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Finesse has Problems with Certificate on Port 7443

Hi Guys, I want to configure Cisco Finesse, which runs on my UCCX 10.5.1. It works fine, I can open it per Explorer/Firefox/Chrome and I get the request for the login credentials. After that, I get the message, that I have to install two certificates

When trying to get to a CUIC permalink report via a get XML document data step in UCCX, we get a SSL certificate error

Has anyone found a way to overcome the SSL certificate error via UCCX editor?  See attached screenshots.  Thanks!Hi, not easily, no. But I guess this has already been discussed/answered by Sam Womack in a later post. What you need to do is talk to TA

Java Class (Compiled with JDK6_u12) that works with UCCX 9.0.2, don´t work with UCCX 10.5

I have a Java Class (Compiled with JDK6_u12) that works with UCCX 9.0.2, after upgrade it don´t work with UCCX 10.5 I get the error message: "Failed to access the WSDL at: https://www.brightnavigator.se/brightservice/brightservice.asmx?WSDL. It faile

UCCX 9 Web Chat Desktop Error.

Good day, All. I have UCCX 9 and Social Miner 9 newly installed. All traditional UCCX functinality works fine. But I'm not experienced in web-chat feature, so any advice is valueable. When I try to login to UCCX chat Desktop (through CAD buid-in brow

UCCX Version 10.0 Prerelease Field Communication

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX)  Version 10.0 is due to be released soon. UCCX Version 10.0 will contain  many new features, bug fixes, and serviceability improvements. Although information on all of these new features will be documented

Impact of Domain Controllers changes on Cisco Unity Ver 7.0(2.0) and UCCX ver ver 7.0(2) and CUCM ver

Hi Can someone please advise me about the following question We are using CUCM ver 7.1.5 , Cisco Unity ver 7.0(2.0) and UCCX ver 7.0(2) we already have a plan to upgrade them all to the latest versions but in the mean time a need came that we have to

Nuance Speech Server and UCCX 9

Hi I have installed Vocalizer and speech server and configured UCCX, It shows Nuance Vocalizer 4.0 as out of service, I put the wireshark and after investigation found out that the RTSP is sent to Vocalizer but no respond back to Cisco. I already con

UCCX 8.5.1 Enable Intregation with CUPS 8.5 Problem

We have a CUCM/CUPS running fine (8.5 versions), also CUP/CUPS client work fine. If we try to intregrate our UCCX Agents into CUPS using Cisco Desktop Administrator we get the following error: "CDAUI2034 Invalid Cisco Unified Presence Cluster User c

Enabling DNS on production UCCX servers

Hi all, We have a client that has a UCCX install that was not configured to use DNS and we'd like to rectify that. Is there a documented procedure for enabling DNS after a server has been in production for a while? I see commands for setting a primar

UCCX 10 Finesse

Hi Abhiram, Can we disable the Secure http for UCCX finesse. If not, Can we have the steps to resolve certificate errors, since the agents are unable to login finesse desktop. Also please do let us know that does UCCX finesse support Agent Login ID a

UCCX Web Chat agent login

Hi, I am installing new UCCX 10.5 and SocialLiner 10.5 Having configured SocialMiner in UCCX with FQDN, having configured feed and campaign like in a few doc I saw I cant' log into uccx agentdesktop nor in the CAD work site to agentdesktop. I work wi

CUCM Telephony Data Synchronization Check Fails in UCCX 10.6

Hello Experts, We are running CUCM 10.5 and UCCX 10.6 (recently upgraded). When I try to do a data sync check (or data resync), it fails with error messaged attached.  Do you have any ideas how to resolve this issue? Any help will be truly appreciate

Issue with SharePoint foundation 2010 to use Claims Based Auth with Certificate authentication method with ADFS 2.0

I would love some help with this issue.  I have configured my SharePoint foundation 2010 site to use Claims Based Auth with Certificate authentication method with ADFS 2.0  I have a test account set up with lab.acme.com to use the ACS. When I log int

When I login to my equipment it ask for a certificate. How do I delete these certificates?

We just recently upgraded our equipment and now I don't get the whole screen parts are missing. So I figured if I delete certificates or renew them it might work. So I need to know How to delete them or renew them.Among other things iTunes uses your

How to use one certificate for two directory servers?

Hi, running Sun DSEE 6.3.1 on two servers, server 1 has name ds1.example.com, server 2 has name ds2.example.com. There is a round robin DNS record ds.example.com, which alternates between: ds1.example.com ds2.example.com and ds2.example.com ds1.examp

Asking specific client certificate (not certificates trusted by authority)

As I understand from what I read so far, during the handshake negotiation for two way ssl, the server sends the client a list of trusted certificate authorities and say to the client: "hey, those are the authorities I trust. send me a certificate tha

How can I Import CA Certificate into a new user profile when it's created

I need to deploy a CA Root Certificate to new firefox user profile when it is created in windows. I Seen somewhere that you could place a working copy of cert8.db in %programfiles%\firefox-installation-folder\defaults\profile and this would get added

Certificate error while calling a webservices from application deployed in

Hi, When we are trying to invoke a web service from a client application which was deployed in weblogic server we are getting the certificate error. We are using go daddy certificate. Here is the log file Anyone Please advice. FileName weblogic.log F

'Error while signing data-Private key or certificate of signer not availabl

Hello All, In my message mapping I need to call a web service to which I need to send a field value consist of SIGNED DATA. I am using SAP SSF API to read the certificate stored in NWA and Signing the Data as explained in http://help.sap.com/saphelp_

Error in creation of TDS Certificate.

Hi I am facing one problem in creation of TDS Certificate after successful creation of Remittance challan (j1inchln) and Bank challan updation(j1inbank).  The error msg is as follows: "Please maintain entries in layout  customizing:" When I an w