox on ubunut, but in all other browsers (both ubuntu and windows[including firefox windows]) the page seems to be fine.

Hello, i am newbie, and i am developing my website. My web-site's pages appears to be fine when i open in any browser (including IE, Firefox, Chrome) in windows.. but when i open the same website page in Ubuntu-Firefox the page has lots of css and fo

Dual Boot Ubuntu and Windows 8.1 on HP ENVY dv7

Okay, I've installed 14.04 LTS with EFI and Secure Boot enabled. My problem is that the HP automated boot process ignores the presence of Ubuntu and boots directly into Windows. The only way I can boot into Ubuntu is to intercept the boot process by

How to Dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 8 on X1 Carbon G2?

I currently have a Windows 8.1 64 bit installation on my carbon x1 and need to install ubuntu. I was able to boot from the USB and install Ubuntu.  However, I have to change to Legacy Only in the BIOS settings if I want to go into ubuntu. If I try to

Opening new window when performing cut, paste and delete on Audio Files

This is 100% reproducible: When performing one of the following actions when editing audio files (not multitrack projects), it will open a new window with the same file: - Cut - Delete - Paste This happens on new files as well as opened files. The ne

Pre-configured dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows

Of possible interest to the Linux folks: A newly opened Laptops with purpose store is now offering several popular ThinkPad models fully pre-configured with dual-boot Ubuntu Linux and Windows. These systems come with a lot of pre-installed applicatio

Problem with flashplayer 10 under ubuntu: no window for preferences

I use ubuntu 9.10 and try to set preferences when i eg use the site chatroulette.com. the window where I can activate the camera pops up but I can't change the preferences nor close this window (I have no reactions in that window). On other sites, wh

X4540 Windows RAID5 Performance

We have good performance from our X4500/X4540 hardware when running ZFS on Solaris but now have a requirement to use a couple of them for Windows directly. We have tested an X4540 with Windows 2008 x64 and various RAID5 volumes both using the storage

ITunes and Windows Vista Performance Issues

I recently purchased an 80GB iPod, and downloaded iTunes promptly, disregarding all the negative attention about how "iTunes crashes your computer" or "iTunes kills Windows". So far, the only real problem I've had with iTunes is the am

WIndows 8 Performance Options Menu Popping up

We have several schools that us Surface Pro2 tablets. In one of them on many of the tablets when people login, Either students or even admins the menu for Performance options where you can select Adjust best performance for either Programs or Backgro

Improve windows application performance in c#

Actually my project logical function work is clustering documents means it's take number of documents grouping similar documents.in this i have logical methods for reding the data applying fuzzy clustering alogrithems.in this processing function is i

Tecra 8000: Question about the Windows XP performance

My Tecra 8000 is just within the Microsoft minimum specification for running Windows XP. I am concerned that by installing XP the machine will perform badly with XP eating up resources. I would welcom hearing from others who have experience of puttin

Filr 1.1 Windows client performance

Hello, I'm experiencing performance issues with the Filr 1.1 (19464) client for Windows. After starting Filr it takes up to 15 minutes before it begins uploading/downloading times. Looking in the filr.log it is actually doing something before the act

Media Sniffer and Windows Startup Performa

Hi,I just bought a new X-Fi Platinum card, which came with the latest drivers and versions of Creative Software (Media Source, etc.). I also own a Nomad Jukebox II, which I haven't hooked up yet, nor installed the drivers for it. The reason is, that

Windows 7 Performance vs Windows XP

I have to come to the conclusion that Windows 7 takes up a lot of memory even with an updated processor.  I have a Satellite L455D-S5976 laptop with an AMD Turion x64 2.1mHz dual core, 4gb ram, 250gb HDD.  I was running Passmark which is a benchmark

How can i download firefox for ubuntu, using windows?

i need to download fierfox for ubuntu, but using windowsYou can select the operating system version of Firefox you want on this page: <br /> http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all.htmlRead other 3 answers