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UCCX - multi skilled, on a rota

Hi I have CUCX (v9) and a contact centre running with one CSQ.  The department would like to have a method of triaging calls and then hand off to teams.  Each call handler operates within a team, the current system is too much as calls are routing to

UCCX 10 CUIC Custom Report (using external data source)

Hi. We have a customer where we are storing information in an external data source. We would like to built a report and import that report into their UCCX CUIC System in order for the customer to have the new report along side with the UCCX built-in

Adding QM to Existing UCCX Premium w CR

Trying to understand the licensing behind adding QM to an existing deployment of CR. UCCX v 9.x Ordering guide is not very clear on part #, if anyHello- Do I understand that you currently have a deployment of WFO with Compliance Recording licenses an

Skills Based Routing Questions

Hello, I have a question regarding skills based routing.  I am trying to use the algorithm of "Least skilled by order".  I am expecting the following: NY-CSQ (skills in order) - Shopping (skill) - Driving - Walking Boston-CSQ (skills in order) -

Cisco Quality Management Call ID fields from UCCX

Hi, I have a script that needs to query the QM database after the call was made in order to obtain the recording ID. I need to know the unique Call ID passed on from UCCX to QM in order to do this. Upon looking at the Ccr table in the Quality Managem

Lenovo n200 3000 0769-BAG vista camera driver?

Hello my friends. I have Lenovo n200 3000 0769-BAG model laptop. My operating system is vista home basic x86. My integrated camera doesn't works sometimes. This event happens frequently at now. The camera driver is not original, it is automatically i

HELP!!! Cannot get to execute in PL/SQL Developer against Oracel 9i

SELECT "Request Id", "Customer", "Profile Id", "Period", "Planned External", "Actual External", "Planned Total", "Actual Total", "Planned Internal", "Actual Int

14 inch gaming notebook

When will the first Haswell laptops be available? I am in the market for a new laptop and not sure if I should wait for the new laptops. I care about performance and portability. Right now I am looking at 14 inch notebook.gucci handbags Louis efficie

Captivate 4 Save and Continue?

I am a 6th grade teacher and I am trying to use Captivate 4 with Angel LMS 7.3. Right now the only SCORM that seems to be working is 1.2. What I want to do is 2 things. 1) have a lesson that has a few "paying attention" questions in it. After th

Regarding Siebel CRM

Hi Pals, This is Suresh from Noida, I work for GLS, presently I am working on Database Testing.Our company got a new project of Siebel CRM, now we have to upgrade to that technology.I kindly request all of u to clarify my doubts regarding this. 1.Pre

Reinstatement SKUs for CUCCX upgrade + SWSS activation

Hello, we would like to have some help regarding a CUCCX upgrade and the subsequent SWSS activation. Currently, we have a CUCCX 8.x Premium + HA. Now, since we don't have ESW/UCSS coverage, we have read somewhere that, to activate SWSSs, a license re

Best Xserve configuration for MySQL?

Basically, I'm trying to figure out the optimal configuration for our next Xserve. Obviously, more RAM, more CPUs, more and faster disks in RAID, etc will improve things. But considering that money doesn't grow on trees, what have some of you found t

Senior Engineer - Characterization & Test - Portland, Oregon

Definition: Establish characterization and testing methodology for new photonic materials used in detection, imaging and solar energy applications.  Design custom characterization and test; equipment, test methods, and protocols.  Establish operating

Logic X equal note length

hello) L9 had a possibility to make length of notes equal by selecting notes and  "sift+alt+pull right corner"& the same for note velocity. in LX - impossible. do you have guys some shortcut for Logic X?? cheersStill works, though the precis

Hamachi Command Line Version Error 255

Hey All, I've been trying to connect to a network through Hamachi. The other computers run Windows (either XP/Vista) so I am the only Mac user on the network. The problem is that when I'm in terminal I type in "hamachi join <network number>&quo

Looking for SQL for DBAs Book

I am a DBA who has rudimentary knowledge of SQL. I would like to know if there is a book like 'SQL for DBAs'. Last week, i had a requirement to find all tables without PKs in a schema. I could find it only after searching oracle forums. Now, i think,

Update skills (competence level) UCCX 8.5 via bulk / SQL?

Hi, we want to update the skills (competence level) of almost all users at UCCX 8.5 and we have the new skill level in excel table. Is there any why to update these skill at UCCX 8.5 via bulk or SQL command instead of manuel updating every user? BR M

UCCX 7.0 Supervisor web access for Skills

Hi everyone,   We have a UCCX 7.0 installation and the Supervisors are able to assign skills to various agents.  However, they would like the ability to view all agents assigned to a specific skill.  If I login as an administrator, I able to view thi

UCCX CSQ Most Skilled doesn't work

Hi, We have UCCX 9.0.2 with three CSQ's: - Arabic_CSQ - English_CSQ - VIP_CSQ and there are three skills (Arabic, English and VIP) I assigned 9 agents for these CSQ with the mentioned skills. Agent 1, Agent 2 and Agent 3 skills : Arabic 9, English, 6

Assigned Backup skills per resource in UCCX 10.5

UCCX System version: CUCM System version: We have a dedicated team of agents who support our enterprise channel support base. In the SLA we provide to the customer, it states each agent will have 2 backup resources, in